What Do You Do When Your Consequence Backfires?

What do you do When your consequence backfires? What if you assign the child a job and they have to stay after school? or they have to do this on their own time, and they have to do a job for you and they like it and They go. This is really fun Could I have more jobs like this and now they have to misbehave to get it now, that should be your aha moment that should be the red flag that goes up and says I know the function of your Behavior the function of your behavior is to get my attention and you need my attention So now tomorrow when you come to say that to the child, but I’m gonna say tomorrow and this kid comes to school I’m gonna give him a regular job to do I’m gonna say, you know what yesterday when you were having a hard time and you washed those tables you really did an amazing job, so every Wednesday Mr. S needs help in the cafeteria with some table washing and I’m gonna assign you that job and that’s gonna be your Job only and he gets a connection with mr Whomever or maybe I assign him a job for me and he gets a connection with me, but that’s good information Good information when I keep a kid and make him do something and they like it Now I know why they’re doing it because remember you behave for a reason Thanks for watching and I hope you found this video helpful If you did make sure to LIKE and subscribe so you can never miss another video I speak and consult on school behavior, and I love to help districts solve some of these problems See you next time

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