Wood & Acrylic Knife Box

hey guys for Evan and Katelyn and today
we’re gonna be making a box for this knife that we made this is the box Thank You Skillshare for sponsoring this
video this is the knife that we made with Alec Steele and we’re gonna have a
playlist down below with all the videos in the series and for the box we wanted
to experiment with some new materials and make a few extras for our friends we
designed it in fusion and our Twitch followers suggested 3d printing a
prototype first feels pretty secure it looks cool this will be held together by hinges and
magnets we tested the magnets first so I have a test for you to do try opening the box i added magnets oh my gosh. hahahaha. ahhh! I think we might need smaller magnets! I’ll print a little test thing not the full thing when we’re working with magnets we put marks on the
sides that are attracted to each other so we don’t glue them the wrong way
gotta clean out those holes a little bit i don’t know if this is a good idea or not this is the
first time I’ve ever used an end mill in a drill oh yeah they’re attracted to each other but
you can open them another thing that we should test before we do anything more
these cool hinges we got from Rockler they’re so tiny and they have this like 180 degree
pivot yeah right there see them a little bit proud I don’t want to force this so
we know what magnets to use and we know that we need to make the holes for our
hinges a little bit deeper so we’ll go ahead and revised the model generate the
tool pass and get carving the t-track clamping system we installed on our CNC
was a huge help during this project we’ll have a link to it up in the corner next we cut out our pieces and rounded
over the outer edge on our router table Oh like a little sandwich so tiny bit of a gap and
there’s tiny cracks oh no we’re gonna make the holes for the hinges a little
bit deeper and a little bit wider I don’t know if this recommended but it
works oh that’s so much better so what these are doing is they are
expanding and that holds it in place so cool very fancy magnets. looks good? so at this point we
have a totally functional awesome little box but we’re gonna take it one step
further by doing some engraving on here and we’re gonna make a fixture to help at this point we learned two things one
I’m a derpus because I didn’t tighten the clamps enough
and two our jig needed some added friction to hold on to the piece better
so we’re going to go ahead and add sandpaper which will hold it even
tighter how confident are you since everything seems to be working
we’re gonna try some fancy materials like acrylic and fancy wood so we just got back from Maker Faire and
gave these to a bunch of our friends and one of the benefits of having maker
friends as they told us that we could actually fire the acrylic to polish it
up okay so you can see how it’s kind of cloudy where we carved it out
we tried sanding it but you just can’t stand it smooth enough let’s see if the
flamey flame okay think I wanna remove this from the box because this can be really hot oh oh there’s a clear patch right
there clearish I feel like it shouldn’t be catching on fire. this is fun! so all we’re gonna be able to get from this
I actually pushed it too far it did catch on fire it caught on fire and it
rounded over some of the edges and stuff what have more flames fixes it
it no no no I think we should call it so in short the propane worked it is polished there’s a
few little issues propane isn’t hot enough to just melt the outside layer it
ends up melting the whole thing is and that’s not ideal so a hotter gas would
be best this is really satisfying I’m so
happy with how this project turned out so thanks again to Skillshare for
supporting us and making it possible to bring you all this video they have over
19,000 courses ranging from videography to editing to 3d modeling which we get a
lot of questions about we designed this knife box even the knife itself in
fusion 360 and even though the final box was cnc’d all of the prototyping was
done using 3d printing there’s an awesome fusion 360 course focused on 3d
printing on Skillshare you’ll learn all the basics you need to get started
Premium Membership usually starts at $10 a month but for the first 199 people to
sign up with the link in our description you can get two months of Skillshare for
free these slots usually go really fast so make sure you click soon all right if
you want to see more behind the scenes video you can check them out in our
aftershow on patreon dot com slash Evan and Katelyn bye man ahh should we just redo the whole thing one
more time lets do the whole thing one more time sorry snotty nose allergies. boogers. both of those. that was so close to my face! Think about my eyebrows!

73 thoughts on “Wood & Acrylic Knife Box

  1. If flame polishing isn't your thing, you can also use polishing compound (plain toothpaste works in a pinch) and elbow grease. Those headlight restoration kits at the auto parts store have everything you'd need.

  2. Wow those look so good, another method to clear milled acrylic is going 0.5-1.0mm deeper then laying down a thin layer of clear epoxy, and it clears right up and use the flame to quickly get rid of any bubbles if there are any 🙂

  3. Yikes, nearly caught your hair on fire there. I always enjoy seeing your creative cycle (in my field we call it PDCA, Plan-Do-Check-Act).

  4. Wet sanding with 2k grit sand paper and polishing with car polishing compound works 🙂

  5. Awesome – design, construction, hinges, magnets, materials – love it! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

  6. Alec just hit a 1,000,000 subscribers today. I know you guys will get there one day soon, just keep up the awesome 🙂

  7. Another good way of polishing up acrylic is working through the grits then finally with steel wool. Did it for a recent project and It came out like glass

  8. A hydrogen flame is the best for polishing acrylic. A hydrogen flame generator is <$150, check on ebay, and it just turns water into hydrogen, which provides a very small but hot flame.

  9. For the clamp, change is so that the pocket was cut across the corners, allows clamping forces to compress both edges. only need to rotate the stock in cam and will come out just fine.

  10. Micro mesh sanding pads go up to ridiculous grits and are really easy use and bring acrylic up to a brilliant polish/make transparent again.

  11. its good​ that you didn't heat it anymore with the magnets as the magnets would have gotten too hot and the domain would get messed up and the magnet wouldn't work

  12. They often use a water torch to polish acrylic. You can find some cheaper ones on ebay that are adequate for flame polishing.

  13. If y'all used rubber strips instead of sand paper it would have held it just as well (I think) and would not damage the wood (possibility with the sand paper).

  14. You could try tamiya polishing stuff so you dont burn your house scale modelers use it to polish cockpits but you would need a dremel to realy get in the corners 😐👍

  15. You two are absolutely fricking adorable! I enjoy every single one of your videos. Thank you for the breath of fresh air!! #fangirling <— is that even a thing? 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Ok, I'll admit- Neat project. Turned out ok. But honestly, there was little skill involved. I'm sorry, I do not mean to sound harsh. But you guys have great knowledge of software and design. More than I can say for sure. Maybe i am just jealous because I have neither the skill nor equipment to manufacture like you guys can.

  17. Hey guys! You need to try using a butane soldering torch on that acrylic, you’ll have much more control and get much better results 🤟

  18. I believe you could've sanded out the cloudiness if you wet sanded up to 2000 grit. It shouldn't be much different than restoring cloudy headlights.

  19. I recently found your channel and I just have to say, it's so fun watching both of you. The laughter and sheer joyfulness of your videos is super awesome! You really both have some seriously great chemistry.

  20. When I use fusion 360 to make Gcode for NcStudio(I tested with postprocessor Axyz and fanuc), the Gcode was strange, the contour is totally wrong. When I make a square for example, the corners are like circles(big circles)! The machine is strong. What I doing wrong? PS: in simulator on Fusion 360 the control is ok.

  21. Man, as someone who owns several knives, which are scattered randomly loose on my desk and/or in drawers, this is such a cool idea. And they look so sleek as well, the wood and brass is such a nice combo, and they still show off the knife inside.

  22. Those are actually really pretty kind of binge watching your videos right now I really like some good content

  23. I want to buy one of those knives! you guys need to do a kickstarter to mass produce those! Theyre beautiful

  24. 1st

    Of the 40 video marathon I'm going on to catch up on the videos I haven't seen, so I've seen them all! Even your podcast setup or when you became full time YouTuber's!

  25. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming youtube.com/evanandkatelyngaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast youtube.com/evanandkatelynpodcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too youtube.com/evanandkatelyn2

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  26. On the slim chance this helps, when you sand acrylic you’re making a non uniform surface plane of atoms on the material. In transparent materials this changes how light interacts with the making causing it to become translucent or even opaque. All you need to do to fix this is fill in the scratches basically and make a near smooth atomic plane again, melting the material is one way to do this but applying a clear finish could also help somewhat

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