Value of the Sabre marketplace

Hey folks, welcome back to Stay Ahead TV.
I’m your host, Austin Wright, chatting with Chief Technology Officer, Robert Wiseman.
Robert, how are you doing today? I’m good, Austin, thanks. Fantastic. Now you’ve not just worked for
Sabre ― you’ve worked for Orbitz ― other GDSs in the marketplace, and I want to get
your perspective on what is the value of a GDS in the travel industry today? It’s fairly significant. From a shopping
perspective, the numbers of messages that we support for pure shopping transactions
― so if somebody gets on a website or they call a travel agent or whatever, and does
a call to make a shopping request, we process ― we have about 1,000 servers handling just
shopping transactions. If we didn’t have that in place and those
requests ― whether availability calls or shopping calls ― were to hit directly to
airline systems, it would be a fairly significant impact and cost on those systems. When I was at Orbitz, I was in charge of GDS
bypassing. I was responsible for creating the first GDS bypass for Orbitz, because it
was actually created to create a competitive position to the GDSs. And while the technology did its thing initially,
we understood that the potential clumsiness of a solution like that ― the point solutions
that involved ― and really, a short-term view of being able to scale out a one-off
solution like an Orbitz Direct Connect option. So, certainly the GDSs provide very great
value to not only to the suppliers, but also to the consumers, because in its simplest
sense, the GDSs present a marketplace for suppliers of content, consumers of content,
to come together and transact their businesses. We do that at massive scale ― 60,000 transactions
a second, 1 billion API calls a day, thousands of transactions to support shopping requests
a second. I guess then efficiency / transparency is
the major goal for everything that you do. Yeah, and also it provides a single shopping
place. Imagine that if you wanted to buy any particular product from a grocery store, but
you could only get a certain kind of dog food, and you had to go to each different store
to look at a different type of dog food, the amount of time that would take would be ridiculous. It’s problematic. We create a one-stop shop for people to come
and look and compare different suppliers’ prices and content within a single viewpoint. That sounds fantastic to me. Very good. Thank
you, Robert, for your time today. I appreciate it. Alright, folks. Thanks again for joining
us today on Stay Ahead. We’ll see you next time. I appreciate it.

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