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Hi. My name’s Dan Delavan. I’m the owner/operator of Plaza Cutlery in
Costa Mesa, California. We have a great selection, we also have a
website, plazacutlery.com and today we’re going to be talking about knives. A boning knife is a knife that you use after
your carving knife, so after you’ve done your carving and you’re getting in and you need
to do some closer work that’s where your boning knife comes in. So the boning knife is used for trimming around
the bones and so forth, also if you’re cleaning the chicken or turkey and you’re breaking
it up into parts, your boning knife would be your knife you would want to use. Okay, here we have a Global. Global is a Japanese make. It’s a really fine blade, really popular with
high end European chefs and a lot of chefs here. It’s actually the majority of the knives that
we have at home are Global. It’s thinner blade on cutting edge than some
of the knives. And the advantage to the thinner blade, it’s
less drag and stays sharper a little bit longer. The downside is you can damage it. This knife is semi-flexible, so you have a
little bit of flexibility to it. It has a guard built in so your hand stays
back. This one also is all metal and they do have
these little dimples in it to keep your hand from sliding and a lot of people go, you know,
“It’s going to be too slippery”, don’t find it slippery at all. And with the shape on it, when you go to grip
it, you’re gripping it in this manner, you pretty much have it locked into your hand
so you’re not going to have any trouble. But again it’s a nice, flexible blade. Here we have a traditional Victorinox. It’s what’s used in a lot of the butcher shops,
meat packing shops for years. This one, again, has a semi-flexible blade. It also comes in a completely stiff blade. But again, it’s nice and narrow so you can
get in. Any of them that have this kind of curve in
it, if you’re going through like chicken joints and wings and so forth, you don’t want to
use the tip of the blade because it’s easy to break it off because there’s not as much
strength out there at the tip. You want to use back in the heel, where you
pull the piece of meat up, and then push that bigger wedge through in order to cut through
the joint. This one has a fiber ox handle, which is what’s
required in the butcher shops. They are no longer supposed to use wood, at
least in the state of California, and it’s a very good value. If you want a really good knife, the Victorinox
is a hard one to beat, and it is the same as the Swiss Army Knife company. Same manufacturer.

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  1. Um, I don't think high end Euro chefs go for Global that much… Though I like them. The goto knife used by chefs in the UK is the Victorinox. Zip ith through an electric sharpener and keep going. Replace as needed.

  2. surprised you can own any kind of knife in California. I'm surprised you can own anything there actually. Most things I own are illegal there. Land of the free right?

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