ZSJ is furious at losing to SANADA! #njwk14

This stupid loss means nothing.
You don’t need to be bothered by this, Zack. We shouldn’t pay any mind to that stupid referee. Zack will remain champion.
So, don’t worry about this, Zack. You are still champion.
Don’t worry. It’s okay. We’ll get them tomorrow. Today’s referee made a mistake. あのクソレフェリー He’s crooked. How much did they
pay him for that 3 count? ゴメン Don’t worry about it.
That didn’t matter. あれのどこが3カウントだ That was just a phony 3 count. You are still champion.
That won’t change. Zack is strong.
Today was nothing. Hey, he might be dangerous… I’ll make sure to keep him calm. あのクソレフェリー!
あれのどこが3カウントだ! See? I told you. See? That’s what I was just talking about. It’s okay.
You’re still the champion. This is just a bench.
It’s not worth it. 一体いつになったら
2019年は終わるんだ?もう散々だぜ Damn. This is not enough.
Not enough! I didn’t get to rampage.

23 thoughts on “ZSJ is furious at losing to SANADA! #njwk14

  1. Taichi has become the voice of reason??? Now I know Suzuki-gun is in a tough pickle if Taichi starts to council ZSJ. P.S: The bench was flipped over. Water bottle & Chair will avenge it.

  2. ZSJ's tantrums! My God! LMAO! So Jericho-esque!

    Oh, and if anybody wants to know why Miho wasn't there, it was because she was in my dreams. ❤❤

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