100 thoughts on “Will Biden’s attacks backfire with Dems who voted for Trump?

  1. Kamala Harris a progressive? wtf are you smoking?
    The woman who just came out last year for single payer health care and in her in endorsement speech said " well, I guess I m for universal health care"
    No she's like HRC she panders to people and just goes in the direction the wind is blowing.
    She is a neoliberal.

  2. Biden is a pedo creep! Just watch the MANY vids of him being soooo creepy with young girls, like when Sessions swatted his hand away. Fucking sicko

  3. Hell No !!!!
    The more Uncle Joe opens his mouth the more Dems are shaking their heads as why they ever become Democrats.
    What's really disturbing is those Uncle Joe Video compilations of hugging females a little too much and too creepy.
    Ain't that right uncle Joe ???

  4. A new Obama ??
    The Dirty Democrats are so corrupt i just dont see them getting back to the WhiteHouse until they drain there own swamp of all the felons


  6. I don't think we should vote for anyone from the obama administration ..to many crimes were going on and too many involved in it ..anyway we will vote Trump because we don't want things back to the way they were

  7. You all do realize by now that only lying and stealing gets done w/ the fraudulent right/left paradigm? It is the elite lying & stealing everything they can pretending to give you a voice. You're vote means NOTHING. As of today $39 Trillion has been identified stolen over 16 years (Clinton,Bush.Obama,Trump). No investigation has ever done.

  8. Don't bother, I would never go back to being a stupid DumoRat. The party has been taken over by fucking evil geniuses who want to end America for a New World Order and we are being kilked as we speak. Look up people they are poisoning our skies; therefore, land and water.

  9. Obama the greatest enemy to.America in the history of our nation and gross-ass Jessica wants another one. Jessica is a $oros-owned NWO whore

  10. Biden is as clueless as the rest of liberals. I hope he runs. He will get annihilated by Trump if he even makes it that far.

  11. Listening to this girl is either annoying or funny, her voice is weird and she has the most ridiculous things to say. A new Barack Obama? Good luck with that. Americans are not gonna get fooled twice.

  12. Joe is the Obvious Pedophile vote. I have pictures of him all over a young girl. There's already plenty of pictures on the internet of him fondling children.

  13. What about the kids that pervert Joe Biden touched inappropriate creepy Joe remember when Jeff sessions smacked his hand for trying to touch his grandkid😣#keep Joe away from children"

  14. This filthy pedophile needs kids to play with him, he can't find his dick on his own. What a pathetic pig. Everyone laughs when Joe Boi opens his mouth. They are looking for hairs!

  15. Trump and his cronies caught with their hand in, wait 4 it, another cookie jar, another lie, another cover up, Porter! #demsdraintheswampinnovember

  16. Trump's cronies at the CFPB, Mick Mulvaney to scale back investigation into Equifax breach of 1/3 of Americans personal information…https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/equifax-compromised-half-of-the-country%E2%80%99s-information-trump%E2%80%99s-cfpb-isn%E2%80%99t-looking-into-it/ar-BBIJXub?li=AA4Zjn&ocid=spartanntp

  17. MSNBC and England's leaders debunk the right wing media's lies about protesting over the weekend about their health care, they actually were protesting cuts to their system and their leaders snub Trump for not covering 28 million Americans

  18. More stale spaghetti that won't stick to the wall from the Trump channel…uranium 1…wiretap…Benghazi…emails…secret societies…just the start of all conspiracy theories to distract from Russiagate, Watergate on steroids, nail em Mueller!!!

  19. Ryan tweets, "the average high school secretary gets a $1.50 per week raise"???  The highly uneducated basket of deplorables fell for the biggest con artist of all time, the world's biggest pathological liar!!! And to think Hillary was going to give u a $5 per hour raise, wow, what a colossal mistake, NEVER, EVER trust a Republican.

  20. What's worse yet, not only does her pay raise run out in five years, she has to start paying back all that money, bcuz Trump and his wealthy friends just got a whole lot richer, and the senior's, veteran's, middle class and poor, will pay for their raises…https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/paul-ryan-deletes-tweet-connecting-woman%E2%80%99s-tiny-raise-to-tax-cut/ar-BBIEN88?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp

  21. Republicans were so worried about HRC possible revealing classified information, now they want to deliberately reveal it, HYPOCRISY!!!

  22. Trump's tax scam gave his wealthy friends, billions, but in mostly blue States, millions get a tax raise, so it could be a parent of yours, an uncle, brother, sister, aunt, niece, nephew, cousin, etc…

  23. Bombshell:
    Last 5 Democrat POTUS's:  65 million jobs
    Last 5 Republican POTUS's:  35 million jobs  http://www.truthfulpolitics.

  24. DEMS:  Kennedy / Johnson / Carter / Bill Clinton / Obama * 65 million jobs created
    GOP:  Nixon / Ford / Reagan / Poppy Bush / "W" * 35 million jobs

  25. Obama / Bill Clinton * 38 millio jobs
    "W" (43) / Poppy Bush (41) * 7.5 milion jobs
    GOP NOT THE PARTY OF JOBS… http://www.truthfulpolitics.

  26. If Biden is the Democratic pick to run for the Democrats this will be a land slide victory for President Trump. I can only hope Biden is the pick easy Trump victory.

  27. Run Joe Biden.. I dare you. As I will laugh all the way to the voting booth..Crazy Joe vs President Trump? As Trump will show his big hands. Next to Biden small brain…No contest…


  29. Fake news CNN wont relent they are going to reap what they sew. If you are brave enought to tune into see and hear their attempts in besmuching trump and you his voters

  30. CNN know that tere are idiots out there who will want to believe the crap they brodcast. Until true fair Americans tune out their tv's they wont relent come on make them regret their lies

  31. " a new barrack obuma " haha God help America if that ever happened which it won't. That lefty woman is sick in the head

  32. Honestly democraps are scum and this liberal idiot of a woman just shows how idiotic they are.

  33. Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Gillibrand, Kennedy, etc., will NEVER gain the Bernicrats votes. EVER. Biden – may but somewhat doubtful.

  34. This news segment is worthless. Nothing but a few vain vacuous phony talking heads in skin tight short skirts showing legs .. It's embarrassing. It's like watching news broadcasts from Mexico.

  35. As an independent, who most often voted Dems, I will never vote for them again, because they have gone full SJW/BLM (Post-Modern Neo-Marxist), and because of how they have treated those who voted for Trump (nasty, down right evil).

  36. Biden was part of the problem in the Government. He's a big a traitor as the scumbag Odicklicker. The Democrats have proven to the country that they are more concerned about illegals than Americans. They have proven to be enemies of our constitution.  Time to get rid of the whole lot , both State and Federal. MAGA

  37. Who's the stupid bitch in blue? Probably a graduate of some Liberal Collage that indoctrinated her into communism. Progressive, diversity, are just commie buzz words. What a loser.

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