100 thoughts on “Watch live: Trump delivers speech after Senate acquittal

  1. I just seen a convoy of KC chiefs busses going across IL headed East around st Elmo IL. Had world champion logos. Pretty cool

  2. He's like a gangster who's been wrong or should I say ' cross ' he wants to get rid of that person and tear into the family the fear of crossing him. And according to the Washington Post Trump is now withholding disaster aid from Puerto Rico. Why? Did the senator from Puerto Rico vote against him? Is this payback? They got rid of the crooks. If so will he be like Putin seek revenge on all against him? If so he's no different than the one's he Idolize.

  3. Democrats losing in every way. Time and energy wasted. Why is this News? Only the Nancy Pelosi lovers actually believed he would get impeached. And I'm not even a Republican.

  4. Will Trumps cult be drinking the blood of the whistleblower from his skull tonight? Or is it a slow night? Now that he has Barr, there's nothing we can do, but vote.

  5. This is what America looks like and feels like when there is a rapist for a king. Those who enjoy it, you are already condemned. Stand up America. Death to the monarchy, death to the orange King.

  6. Sen Alexander came out and said that he believe the House proved their case, but it didn't matter to him. Even though he stuck his neck out trying to protect Trump, watch what's happens to these republicans that dare say their cult leader could ever do anything less than perfect. You have to remember how crazy they are.

  7. This country is finally moving in the right direction and you are too dumb to realize it. You are blinded by lies and are victims of the left-wing media

  8. Cheeto head is impeached for life. He can have all the acquittal parties he wants but the record will never change. Knowing his absolute disregard for the rule of law it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and right now she’s humming. Stay tuned for the concert.

  9. A lot of Trump-derangement syndrome happening in the comments. I still can't figure out what Trump was guilty of apart from not being a complete progressive SJW.

  10. Can we please just cut to the chase, you know, when Trump shaves his head and calls himself Dr.X, with has escape pod, while threatening to blow us all up, unless we give him money?

  11. Does he ever talk to the American people??? WE the People… Its all about his party and HIM. Narcissistic personality for sure.

  12. This is a nasty egocentric man on the limit of delusion.The Dems should go for a total win and crunch the people who supported this crazy man.

  13. Now we find out why Romney said that he couldn't think of a worst thing a president could do. The worst thing, is a long what from perfect. What we call the worst thing, is what they call perfect.

  14. Trump mops the floor with all the lies deployed by the liberal MSM machine.
    Of course, the only reply is the NPR cry: "Russia!" Brainwashed forever.

  15. Trump clearly hasn’t heard of FDR if he thinks that he has accomplished more in the first 3 years than any other president.

  16. And he goes around the room thanking each person by name, who worked hard and contributed.
    And people wonder why he gets so much support.

  17. I've been in corporate America my entire career. President Trump's comments today are just like the really good leaders and CEO's I've worked for and under (i.e. Johnson & Johnson, Black & Decker to name a few). I've also listened to the comments from the main stream media and was just appalled at their 'take' on his address. They take a simple motivational comment and TURN IT INTO A NEGATIVE ONE. We're waking up you guys. . . . I'd have to say that "You're a stupid as you think we are" . . . . not falling for this anymore MSNBC, CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC . . . etc.

  18. Hope he has fun firing all these fools ! Start with Nancy Alcoholic Palosi ! Now let's get back to building the wall at our southern border , and creating jobs !

  19. He still has to address the sovereign debt crisis including the missing 21 Trillion that is not added to current federal debt. Tough days coming with deflation.

  20. So far the books have been B.S. it is very interesting that the government class has really shown their face in this embarrassment. No wonder congress has a 20% approval rating. Nothing wrong with the constitution, just the money making congressmen and women like Pelosi who made 250 million while in office while a salary of 190k gross – 60 minutes did a great story on how you can hold bills – position your stocks – and then pass bills – reap profits in stocks. Also family relatives get big jobs with large salaries. Government Class America- have fun.

  21. Love how they accuse him throughout this whole video yet not one bit of evidence or facts sry to interrupt, you may now commence calling me names yet again proving you have nothing.

  22. Republicans clap after all his statements.. wow.. that never happened before.. are we equally crticial when the other party was doing the same thing for Obummer?

  23. Ok, how bad an opinion do they now all have of Rudy. I mean I'm looking at his lawyers, they smile as if they won some brilliant legal position. They did not. It would not have mattered if elmer fudd was one of those attorneys, Trump was getting off. so, Rudy is so bad, that he was unwanted to perform in a non-trial trial. wow.

  24. These people gotta be either beyoond stupid, or they’re sheep, to sit and listen to this con man lie and lie and lie….and they APPLAUD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE????

  25. 43:55 …. Doesn't this seem like a conflict of intetest when it comes to two co equal branches of government? "I'm interviewing people for the United States Senate. This is what I do." I'm sorry, am I missing something? Is that ok? For a sitting president to interview senate canidates seemingly to give his approval? I must admit, this is bringing to light in my mind the possible morallity of any president supporting a House or Senate member, and vice versa, but is this ok? Not looking for debate, just an honest question.

  26. Why did the stations continue to carry this after Trump stated shortly into his "Talk" that this wasn't a press conference but a "PARTY"? This is a political rally, just not at a stadium.

  27. If God before him than who can be against him i am voting for Trump second term and give up Democrats stop lieing they will catch up with you God WilL expose the corruption

  28. Everything the evil dems try to do, turns right back around on them… that's what happens when you live trying to destroy someone unjustly and for your own selfishness. Keep up then great work Mr. President, you are extremely loved.

  29. Major Jarrett, so disappointed in you. Clinton committed eleven felonies. President Trump did nothing wrong. Shame, shame shame on you CBSN.
    Nancy, you have lost it. You need to resign.

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  36. He turns everything around him into one of his rallies, and all those boot lickers go along with it and enable him. He not a President, but a comedian handing out praise and scorn left to right.

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