World Boomerang Championships headed to Balloon Fiesta Park

IN 10 YEARS THE WORLD BOOMERANG CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE BEING HELD IN THE US. AND PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD ARE COMING TO ALBUQUERQUE TO COMPETE FOR TOP HONORS. NEWS 13 )S FRANCESCA WASHINGTON HAS THE STORY. FROM THE LAND DOWN UNDER…. 14:00 “Australia is probably known for the home of boomerangs.” 14:02 TO THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT… 1:43 “when I got it there and looked at the field it was like a perfect field for our sport it )s wide and open.” 1:54 A PLACE KNOW FOR ITS BALLOONS WILL BE TAKEN OVER BY BOOMERANGS… IN JUST A COUPLE OF WEEKS THE WORLD )S TOP BOOMERANG THROWERS WILL COMPETE IN THE WORLD BOOMERANG CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BALLOON FIESTA PARK. ORGANIZERS SAYS THEY ARE EXPECTING ABOUT 60 THROWERS REPRESENTING 10 COUNTRIES… AND LOCAL AMATEURS SAY IT WILL BE AN IMPRESSIVE SIGHT… 13:17 “these guys are committed to the sport it )s amazing how good they are.”13:20 THROWERS COMPETE AS TEAMS OR AS INDIVIDUALS…. THEY )RE JUDGED IN CATEGORIES LIKE, ACCURACY, ENDURANCE, DISTANCE AND EVEN TRICK CATCHES… 4:48 “we have an overall top 10 and those are the people that throw the best combined score of all the six events.”4:58 24:05 “boomerang enthusiasts say thousands of factors go in to making the perfect throw and it )s rare to get it on your first try.”24:12 25:20″unless you )re me.” 25:23 15:26 “a lot of people quit because they throw a few times and end up walking miles chasing their boomerangs because it didn )t work. I I think the bottom line is practice and the knowledge of the technique to make it work.” 15:35 AND THESE COMPETITORS HAVE HAD PLENTY OF TIME TO PRACTICE. THE EVENT ONLY HAPPENS EVERY TWO YEARS…. FRANCESCA WASHINGTON, KRQE NEWS 13. THE COMPETITION BEGINS SATURDAY THE 21ST. THE TOURNAMENT IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC AND FREE BOOMERANG LESSONS ARE OFFERED. .TONIGHT…Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower to mid 60s.

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