Yuri makes 150 sandwiches (mianbaoxia) at a time [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.10]

– I’m out of menbosha. / – Menbosha? – It’s menbosha. / – I don’t have to make them fresh. She said menbosha. Don’t they take a lot of work? They are easy to make. They are? – I was almost out. / – Remove the tails. It’s so easy. Chef Lee Yeonbok, isn’t that your specialty? I sell a ton of menbosha. (Rinse the shrimp and pat them dry) What’s that? (Yuri’s snack factory opened) Done. That’s a lot. (Mincing) (And mincing) (And mincing some more) The amount decreased. (Really?) Should I add a little more? How many are you planning on making? Is she having a party in the evening? Why is she making so much? The amount decreased again. Because it’s minced. I think she lives in her own little world. How many will this make? Only a few. Should I add more? More? Grab and press, grab and press. I should make a bunch – at once. / – How many menbosha will that make? Wow, that should make over 100. – Like making kimchi for the winter… / – He said 100. (She’s crazy) Like making kimchi for the winter, if you make a lot at once, you can heat them up whenever you’re hungry. Make them a lot at once? This is stress-relieving. How fun. I think Chinese food is right for me. Done. (3 packs of shrimp) Starch. And lemon juice. I like spicy food, so I’ll add spicy chili. Adding spicy chili can reduce the greasy flavor. Pepper. You’re a bit showy when you cook. (Colorful technique) They are all over the place. Half went in, half didn’t. Salt. (She’s grinding the salt with her face) (Healthy teeth / Grinding) Isn’t watching Yuri cook like watching a teenager cook because she’s not poised? (Why is that?) I’ll add the shrimp. Wow, that’s a lot of shrimp. Perfect. It’s perfect. Done. This is perfect. I watched Chef Lee Yeonbok making menbosha on TV and tried it and it was so easy. Such useful tips. You can’t press down hard. (So much sandwich bread) That’s a lot of food. I’m going to eat this with eggs and butter – and some sugar. / – She’s not throwing that out. She’s really good at that. I have so much good food. I saw someone do it like this. Where did you learn that? Chef Lee Yeonbok. She watched it on TV. – You have to make balls. / – Yes. That. That, that. How did you do that? Make a ball and do this. You mastered it. I’m good at copying people. When you make menbosha, use your hand and go like this, as if making a dumpling. And if you scrape it from the bottom, and it won’t squeeze through your fingers. – Nice and clean. / – You get better with practice. Oh, there are three layers. Doing this by hand is fun. It feels really nice. This must be why Lee Gyeonggyu goes fishing. (How did she jump to fishing from this?) (Is she kidding me?) (Making menbosha by hand) That looks like fun. She’s good at making shrimp balls. (Having fun, making shrimp balls) (She made a tray-full) Maybe she should sell them. I think I should get a job making these. I’m getting better at this. (Ha) (From one tray-full) (Tray 1 / Tray 2 / Tray 2.5) There are more. How many is this? It’s like making kimchi for the winter. – Menbosha. / – It’s the same. With menbosha? There are 150. Incredible. How did I make that happen? 150. When I make these, I should make at least 300. Why? Just a little bit, to make them golden brown. She’s brushing oil on them. Oh, in an air fryer. (Bake for 10 minutes at 170℃) They are so good. They are really crispy. They look good. They are baked. And the oil doesn’t get all over the place. (A big bite) Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum, so good. I need something to drink. It’s so good. The sauce is the balsamic sauce. – Balsamic again? / – Balsamic. – That’s her MSG. / – Drizzle some sauce on it. That’s the first dish I want to make at home. It’s easy. It’s West meets Chinese food. Western food and Chinese food. (Yuri found another perfect match for balsamic glaze) And milk. They make cups like that? I like novelty items. You have so many of them. (The most interesting item at this home) (Is the resident) I ate them all. (Menbosha disappeared into her stomach) I should store them. It’s about $10 for 10, so these are $150. I saved money. I did. I should make at least 300. Stick it in. Oh, a vacuum sealer. She has the machine. If I bake them and pack them up, it’s a perfect lunch. (Yuri’s snack factory runs all day long) (She is burning the calories she consumed) (She made 8 packs of menbosha today) – 150 menbosha are / – Eight each. – for a restaurant. / – Containers. But when you make them, it’s not a lot. Look. It’s not much. (Store them in the freezer) This one… Is for tomorrow. (#Mass menbosha production #$150’s worth) You’re very different from the guests we had before.

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  1. I don't think I've ever watched her on program before, I really love her personality she's amazing. What else can I watch her on?
    Also what show is showing at 3:28?

  2. omg, I do that too! The mincing w/ two knives at the same time thing. This is my first time seeing another person does it. lol

  3. To those who dont know her she is a really popular actress and everything drama she had is higher viewing and shes an excellent actress with a sense of humor

  4. She came on running man when they have the villainess actress episode right?? The episode where one of the actress (Seo Woo) insisted on her high heel because she is so short lol…

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