ZérO-11 Project Ep. 12 Amortisseurs BOOMERANG Type G BOOM Racing – RC SCALE CRAWLER – RCTutos #146

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Welcome on RCTutos.fr Today we are back for the 12th episode of our ZérO-11 Project our crawler project on the road since a few months Today it’s the shocks step We choose the BOOMERANg Type G from BOOM Racing those are with an external reservoir a lot are fake, but those ones are real reservoirs we will see after, but there is a spring and a valve inside when you compress the shock, the oil goes in the reservoir we already built a pair to see how it works to explain you better Let’s see together the unboxing and the filling of the shocks so you find your shocks packed in a good and comfortable foam you have a small notice to explain how it works stickers here to make chrome shocks classic BOOM Racing stickers also So the shocks are in foam you have different springs medium inside the shocks the gold ones are hard and blacks are very soft So we will test with the medium you have a key to close the shocks and a set of screws with an interesting thing, the stoppers if you don’t want to use the reservoir, you can use the stopper to replace the tube and use the shock body alone it can be interesting too so we start the filling, those ones are already done we don’t need the screws for now you catch the shocks and the key you need pliers and an allen key what’s happen here if you can’t open the reservoir after a key turn you need to loosen the fixations of the reservoir it can block the stopper it’s good we also do the other so you open the main body with the small key you unlock and unscrew with the hand here comes the piston you have here inside the medium spring you save it now we open the reservoir here you do it carefully with the pliers you unlock and unscrew with the hand too you see here with the stopper, you have a spring and a valve that is pushed by oil to give some space for oil so we catch the 300 oil the shock will be a bit hard, but soft enough so you fill the big part till the bottom of the threads so now the oil need to go inside the tube what Ido, I inflate inside, not too strong i inflate till the oil goes in the reservoir it’s a bit long, you need to fill all the tube ok I don’t know if you see but the oil goes in the reservoir there is a bed of oil inside the level here goes down so now we fill the small reservoir till the bottom of the threads again there is a bit too much but when we will push the valve it will goes in theshock body and you come to put the valve and spring inside you push and you tighten you block with the pliers if needed and you see the oil is at the bottom of the threads so we are good next you put the spring inside and you can close the shock the excess goes off you clean with some paper and you tighten the piston to the maximum ok So the shock works So it’s really easy to fill in the work is easy the advantage of this shock is the constant oil the oil moves between the body and reservoir what we like a lot it the removable reservoir and we can install it on the chassis or the body it’s very nice we make the second and we install it now on the chassis So we are back with the ZérO-11 Project chassis we have the shocks filled and functionnal, they work very well we can’t wait to try them you need 4 long screws you need 4 spacers, average 6mm and 4 shims here we are at the front of the chassis, so we install them here on this hole
(this is a preassembly of the chassis) so we will see what it gives and we will adapt after the final assembly of the chassis you grab a screw and a shim, you put the reservoir on the inside of the chassis(we prefer like this but it s a personnal choice) you put the spacer after the shock, and you screw it to the chassis like that the shock is installed, we do the sae on the rear on the rear, we install it on the opposite hole, same height you grab a screw and a shim this time the reservoir goes on the front (inside the chassis) and you put the spacer and we install the shock we do the same on the other side ok the shocks are installed there is no play, they are functional, perfect we need to tighten a bi this one next we will align the shock and reservoir to the body you need to unlock here to align the whole shock next step will be the installation of the axles, we wait for the links to come to continue the project So to remember, we have the PHAT axles from BOOM Racing it will be very nice it’s a steel housing with metal gears and spool inside the front and the rear aluminium steering from BOOM Racing So here was the installation of BOOMERANG Type G shocks from BOOM Racing we choose them in 100mm we choose them not too long, to have a ride height not abused so, next, episode 13 will be I think the wheels the PITBULL Growler tires on KRAIT rims also from BOOM Racing So thanks for watching subscribe for more videos like us on Facebook visit our website www.rctutos.fr this tutorial is brought to you in collaboration with our partners ATees.com, Oospeed Drive and Team TETSUJIN Thanks again
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