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Live from New York City, it’s The Wendy Williams Show. (upbeat music) Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) Thank you!
(audience cheering) Thanks for watching!
(audience cheering) My co-host, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin’?! I’m doing okay, let’s get started. It’s time for… Hot Topics! Come on! (upbeat music)
(cheering) So… There’s a woman that you know as Du… La… Huh? Her name’s Dua Lipa. Du… yeah! But you call her Dula Peep. Dula Pipa. Her name’s Dua Lipa, but you call her Dula Peep. Dula Peep, I’m sorry. (laughing) Alls I’m saying is I’m on your team, okay? (applause) Well apparently her real name is Dula Lipa. Dua Lipa. But I made the mistake ’cause I mispronounce stuff and I called her Dula Pipa on the show and then her beehive, you know, fans started calling her Dula Peep and then Jimmy repeated it on the Fallon and then, and Dula Peep says that she embraces me for calling her Dula Peep, so I’m just gonna go with the Dula Peep. Look, she is being slammed for going to a strip club. Now who are you cornballs? Okay? Here’s what happened. So… Dula Peep went to Lizzo’s after-Grammy party at this place called Crazy Girls, it’s a strip club in Hollywood, all right? And then a video surfaced, Dula Peep by the way was there with her man and she was throwing dollar bills at the strippers and social media attacked her for sexualizing women. Now, I could only imagine these people are courty as… Like, who are you people? First of all, going to a strip club these days is not a big deal for a woman to go to another woman strip club. I don’t like men strip clubs personally speaking, I just don’t get into to go and see a bunch of men on stage, you know, “How ya doin'” Never did anything for me. I also, the women don’t do anything for me either, but fun thing for me about going to a woman strip club is the older and more mature you get in life, the more you realize that there’s not room in the front seat of Yale for every woman. Every woman is not taking a realtor license or doesn’t have it like that. There’s some girls who get pregnant really early in life and they have to do survival by any means necessary. And these strip clubs, this is not something that you want to aspire to do, but when it comes between you and sleeping under a bridge you might as well use what you got to get what you need!
(applause) Just saying, just saying! It’s not what you wanna do, it’s not what you want for your daughters, your niece, your grandchild or anything but to me, when I go to strip clubs and I’ve told you all, I like a strip club. I haven’t been in quite a while, but I like to go support the girls and I bring my stack and make it rain and whatnot ’cause they’re trying to make a living and I always tell you, they always turn around, they feel bad, it becomes an Ask Wendy. “Ms. Wendy, you know, “I’m working my way through graduate school, “I’m only here for another three months.” See, a strip club is supposed to be a beginning, a middle and end for women and women throwing money at other women at the club, as a matter of fact if you’re a woman and you go to a strip club and see the girls, we’re supposed to be throwing more money than the men! You know what I’m saying?
(applause) Because we’re supporting the girls! Not for a lifestyle, but for a means to go back and be proper citizens, not to say stripping’s not proper but you know what I’m saying. So Dula Peep, I’m on your side. And it was mentioned in my Hot Topics morning meeting that nobody attacked Lizzo but that’s… Why wouldn’t Lizzo have a party at a strip club? She seems like a whole hell a lot of fun. (laughing) You know what I mean? (applause) And let me tell you something else about the whole woman thing, and you could disagree with me if you want, you always do, you throw tomatoes or whatever, I don’t care. This Fran Drescher, she’s going to be, first of all, she’s been a friend to my radio show since before I even knew I was gonna be on TV. (applause) The Franny Nanny, I’m a fan of the, it’s just comfortable watching the reruns on TV, you know, Norms. And she’s going to be returning to our talk show on the sixth of February I believe. Well, let’s talk about her before she gets here, okay? (laughing) Oh no, this is a good one ’cause when she gets here I’m going to ask her to talk about this along with everything else. I’m not gonna just dwell on this. Very smart woman, but very, very sexual. Now look, the Franny Nanny is 60… 62.
Two years old. And here’s what she– Exactly, wooh! Exactly, Brendan. By the way, happy belated birthday! I totally… (applause) Brendan! No, there are few people that mean a lot to me that I just totally, you know, I get caught up in stuff. It was you, it was Mike Woods, my favorite weather man here in New York and also the god Rakim. Who celebrated his birthday. Yeah, yeah, it’s all (stammering) happy birthday, but you said “Wooh” to the nanny. (applause) Okay?
(applause) Let me tell you something about this Nanny Franny, okay. First of all, she’s a single woman. She was married to her high school sweetheart, they invented the nanny show, he came out of the closet as being gay, they’re still friends, she went on and she met… He’s Indian? Yeah, Indian-American doctor. Indian-American doctor, she married him, she came to our show, she talked about it. Remember, Suzanne, she was deeply in love. So in love. But they were only married for two years! Oh! Exactly!
I didn’t know that! Well, here’s the new revelation. I don’t know whether you heard about this. I’ve been trying to tell you this for the last week, but every time I look at my watch and Hot Topic is over I’m like, “Damnit, man “we didn’t get to the story!” So Franny, everybody, told our friends at Page Six that she, now ’cause she’s totally single, has a mystery guy. (audience exclaims) (laughing) She will not tell us his name, but she says that’s more than enough for her. (exclaiming) Hold on, hold on!
(applause) Hold on.
(applause) Hold on, co-host.
(applause) So Franny says they spend twice a month together. They don’t go out. They get in the hot tub. They lay in the bed, they watch tennis and movies and stuff. They talk, they have the sex. Twice a month. No, listen, listen. (applause)
Exactly, sounds perfect! (applause)
Right! I mean! Maybe perfect at 62. I need it more than twice a month. (laughing)
You know what I’m saying? But the whole idea! She says that she loves that she can let go of her inhibitions, and voice her desires and then he goes home. And you know what? Some of you older dolls, this right here is gold. In my opinion, right?!
(applause) I don’t like to hear when women just give up on the sex. And I don’t just mean the spooning and stuff, she used the word sex. You know, he comes over. They eat a little, the don’t go out. Like, “No, I don’t wanna go out with you. “Pull you car in the garage “so nobody sees your plates on my driveway.” You know, “And let’s get in the hot tub. “I got a few new costumes, I’ll model for you. “This is what I like, this is what I desire. “Oh, Serena’s playing, let’s watch this. “Oh wait, no, hold on, Sex and the City’s on, “let’s watch that “and while we lay here in the bed, “ooh, I feel a tingle.” (laughing) (applause) So when Fran comes, we’re gonna talk about a whole bunch of stuff, but that is definitely something that I wanna bring up just so that you can hear it from a more mature woman’s mindset, and I think that this is great. It’s great inspiration for women of a certain age, but it’s also great inspiration for some of you young girls who are in your 20s and you feel as though you’ve got to rush and do everything right now. Pace yourself. It’s good. Pace yourself. (applause) Boof is back. (cheering and applause) So Boof, as you know, he travels a lot. Yesterday SSUSS.ONE I thought did an excellent job. (applause) Some of you said that I was trying to hit on SUSS.ONE, no I wasn’t! No, I don’t have anything going on with Boof. But Boof was out in LA for the Grammy’s and when he came back, he presented me with a gift. Rambo. Oh, you’re not wearing the Corona mask. You were wearing the mask yesterday, you frightened me. (laughing) Yo, you heard somebody coughing, so you put the mask on. Exactly, we have to stay well, Rambo. Look at my shoes, look what Boof bought me. (applause) And no, now give Boof shoe cam. Oh, they have to run over. Really, Boof? These are called the Lobsters. They’re the Concept Lobsters or something like that. Boof, tell ’em what they’re called. They’re called the Nike collab with Concepts and these called the Lobsters, so they made two colors, green and purple, so we decided to gift to you. And so he bought me the green! And he bought himself the purple. (applause) Did you miss us? Of course! Were you jealous? Was I what? Jealous.
Jealous? No I wasn’t jealous, no. Mm-hmm. (laughing) A lot of people think I’m auditioning a new. Really?
And I told, yeah, I mean, come on, Boof. You and I are as thick as thieves. Do you remember the biggest fight we’ve ever had in our lives? Yeah. Yeah, I do. I remember. We fought when your cats pooped in your Manolo Blahnik shoes. Yes! Yes! I’d just gotten them, they were only like two days old, I didn’t know how to be a cat mom. I didn’t wanna get rid of ’em but they made me real mad and Boof came over with some food and some cat toys and then he’s the one who noticed it. I was like, “What?!” And what did I start doing, Boof? Start yelling at me. And crying! I was yelling and crying ’cause I didn’t know. Like, ew, oh my gosh. I have to get right into this right now and I didn’t have rubber… I did have rubber gloves. Didn’t I give you rubber gloves or something? Uh no, you wanted me to pick it up with my hands. (laughing and exclaiming) We got paper napkins. Yeah, you layered up with the bounty. Yes. (laughing) He’s just an easy friend to have. That’s all, you guys. Just an easy friend. (applause) Who my father brought up in phone conversation the other day. (audience exclaims) (laughing) My mother got off the speaker phone. She went to the kitchen to take something out of the oven, it was just me and my father talking. He’s like, “Are you coming down for Super Bowl?” I said, “No, I’m not, no!” He said, “Well, Boof is gonna be down here.” (laughing) I said, “Now, look. “Now, look. “You stick to retirement “and leave me alone.” So anyway, so let’s talk about Friends. ‘Cause this is another show that I really like. I’ve talked to you about this a lot. The show comes on like 25 times a day. Clap if you see Friends all the time. (applause) All the time! And I like it, I don’t drink coffee but if I did, I’d drink it at Perks. In my mind. So Davin Schwimmer is being called culturally ignorant. In an interview he said that there should be an all-Asian and an all-black reboot of friends. Well, Twitter quickly picked up on this and said, “Excuse me, David Schwimmer, “Friends is a rip-off of all-black Living Single.” (applause) Yeah, yeah. Yeah. (applause) And then Erika Alexander who was one of the stars, there’s Erika right here with the blue shirt, she tweeted, “Are you seriously telling me “you’ve never heard of Living Single? “We invented the template. “You’re welcome, bro.” (applause) The thing I like about Friends, even before, when they were first invented I would watch the show and it never occurred to me that they’re in New York and there are no black people on the show. It just never bothered me. It was just six stupid people acting stupid like me in the age group, you know what I mean? I mean stupid in a good way. And I don’t think that Friends needs to be reinvented because you did rip off Living Single and you did become more successful, financially speaking than Living Single. Queen Latifah called Friends out on Andy Cohen. Take a look. When Friends came out did you think, “Wait a minute, we’ve already been doing this?” No, we knew we had already been doing this. It was one of those things where, there was a guy called Warren Littlefield that used to run MBC and he said, they asked him when all the new shows came out they said, “If there’s any show you could have “which one would it be?” And he said, Living Single. Wow, and he did the white version. They created Friends. Wow. (audience exclaiming) I mean, that’s a fact, Jack. And it’s unfortunate but I don’t even wanna see all the Friends people get back together like in original form. There’s some shows that you don’t need to touch. Suzanne. I know you’re a Hallmark fan. I am.
And I know that you work all day here at the show. But Friends comes on seven days a week at least five times a day. Yes, it does. Do you find yourself watching a Friends– Every channel. Channels that I go to where I wanna watch something else, it’s on. I don’t understand. It’s everywhere. Do you ever just leave it alone ’cause it’s comfortable? You know what, I don’t watch it. I’m done. I’ve moved on. Yeah. I saw enough of it back in the day. I don’t care. (applause) You know what I was watching last night? The Andy Griffith Show, now that’s a throwback and that’s comforting! I know, I watched Andy Griffith too in the black and white. It is really good. Simple lessons about regular life. But you know, when Friends was first invented there are a couple of things that were in that apartment that I lie to you not I did. I had the picture frame peephole. Do you know what I’m talking about? Yes. I thought that that was… I love a frame. Anybody who knows me knows I love an ornate frame. And I was like, “Wow okay.” I had the picture frame peephole. Then they had this piece of Kosta Boda with slanty eyes and red lipstick and I still, I had it before ’cause my mom collected Kosta Boda and she gave me a piece of Kosta Boda and it just so happens one day I was watching Friends I’m like, “Oh my gosh!” It was in the girls’ apartment. They had this piece! And I still have it now, but anyway. All right, Ross, sit down. (chuckling) (applause) I like Arugula, but they’re saying the Arugula is rotten. Suzanne, did you hear about that? Yes. Norman? Oh, I didn’t hear but usually about once a quarter there’s a story about lettuce being tainted or something. Well now it’s Arugula! Yeah. Crazy. Clap if you know what I’m talking about, co-host. (applause) and I’m scared to go back to Romaine ’cause that was rotten like last month. (laughing) They say Iceberg is not even worth eating ’cause it’s not healthy for you. And then I find out that the mighty FOX, who’s gonna broadcast the Super Bowl, it’s gonna be in 4HD! I’m like, “I don’t have a 4H…” Like, you have to buy… What is going to happen?! So I’m talking to Maurelle as he’s beating my face this morning. I’m like, “Maurelle, I just wanna tune in “for the Demi Lovato, “and then the half time “but am I gonna be able to watch it? “I might have a 1HD, you know I’m low-tech.” (laughing) “I don’t know.” And Maurelle said, “No, Wendy. “You do have a 4HD, your TV’s a 4HD. “All you have to do…” Boof! Do I have 4HD? Yeah. (laughing) (applause and laughing) Do I have to press extra buttons to make it work? Yes. Before you leave for the Super Bowl can you come over and push my buttons? (applause and laughing) I got you. Marco, it’s so disgusting. It’s a whole movie in a skit. This show is like a sitcom, a dramatic movie, a play, a romantic tale and horrid all at once, but I love you for watching! And we’ve got more great show for you, everybody! A little later Dr. Drew is here, but up next, Celebrity Fan Out. So grab a snack and come on back! (upbeat music)
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(applause) Welcome back! It’s time for Celebrity Fan Out. So our first Celebrity Fan Out comes from Kaia C who watches The Wendy Show on KTTV in Los Angeles, California. And Kaia writes, “Hi Wendy, how you doin’?” How you doin’? “I was at a Kanye West concert when I met “Brad Pitt.” (applause) I like rugged Brad! She says, “When I heard that he was in “the section next to us, “I pretended to go to the bathroom “so I could walk past and ask for a selfie. “He obliged, but asked that we do it very discretely “so he wouldn’t get mobbed.” (applause) Our next Celebrity Fan Out comes from Joanna S who watches The Wendy Show on WSOC in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Now who do you meet in Kings Mountain? (laughing) Okay. Oh, wait. She writes, “Hey Wendy, how you doin’?” How you doin’? “I was at a moonshine bar “when I met Nicole Scherzinger.” (applause) So Joanna says she was sipping on moonshine and dancing the night away with an attractive younger man. Well, that’s what you do when you’re in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. A perfect place to just be yourself. (applause)
Fabulous. Okay, our next Celebrity Fan Out comes from David L who watches The Wendy Show on KTTV in Pasadena, California and David writes, “Hey Wendy, how you doin’?” How you doin’? “I was walking on the street… “When I met “John Legend.” (applause) John is probably our most friendly fan out in the history of the show, wouldn’t you say, Suzanne? He doesn’t stay in the house! No he doesn’t! So David says, “Our eyes locked.” This is David’s words, not mine. “Our eyes locked and it was almost as though “we recognized each other. “That’s how warm and friendly he is “when you meet him.” Wow, that’s a good one! (applause) This is our last one.
(applause) Our last Celebrity Fan Out comes from Jillian B who watches The Wendy Show on WTIC in Manchester, Connecticut and Jillian writes, “Hey Wendy…” How you doin’? “I was at an award show red carpet “when I met Demi Lovato!” (applause) So… She goes, Jillian says, “She wasn’t really “taking photos with people “and everyone was yelling her name, “but for some reason she came over to me. “She is even more beautiful in person.” Aww! (applause) I love Celebrity Fan Out. And don’t forget, Demi’s gonna be singing the anthem at the Super Bowl. If you have 4HD or whatever, you’re gonna see it even better! So if you ever have a celebrity encounter, please, sharing is funny. Go to Dr. Drew is next, don’t go far. (upbeat music)
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(applause) Welcome back. I love when our first guest stops by. He’s one of the smartest people I know. I’ve known him for a very long time. Please welcome back to our show Dr. Drew Pinsky. (upbeat music)
(applause) How are you? You look good. Thank you, Dr. Drew. (applause and cheering) Here we are! So before we get into it, shoe cam, please! All right, let’s do it. I always try to wear decent shoes, decent shoes. I think you wore those last time you were on the show. No, I hope it didn’t. Oh maybe I did. No, it’s okay! How do you remember that? Because I remember… Nothing. (laughing) I can tell you one thing I do remember. Last time that you were here you didn’t tell us that you were on The Masked Singer. How crazy is that? I had a secret. Where’s my eagle picture? There it is! (laughing and applause) You look like you were having the time of your life. It was so fun, I gotta tell you. It was really extraordinary experience. Can you imagine producing a show like that? All these singers and music and clearances and fireworks. It was something else. People don’t know I used to sing when I was in my 20s. They said that you’re operatic or something? Yeah, I used to sing opera for years and years. Yeah, it’s crazy. (applause) And I was starting to sing national anthems at sporting events. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. I got the Kings game, the Dodger games, things like that and I had fun doing that. I started yelling at someone, “You can put me on The Masked Singer, “you should put me on that show!” The next day they called me. And it was on. But as soon as I started training for it I realized something was wrong. Something was wrong with my voice ’cause I’ve lost all this range and power and stuff. Turned out I had a varice on my chords and a hemorrhage on my chords. Wait, whoa whoa whoa. I had all kinds of medical problems that had to be rehabbed and ugh, it was a mess. It was a mess. They put a tube down your throat and started scraping?! No, they wanted to do that. They put as tube down my throat so they could look at it and monitor the progress. It was a mess. But anyway, I got to a point where I could at least sing. Who new I was gonna be up against Patti LaBelle! I mean, come on! Couldn’t I have been against Johnny Weir? Wouldn’t that have been more fair? I’m still stunned. Were you formally trained in opera? Yeah. Yeah, there was a minute in college where I thought I might do that. Yeah, weird. And thank God I did not, I’m a terrible musician. I’m a terrible musician. And by the way, now my voice is… As you age, it gets older. It gets less… I don’t know, you lose range and power and stuff and if I were really doing that as a career this would be catastrophic! I find that without the singing part, people’s voices change as they get older anyway and when I talk to my mother and father I can’t hear a change. There’s some people who just keep the voice. It’s like Stacy Keach is still able to do American Greed. You know, the same voice, but how do you keep your voice from changing? You know what I mean. You can’t. It gets coarser and it just does. Especially men and the reflux. It gets bad. So Demi Lovato, everybody. You know she broke down at the Grammy’s, she’d been off the radar for like three years, she almost overdosed and died, but she’s back. I don’t think it’s too soon. Some people were saying it’s too soon. I’m totally with you, it is not too soon. Her emotionality is a sign of her health. It’s about being connected to your emotions and expressing. That’s her job. She is an extraordinary woman. That’s an extraordinary woman. She’s got some bad illnesses like anybody. They may recur, they are chronic recurring illnesses, you can’t promise it’s gonna be in remission forever, but she’s an extraordinary woman, she is getting her act, she’s doing the treatment, she’s doing the do and I’m gonna, I’m predicting she will continue to be an inspiration for other young women. She really is. Have you’ve ever been close to her, you ever talk to her? I’ve never talked to her! I’ve spoken to her a couple times and you really get a feeling for the kinda person she is when you’re right next to her. So what do you think about the Franny Nanny? Were you hear when we talked about the sex twice a month? I did hear about that. I am almost precisely her age and humbly I would say twice a month, we gotta do a little better than that. That’s what I said! Maybe a lot better than that. Why is that good?! 60’s the new 30, gimme a break, come on. No, but I like that she’s at least talking about it. She’s got her special friend, he comes over. They spoon, they get in the hot tub, they have the sex. So this is just a boy toy, this is not a… Just a boy toy, they don’t go out. All right, so if she did more than that she might get attached to him, so there’s maybe an upside to only doing it twice a month, but only twice a month is what I’m saying. (Wendy stammering) No no! No!
I feel as though it’s supposed to be at that point maybe twice a week at least! I’m healthy!
She’s right, me too! And you’re healthy! Especially if you’re really into your partner. I mean, that’s the way it goes. Yeah! But anyway, that’s a starting point ’cause you know a lot of people, a lot of women particularly, are very, very old-school at 62 and they feel as though if they’re not with a partner then they’re not going to call in a little somethin’ somethin’. She should enjoy. And so should you. And let me just say something medically if I can, which is a lot of women that age, we don’t, my profession doesn’t do enough of focusing on women’s libido and their mood functioning around hormones. There’s a lot to be done. And I don’t wanna out my wife or anything, but she had a hormone replacement story where she was being told she was depressed and this and that and she finally go the right hormones and she was furious. Like, you’ve been telling me the wrong thing for 10 years. I feel like a part of myself was lost and I’ve got it back. Come on, and she’s sort of been an advocate for women to pay attention to this for a while. Wow! (applause) So maybe when Fran comes on this sick, she’ll share with us. Okay, here’s a story, I never talked about it on Hot Topics but I find this very interesting. Amy Schumer has the husband and now she and the husband have the baby, but Amy Schumer has an ex-husband who– No, not an ex-husband. An ex-boyfriend. Ex-friend. Oh, with benefits. Okay, the husband is the one in the picture on top. And he’s a comedian, right? The husband? No, the boyfriend. The one that I’m pointing at, yes. The one at the bottom by himself, that’s the… That’s the comedian, that’s Kyle Dunnigan. Up at the top! No, that’s not Kyle. Kyle’s here. Okay, the comedian’s at the bottom by himself? Yes. Okay. The point being is that all three of them live together with the baby. Right. At Amy and her husband’s house. Wendy, if I were to– This is disastrous. Well, maybe. Oh, Drew, please. Wait, listen, if I were to write this down on a piece of paper and somebody hand it to me and say, “What do you think of this situation?” I would agree, it’d be a total disaster, but I’ve known Kyle for years and Kyle has been sort of Amy’s writing partner. He’s almost her muse. They’ve been kinda living together for years in some fashion. I didn’t even know they had a relationship because he’s always, I know Kyle, I’ve known him for a long time and he always talks about Amy and they’re together, they just are– So if she wants to sleepwalk in her negligee at three o’clock in the morning. I think it’s a little weird, but I think he’d be okay with it. I think there’s good boundaries there. I understand your concern. I share your concern.
The husband is a farmer and a sheer cropper or something like that. The husband is not in show business, and Amy has this showbiz thing involved with the ex-boyfriend.
With Kyle. I don’t know, it just sounds weird. It does sound weird.
I’m not that enlightened. I’m sorry, I’m just, I can’t. I get ya, I get it. If I didn’t know Kyle so well, I’d be right with you, but I know him. I think if you’d understand how close those two were for so long, that whole– Exactly. I’m just… Let’s put it this way, I’m with you. Let’s put ourselves in the husband’s position. Neither of us would be too cool with that, right? Hell no! You know what, no. I even have a problem, and I love Jimmy Kimmel and I know that he’s married and he has children and he’s moved on from our friend, the comedian. Sarah Silverman! But if I were his wife, I wouldn’t even want him to have Sarah as a guest on the show! Yeah, I get that. You know what I mean? No! No no! And it’s not about being jealous, it’s just about, you don’t wanna spark what could be a full-blown inferno. To your point, you don’t wanna put your relationship in jeopardy. You wanna protect it and keep it healthy and not put it in situations where… I think strip clubs are threatening to relationships potentially! Who knows. Why do that? Because it’s fun, I’m supporting the girls. That’s fine. And I’ve been with lovers before, and I find nothing wrong with it. Okay. You know, you slide the credit in the booty and you… But how about his being there. I don’t mind! ‘Cause yeah, we’re both smacking and doing… I don’t find anything wrong with that. I think it’d be fun to go with Wendy to a strip club. (applause and laughter)
As long as we go together and leave together, you know what I’m saying? And nobody goes to the bathroom on their own. If you have to go to the bathroom, I’m coming with you. If I have to go to the bathroom, you come with me. Fair enough, I like that. All right, I take back everything I just said about strip clubs. So you launched two new streaming shows? I did! (applause) We built a studio in our house and we do a little thing on Wednesday afternoon called Ask Dr. Drew, we do a daily little stream where I watch the comments– Wait, on Wednesday afternoons? You’re missing today! No, no, Sunday afternoon and then we do a daily dose, it’s called. We just fit it in wherever we can, but I’ve gotten to the point, Wendy, where I’ve had a lot of experience medically. A wide range of circumstances, I just wanna give it back as much as I can. And so I feel like I’ve got all this information I just wanna share share share. I wanna hear your wife and the hormone thing. It’s good. I mean, I’m not there, but you know, girls, we don’t have that blue pill that they have. We have nothing. You do have something. What? It’s called testosterone and my profession– Nobody wants to be a man! No, no, no, no.
(laughing) You’re ovaries produce testosterone and my profession stories left that out of the replacement sort of combinations we give women and now it’s coming back and it is really helping. That’s all I’m saying. Talk to you doctor about it. Hormone replacement is a complicated topic, but for some women it can really change their life and have medical benefits on top of that. All right, so here’s the deal. By the way, all my streaming stuff you can see at Get on that. I like that you might be interested in running for congress. You know so much. You’ve been around… I know. Clap if you’d vote for Dr. Drew! (applause) So I think last time I was here, hiding the fact that I’ve been on The Masked Singer. You’re a good secret keeper. That thing is so secretive it’s crazy. You’re covered head to toe. You’re not allowed to talk to anybody.
But congress, congress. Congress! I was here talking about homeless I think last time I was here. Every day I wake up I’m exercised by there. I’m morally beside myself. And so I started thinking I have to do something. Maybe I have to run for an office or something and people then started swirling around me and I gave a talk at The White House and I gave a talk at Sacramento and it made me even more sort of convinced I might do something, and I started thinking what would I do? Then I was on Adam Carolla’s podcast and I was thinking, you know what, I live in Adam Schiff’s district. Maybe I should go… He’s not helping us in our district. He’s busy with his clinical theater. He’s not helping us. Maybe I should run for that ’cause everyone’s very unhappy in California right now, and just saying that became “I’m running.” Let me just be very clear, I’m not running for congress. Why?! Because my family would kill me for one thing, and because–
The triplets?! They’re not ready for it.
Your wife!? They’re not ready for it and neither am I. Maybe someday, maybe someday ’cause I do, if I keep feeling like I must do something to serve my country, I will do something. ‘Cause I’m feeling that. (applause) Dr. Drew something! Don’t report this! People, the fake news then picks what I just said and said, “He’s running for congress!” I am not running for congress, you got it? They’re gonna twist your words, they always do. It’s Dr. Drew Pinsky, everybody. For more information on his new show, go to Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(applause) (upbeat music)
(applause) All right, it’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody have a seat. Except for you, come on over. How you doin’? Hey Wendy, my name is Anna. I’m from Canada, how you doin’? Fine thank you, Anna, what do you do? I’m a publicist and a TV producer. Perfect! So are you having fun? I’m having a great time, thanks for having me. Good, okay, so how can I help? What’s going on? So I’m outgoing, approachable, cute. I have a close friend who’s really shy. And she’s been single for years, Wendy, and I mean like seven to nine years. Now when we go out, she always strategically wrangles me to be her wingwoman and I’m cool with that, but it’s been years. I’ve gotten her dates, I’ve gotten her phone numbers, I’ve gotten her tickets, I’ve gotten her boyfriends and I am tired of it. So Anna. What’s your question to me? (laughing) Ms. Wendy, what should I do? Have this same conversation with her. At your house. Are you married, do you have a boyfriend? Boyfriend.
Okay, do you live together? No. Perfect. Invite her over this coming weekend and have a little crudites and a little wine and you have this conversation with her. I feel as though it’s tough talk, but that’s what good friends do. It doesn’t sound like she’s being mean. You’re just being factual. Nobody has time for that. Okay?
Okay. All right, good luck, Anna. Thank you. (applause) Oh, we’ll be right back! (upbeat music) (upbeat music)
(applause) Everything you take off of your Christmas tree and you put on. Look, she’s wearing a tinsel jacket like from Christmas. How you doin’? How you doin’ Wendy? My people. So… We’re gonna play Celebrity Face Swap. Now what’s your name, where you from and what do you do? My name is Darlene, I’m from the boogie town Bronx! Okay! (applause) And I’m a nursing assistant. Perfect, come on over here, Darlene. Thank you for spending your day off with us. That’s gotta be a very trying situation. Yeah. A nursing assistant. All right, this is Celebrity Face Swap. Let’s see the picture and… All right, I will tell you, it’s a man and a woman and it’s not Jerry O’Connell ’cause I know what you’re thinking. Okay, I can tell you this. They wore very petty boots on yesterday’s show and we talked about it during Hot Topics and with our friend Devyn Simone for The Inside Scoop. Okay, they used to be married. He said his new girlfriend looks better than her. She’s now pregnant and he… Used to be a stripper. Wendy, I need a hint. I just hinted! I don’t know! Okay, he was Magic Mike and she’s just a… Ah, don’t help her! Channing Tatum? (buzzer sounds) Oh no! And Jenna Dewen! It’s okay, Here in New York, Dinner for Tow, Serendipity. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applause) (upbeat music)
(applause) Is this your first time here? Yes.
Where you from? The Bronx, I’m a girl from the Bronx. She goes to me, she goes, “This is madness.” I said, “Is this your first time here?” She said, “Yup.” I said, “Where you from?” She’s from the Bronx. Every day this is how it is. You gotta come back. Absolutely. I mean, to watch it is one thing. To see it is another. Absolutely, Wendy. Go to Everything that you wanna know about this show is there. Hot Topics, celebrity interviews. See it first, see it now only at We’ll be right back. (upbeat music)
(applause) (upbeat music)
(applause) I can’t breathe! (laughing) ‘Cause only we know what just happened. Okay! Tomorrow K. Michelle is here to perform and chat. I got you covered with the hot topics. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Messy Wendy. Bye! (applause) How you doin’? (cough) Nice! (whirring)

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