Whats inside The Thought Box?

– [Lincoln] This is
the dumbest video ever. – I bought this from England! – Why is this a thing?
– (giggles) I don’t know! (electronic music) This is a Thought Box. This box cost me $600 U.S. and came all the way from England. (English traditional music) This is a box made for
you to sit in a corner and enjoy your thoughts.
(electronic music) So I’m gonna take this
thing and test it out and see what is inside of
this thing and show you guys, but I also wanna surprise Lincoln. He has not seen this yet. – [Lincoln] Hey, Dad. – [Dan] Hey, come in the status room. (record scratches) This is the Thought Box. I’m deep in my thoughts right now. (box clatters)
Don’t smash it, don’t break it.
– Okay. – It cost $600, now don’t break it. – $600.
– Do you wanna try it? (funky music) – Oh my gosh, why?
– I bought this from England! So this is really a something, that was marketed by
some company in England. – I like how you’re in
the corner, doing it, too. – I know, I thought it just
looked creepier. (laughs) So here’s the cool thing about it. Have a seat on the
stool, the Thought Stool. (Lincoln sighs loudly)
We’ve got all of these different moods that you can do. So this one, yellow. – [Lincoln] Uplifting, associated
with the intellectrical– – Intellectual.
– Side of the mind. – Yeah, that’s good.
(ethereal music) Okay, blue, oh, there’s the earplugs! I should’ve used those. Blue inspires control,
clarity, and creativity. (chill trap music) – Why?
– Pink! Emotionally soothing and calming. (upbeat music) (plastic crinkling)
More earplugs. White, what would white be? What’s your guess on white?
– Calm. – Nope, gives time and space (gentle music)
to reflect. – What is this?
– What does that have to do with the white? So this is how it works.
– What is this? – This is what’s, well,
do you wanna try it? Let me, which color do you think suits you the best?
– Black. – Black, okay! This is what’s inside of it. (Lincoln guffaws)
You have this thing on your head, it’s like
this alien-looking thing. Here you go, all right. – Why–
– And now, let’s put– – Why?
– Let’s put your earplugs in. – You bought this for $600?
– (giggles) I did! It’s so ridiculous, I had
to see what’s inside of it, (dramatic strings music)
like what is it? Is there some magical thing inside of it that makes your thoughts go so well? I had to know, I had to know the answer. You look great, Lincoln. ‘Kay, put that one in your ear. (dramatic music) – [Lincoln] It’s just black! – [Dan] Well, we need to switch
colors to somethin’ else! – Is this like the
whole video we’re doing? – This is the video, What’s
Inside the Thought Box? Let me tell you what the website says. – [Announcer] Alone at last. The Thought Box is an original and curious piece of furniture that promotes mental (sprightly music)
efficiency in the user. Simply lift up the seat by the handle, thus freeing the unit. Then sit on the stool and
place the box on your head. It is intended as a personal space in which to simply think. Comes complete with earplugs
and five interchangeable and washable colored filters. Chose a filter to suit your mood. The Thought Box is constructed
from card and fabric, washable Lycra with an
internal plastic helmet that can be adjusted to fit. The Thought Box costs 395 pounds. 395 pounds sterling is equal to $482.95 United States dollars, almost 500 bucks for some cardboard and Lycra. Can you believe that? Every day we stray further from– – It’s literally cardboard. – It’s just cardboard on the inside. – $600!
(upbeat music) – I think you’re too hung up on the price, but you need to think more about the emotional benefits that you gain, that you can’t put a price on them. YouTuber burnout is real, Lincoln. – You really just wanted this, didn’t you? – I feel like, if you’re gonna
be alone in your thoughts and be comfortable–
– Why don’t you just close your eyes? (fabric swishing)
– Oh, that’s so soothing. All you need to see is
your emotional mind. (quirky music) – Here you go.
– This is terrible. – Sit up, sit up straight, back straight.
– It’s still black! You can’t see anything, it’s black! – This one’s good, I like the pink. Deep breaths, take five deep
breaths. (breathes loudly) – It smells funny.
– (blows air) Deep breaths. – It’s a cardboard box.
– Deep breaths, Lincoln! (Lincoln grunting) – This is terrible! This is terrible! Hey, no, it’s like breaking! I can’t do this! – So Lincoln, what are your thoughts (box clatters)
on the Thought Box? – It’s terrible.
(both laughing) – So somehow this is supposed to go into that cardboard part right there, but whenever you put your head on it, it just, it doesn’t
really stay in that well. It just comes out so easily.
– Wait a second! Wait a second, hold that.
– Okay. (cardboard rustling)
(dramatic music) – Boom.
– I know, that’s what I just showed them, right there, I
just literally just showed them. And then this is the stool. I would say it’s a high-quality stool. Is it worth $300, or $600, probably not! But it’s nice to sit on. – This is the dumbest video ever. (Dan chortling) – All right, so Lincoln, you clearly weren’t impressed with this. (upbeat music)
Grant, get over there. I need you to try the Thought Box. And we’re gonna give
it a good few minutes, where you have to sit and meditate. Lincoln won’t take his thoughts seriously. – The earbuds fell out, and it was black!
– No excuses, calm, Lincoln. – Calm.
– This is Grant’s moment of peace, do you know how to put earplugs in really good?
– Yeah. – [Dan] Put ’em in really good, Grant. – Squeeze ’em. Thought Box.
– Thought Box. – Okay.
(muffled upbeat music) – Okay, good, sit on the stool. All right.
(Lincoln laughing) Okay, Grant, take a minute and just think about your thoughts. (Lincoln laughing)
Lincoln, silence, silence! – [Lincoln] Can’t do this! (laughs) How are you so quiet?
– Shh! Don’t ask him questions. He’s alone with his thoughts. Grant is a very deep thinker. – Can you imagine walking
through the front doors in this house, coming over here, and just seeing that?
– Yeah, that would be pretty weird. Imagine walking into Starbucks, and put that on and sit
in the corner. (laughs) – No, we’re not doing that!
(Dan laughing quietly) – [Dan] Imagine driving
down the street on autopilot with that on your head.
(both laughing quietly) (mysterious music) – [Dan] Okay, Grant,
you’re good, come on out! – Is that worth $600?
– No. – [Dan] Stop getting
caught up on the money! How did you feel, Grant,
that’s the question. How did you feel?
– I felt blue. (people laughing)
– That’s good, I guess. – That’s worth $600 right there. – [Dan] So that’s the Thought Box. – This is the Thought Stool.
– It’s pretty funny, and pretty random, probably
the stupidest thing that we’ve ever bought for this channel.
– Oh, I mean, the magical box whatever, the fortuneteller–
– The fortuneteller one that we did, we did that
one on April Fool’s, which everybody thought
that the whole thing was April Fool’s, but
no, it was just the part where Lincoln saw the future.
(dramatic music) But the thing was a legit thing that we bought and sort of took seriously. We kinda blew that. If you look inside, it has this part, that for some reason goes on the angle. – Look at that nice piece of cardboard. – That is a $400 piece of cardboard. (box booms) – Didn’t even break it.
– Wow, that’s strong cardboard,
that’s why it’s $600! (fist smacking) – Ow, that hurt!
– You’re good at punching. (cardboard thumping) – [Lincoln] We’re workin’ on it. – There we go.
(Lincoln laughing) We are gonna keep the stool, ’cause we can always use–
– It’s a pretty nice stool! – A pretty nice stool.
– It’s– – That’s what’s inside the Thought Box. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. (Lincoln sighs) Let us know what you think
in the comments below, and would you actually buy this thing? – Geez, that was weird.
(Thought Box clatters) – I wouldn’t buy another one.
– No, there’s no way! – [Dan] Thanks, internet. (people laughing) Like he said, you need a box,
to be alone with his thoughts. (upbeat music) – [Lincoln] Oh, I actually got it! See, now, this is good, whee! Whoa, oh, that’s closer
than I thought. (sighs) See, this is nicer. (sighs) This is a lot nicer. They should’ve just put a
couch in, instead of the stool. Then it would’ve been
worth 200, I mean, $600. (box clunking) Okay, that, okay, stool should be right there, wah! Whassup! (laughs) – Did you have fun with that?
– Yeah, I love my box head. – [Dan] You look pretty cool. – This is the dumbest video ever.

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  1. Hi what’s inside can you do a video on what’s inside an Apple Card please I really want to see and I think everyone else does to this would be a great video

  2. Hi what’s inside can you do a video on what’s inside an Apple Card please I really want to see and I think everyone else does to this would be a great video

  3. Hi what’s inside can you do a video on what’s inside an Apple Card please I really want to see and I think everyone else does to this would be a great video

  4. Lincoln's response, "Why is this a thing?" Is the only correct reaction.

    Lincoln was clearly the smartest person in that room. 👨‍🎓

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