What if Josuke was in Part 5?

So, along with the list of scenario videos
I have thought up, I was extremely interested in the idea of Josuke in Part 5. The concept of the scenario adds the idea
of mixing in a Joestar from a previous part, and that’s always nice because you get to
see how that character has developed and what they’ve become after the events of their
part. As to how it came to fruition, I feel like
the idea of mixing 4 and 5 had always begged the question or if it was to happen the other
way around. There’s also the fact that Koichi was in
Part 5, so you could ask yourself, “Well, what if it was someone else, like Josuke?” Adding to that, you also have the fact that
Josuke and Giorno are both the healers of their group, so to me, that makes me wonder
what it would be like if they were to double up. People are different though, I know many think
of it as a reason to put the two up against each other, but that’s just not the video
today. Now establishing the foundation. So, let’s say that Josuke has taken the
role of Koichi rather than Koichi being the one to go to Italy. Rohan had done the same thing that he would’ve
done for Koichi, but instead for Josuke. As to how that happened, it probably required
Koichi’s help anyways, but that’s not as important, that’s just Rohan being petty. Now it’s about the Giorno and Josuke first
interactions. First, Josuke is most likely one not to get
swindled as easily as Koichi, but everything would most likely run in the same way. Second, rather than stopping the car the way
that Act 3, Josuke can turn something as simple as a coin or rock into a projectile stronger
than a bullet, and then take the car out that way. As to what he would do when coming across
the frog, I could say that Josuke should be grown enough to where something like a frog
shouldn’t terrify him, but it’s definitely in character that Josuke would react worse
than Koichi. If he restored the frog, it could take him
to Giorno, but that’s just thinking in a more positive light for Josuke. So, we end up in the same position as before. So, after Leaky Eye Luca, Giorno and Josuke
meet up again. The difference is now, instead of trying to
subdue him like Koichi, Josuke can just full-on try to knock Giorno out. Since this is a sculpted Josuke versus a Giorno
that hasn’t had time to learn the extent of his abilities, he could get blitzed and
pieced up quick. After that, say that Josuke compares the photo
he has to the beat-up Giorno and comes to the realization that he’s the same guy. He heals him and tells him he wants to have
a talk with him; maybe he shows his birthmark to Giorno, and Giorno recognizes Josuke’s
character and, most likely, his strength that he’s holding back on him, and then they
become comfortable with talking. Say they come together and chill on the bus
together where Bruno is supposed to meet him, now Bruno could try his hand at the situation,
but it’s a 2v1 situation no matter how you pull, and neither of these two looks like
a Pesci archetype. So, he’d most likely just chill off on the
side, maybe track Giorno to where he’s alone because Josuke isn’t going to spend all
his time there, he has to report to Jotaro with what information has gone through. So, Josuke leaves so that Giorno and Bruno
can have their fight and join forces, or else Josuke and Giorno just destroy Bruno. I was thinking about implying that it would
be hard for Josuke to hear out a gang member like Bruno, but Josuke has heard a lot of
people out throughout Part 4, so I definitely think that they’d be cool after the fight. I believe that you could have everyone on
good neutral ground, it would probably be a process of explaining the sorts rather than
letting fighting speak for them. Because Giorno was able to distinguish how
good Bruno’s character was in their fight, and you wouldn’t have that type of fight
between the three of them, so they would definitely have to do some talking. So, in either route, Bruno and Giorno are
going to join forces, and for Josuke’s character, he’d really not get himself mixed up into
all of that. I believe that Josuke would definitely be
the one to go home and help Jotaro in a different way which could bring him back to Italy once
again, maybe with Okuyasu and Koichi and they could link up back with Giorno, but with this
scenario we want Josuke to join Passione, or at least back Giorno and keep some research
going on for Jotaro. So, Josuke is joining and if not joining but
helping with any support needed while staying around them. I learned this term leashing, or leash from
League, and I think maybe that’d work. Now on how Josuke would work in terms of the
story… He makes the story a lot easier. Like the combination of Josuke’s restoration
ability added on with someone like Giorno or Narancia can find anything, and if it’s
in a difficult spot, you Bruno to zip right through. Plus, two healers are better than one. He also has a lot of veteran information to
give from what he’s learned from his time in Part 4 and everything Jotaro has told him. Adding to that, he’s the son of Joseph,
so I don’t see him dying. It is just extremely hard for death to take
Joseph out, so I think that Josuke should be blessed with as much. Side note on that, with the two of these Joestars
working together, it’s like the second coming of Jonathan and Joseph working together…
with some Dio in the mix, but he’s always there. On how he can contribute to the fights, I’ll
use some examples that’ll generalize his position in them. Prefacing an example with the Black Sabbath
fight, we already have their relationship established, and it’s all about coordinating
in this fight, no extra dialogue to go about building on trying to make these two equals
since they’re already cool. Now, Josuke has dealt with a lot stands where
he has to adapt to their strengths rather than overpower them outright. Yoshikage, Yuya, Akira, and the experiences
he’s lived in have contributed to his development as a fighter. For example, the Yoshihiro fight contributed
to Josuke’s future composure. And now we have all that here. So, as to how the fight would go down, the
areas where you saw Koichi being caught off guard or flustered, you’ll see Josuke with
a stronger resolve. He can be caught off guard, and most likely
would be, and scream Nani like how he always does, but bouncing back from being caught
off guard is a staple to Josuke by the end of Part 4, so you’ll definitely see it here. And with Giorno telling Josuke about how Black
Sabbath works, plus Josuke’s deduction skills alone would be able to combat Black Sabbath
a lot faster than how the fight had gone. Next example, The Grateful Dead. Continuously restoring ice from it’s melting
state. These are big healer moves, true clerics only. Prosciutto? More like Prosciutto Cotto, cause that man
is going to get COOKED. For the last example, let’s have the White
Album fight. With vision and coordination with the help
of Mista, Josuke could do something along the lines of punching the ice armor that Ghiaccio
has, reverting it into a gaseous form since Ghiaccio can use White Album from the moisture
in the air alone. Restoring it and then having Mista shoot immediately
right after, or during with the use of Sex Pistols, and then “boom,” the fight is
over. It’s as simple as that. Now, see, while adding Josuke to the part,
could add a lot more interesting character interactions and a potential boost to the
friendly comedic tone that some of the characters go for at times, but in an overall sense,
it would just make everything a lot easier. Which would be great for the cast of part
5, it wouldn’t be the best thing for the audience or the development of the characters. It is a fun idea, though. If we had some sort of side-manga or ova of
some sort where we can see scenarios like this played out, I feel like that’s the
only way that’d work. As to how that would work, that’s a whole
different video. As a small concept to mention here, it would
most likely have to be a 40 min to hour type of episodic series where every concept is
gone over in the span of an episode and the episode itself only contains the major changes
with the small bits sprinkled throughout the entirety of it. I’d like to make a chapter or more of something
like this in the future, but that’s the future. Thank you all for watching. You can leave a like if you’ve enjoyed the
video, comment any thoughts you have, and follow my media in the description. This year’s resolution is to be better in
general, so I’ll be trying to stream more, be it fighting games or games in general. I mainly want to get better in DBFZ and Ultimate,
that Grandblue game if I like it and Marvel 4 whenever that comes out. So, if you’re interested in those games
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stuff, you can follow my Twitch. Again, thank you for watching; hopefully,
I’ll see you all in the next one, until then, peace out and Godspeed.

100 thoughts on “What if Josuke was in Part 5?

  1. >statistically, there are people out there who don’t want a Giorno/Josuke Buddy Cop story with a groovy soundtrack where they take on international crime syndicates
    How tragic.

  2. You forgot that if georno told joske about stopping the drugs that were going to kids then joske would join pasiona for that reason

  3. Diavolo: i wish King crimson could erase that ugly hair
    Josuke: what did you say about my hair! Dorararara!
    Diavolo: King crimson!
    Diavolo: josuke theme plays
    Diavolo: wait why is the time being unerased
    Josuke: Dorarararararara!

  4. Hey guys, so I was re watching SDC last week and remembered that polnareff could shoot his sword, but only did it as a last resort. So in part 5, why didn't polnareff shoot his sword in his 2 encounters with diavolo

  5. Its really unfortunate josuke is one if my fav characters and we dont get to see him after p4. I really hopin that the final part just had every joestar in it somehow

  6. What if Jotaro did not tell Josuke that Giorno is son of DIO, and upon noticing their birthmarks is the same one, Josuke thought Giorno is also Joseph's bastard? And thus his half-brother?

    Cue Giorno asking Josuke if his father is a British guy, and Josuke said yes, his father is a British-American. Girono then think Josuke is his half-brother through DIO.

    This will ironically give Josuke more motivation to stay and help Giorno (all while mutually grumbling about their absent father).

    Cue the reveal that Giorno is son of DIO would be awkward.

  7. It would be pretty cool if there was a part where there’s two jojo brothers and one of them is evil but in secret or something like that. It would definitely be compelling imo.

  8. I feel like, in terms of raw strength, speed and power, Crazy Diamond outclasses Golden Experience and, frankly most of the other Stands in the part with only maybe Sticky fingers being able to rival it. However, I think that Josuke could be overwhelmed by the part 5 stands because of their more esoteric and powerful abilities.

  9. Let’s not forget that this scenario would guarantee Bruno’s survival. Considering he had a strong enough soul to crawl back into his half-dead body after Giorno gave it life energy, Josuke fully restoring it pretty much just resurrects Bruno with no issues.

    It’s probably not possible for the other two fallen members of Passione to make it, considering their souls didn’t stick around.

  10. Jotaro: Is Giorno Dio's son
    Koichi: yes
    Jotaro: leaves Giorno and Polnareff to deal with someone with abilities on the same level as Dio

  11. Josuke would not beat Giorno’s ass since he’s now a side character. Like in Part 4, when Jotaro almost got his ass handed to by Josuke but The World saved him.

  12. Ways to make this work:
    1: Get rid of Giorno's healing skills and just give him his usual life creation stuff.
    2: Get rid of Fugo (sorry) to open up room.
    3: Make him the Old Joseph of the group (fitting considering he's Josuke's dad and Josuke's technically Giorno's grandpa,) but a bit more Jobro-ish.
    The comedic potential between him, Mista, and Narancia would beautiful and they'd basically be his "bootleg Okuyasu and Koichi" respectively. Differences being that Mista's a lot smarter than Okuyasu (but then again, so is a donut,) and Narancia's a lot more of a sneaky younger brother.
    As for him and Trish, since Josuke's replacing Fugo, there could be a running gag where it's like the universe is forcing Josuke to be in love with Trish by making him "flirt" and "perv on her." This can range from things done with Fugo like the boobs and the jacket bits, along with new stuff such as accidentally running into her naked as she's walking out of the shower. There can even be a chill out scene where they're eating spaghetti, and Josuke and Trish almost parody Lady and the Tramp by slurping one noodle into a kiss. Luckily for them, Narancia was snickering at the sight loud enough for them to realize this and then react away in shock, which'll disappoint Narancia because they were so close to replicating that scene.
    And for the final fight with Diavolo, Diavolo would be demolishing everyone and have the arrow in hand. But instead of Giorno, the arrow refuses EVERYONE and it ends up becoming a little game of "I got it, I GOT IT!" until it just lands on the ground. Diavolo would think that the group had done something to the arrow and go in a fit of rage SLAMMING everyone further. But as he's above Josuke, Diavolo would berate Josuke and, like everyone is saying, would insult Josuke's hair (pot calling kettle black IMO) and Josuke would go nuts. BUT he would be punching so fast, wildly, and unpredictably that any frame of time King Crimson could activate and attack will be a bad idea, like "wait, hold on. That punch was there, but now it's THERE, and now it's THERE!? WHERE'S THIS GUY'S BLIND POINT!?" And just when he sees a "perfect" frame to attack, KC gets left hooked and then DORA-rushed. And justso he can't get anywhere, Josuke reconstructed both Diavolo's AND King Crimson's arms into the ground, making them unable to move. That's when Giorno gets up, both him and Josuke rub it in Diavolo's face that he screwed up, and they both Stand rush him to kingdom come.
    Overall, he could work with some rewrites to Part 5 in general.

  13. Would be kind of neat to see a scene where Josuke is mortally wounded after a battle but is nonetheless victorious and the gang ask why he can’t just heal himself and he tells them that CD doesn’t heal him, only others, and the gang gets more respect for Josuke but Josuke is saved when Giorno finds out how to heal others.

  14. What if Josuke and Giorno were swapped through the parts?
    Like Josuke now is the protagonist to part 5 and Giorno the protagonist of part 4, how would it roll out?

  15. This alternative timeline can also be a good hook to a What if Josuke and Giorno were in part 6 (spoilers ahead)

    like, Josuke hearing that Jotaro was in a coma and asking Giorno to help him, so Josuke goes to Florida in a Passione's airplane and both beat the shit out of Pucci, and when Pucci says "Jotaro lived such a short life" Josuke just go full hoes mad at him, and Giorno finishes by stopping his universe reset shit and smashing his face, Just being able to Finish Pucci because Pucci though Giorno was Dio

  16. Now do it with Kira

    I can imagine one thing. Complete and utter slapping of the Mafia. With green day, and White Album being the biggest threats to Kira simply due to their abilities. However even they can be defeated by Kira if he plays it smart.

  17. If josuke went to Italy

    Random Italian: what a wierd hair cut …


    josuke gets arrested for assaulting random Italian

  18. Nothing would change the only ones I see surviving after all of it would be polareff but with his body but other than that their just Mista buffs

  19. In this idea/concept, as long as josuke doesn't become something, similar to what some people complain about, that being jotaro in part 4 where he finished off some of the villains instead of josuke, but I still think even with that it could work!

  20. What would happen if Josuke was in part 5? The comedy would have been even better, we could have seen even better rage moments from Josuke, he would have been a glorified babysitter struggling to keep damage to a minimum, and Giorno and his teamwork would have been legendary. Not easier, but legendary

  21. I dont think Josuke would change to much involving Diavolo, however I dont think Abbachio would be killed
    Since the team would have two healers one if them would most likely be left with Abbachio, "just in case" and since there is two people there Diavolo most likely wont risk killing one of them so Abbachio lives and the bosses identity is discovered
    In the long term however I dont think that to much would change involving that as instead of hiding as Doppio, Diavolo would most likely assume his real form to keep hiding

  22. I remember seeing fanart of Josuke and Giorno as a Yin and Yang to each other. Both of them had become seasoned JoJo veterans, Giorno as a mafia boss, and Josuke, who followed after his grandfather by joining the force. Two Joestar on opposite sides of the law, chained to each other by fate as they fight towarda a common goal.

    To quote one of the comments, "we were robbed of this interaction."

  23. A recommendation for a future video, in case it hasn’t been done before, what if Josuke ans Giorno swapped parts?

  24. Diavolo: Hey, who's the guy with the ugly looking hairdo?
    credits roll

    (Yes i stole this, im sorry. It was just too funny to not to steal)

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