What is Contact Management, and How Do I Use It? 👩‍⚖️👷🧙‍♀️👩‍🔧👨‍🚀

So you’ve got a great website. And you use Web Analytics to get aggregated data on your online metrics. That’s great, as Web Analytics helps you to monitor website performance, but do you have the needed insights to actually start improving your website performance? What if you could get details about individual site visitors including their behavior? What if you could tailor content for groups of visitors according to their interests? And cater directly to their needs? What if you could tell who were potential buyers and who were just browsing, and assign sales time accordingly? What if you could increase the sales-readiness of visitors not yet ready to buy? What if you could really understand your customers’ journeys? Cue: contact management. So let’s see how contact management works! Let’s say you’re the owner of Nice-Diced-Ice, a construction company… building igloos. Despite global warming and mortgage crises, your website is visited by thousands of visitors looking for new homes. As soon as a new visitor arrives on your site, you want to start collecting as much information as you can about him. Though still anonymous, his arrival alone gives you his traffic source, location and more! As he moves through your website, the system tracks his journey and logs which pages he visits, what he searches for, downloads, watches, and so on. At some point he fills in one of your online forms, providing you with his name and email address. As choosing a new domicile is a long-term task, he returns to your site multiple times; sometimes using different browsers… sometimes using different devices. And your website can automatically track his visits and behavior across multiple channels, merging them into one contact profile. Each individual visitor and their information are then stored in Contact Management – your centralized hub of all details collected for all website visitors. So let’s take another look at our “what if” scenarios, and see how contact management helps us achieve them. With Contact Management: You get an instant 360-degree view of each visitor. You can segment your contacts into groups with similar interests or characteristics and optimize their experience of your website by responding in real-time with content relevant to the interests of each group. You can even tailor the content of your website or emails to the individual visitor. You can score your contacts on their website activity and identify those most likely to buy. You can create a workflow to automatically nurture those not yet ready to make a purchase. And you get a clear idea of your ideal customer and their journey and a much better understanding of how to help them along it. So you see; Contact Management means data and data means insights. And when you combine contact management with sophisticated online marketing tools like lead scoring segmentation content personalization email marketing, and marketing automation you can dramatically increase visitor engagement, conversions and … well… revenue. So, how does contact management work? Let’s see it in action in Kentico EMS, a full-featured Customer Experience Management solution that can turn your website into a sales and marketing powerhouse. You get an overview of all your website visitors – even anonymous ones. You can filter your contacts and see detailed data for each one… …including marketing campaigns he engaged with activities he has performed and the score he has gained within lead scoring. Contacts can be dynamically or manually segmented into groups based on data or behavior, which can then be used in content personalization, email marketing or marketing automation activities. You can also see current online users and initiate online chat with any of them. Finally, you can import your contacts to your CRM, like Salesforce. Be warned that actively using contact management on your website may lead to: Better insight into your site visitors and their customer journeys Improved management of your contacts Increased efficiency of your marketing and sales efforts Contact management is the solid foundation for other website activities like: Nurturing your leads based on their interests Identifying potential buyers Personalizing your web content and email messages

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  1. Awesomely explained… But entering manual data of each contact is quite a tedious task. I am currently using Salesmate CRM and it allows me to directly import my google contacts into the CRM with 2 way snyc and also auto update the contact details with auto profile enrichment. So, everytime my sales reps try to contact someone they have all the details including social media profiles of the contact within the CRM itself and it helps a lot to understand the contact before even starting the call with him/her. http://bit.ly/2E0wXbq

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