100 thoughts on “U.S. Senate: Impeachment Trial (Day 11)

  1. How much do we wanna bet that he gets us into some stupid shit and claims executive control to postpone another election?

  2. Time for this sham to end. Dems in the house knew how this would end and only wanted to taint President Trump because they can’t get over his win over hiLIARY.

  3. Wonderful news they hurriedly went through the impeachment phase in the house and it Boomeranged in the senate Boom 💥💥💥WWG1WGA KAG Trump Trin 2020 👍👍

  4. at this point I am skipping over the dems they repeat themselves and im not interested in hearing any more of their lies and deceit.

  5. Deadhead Schiff knows he has put a death sentence on himself and his party. He resources as his evidence is from the dunghill of Washington and the toilets of the House of Reps. Now he has lost his way – spewing his acid gut…and the Dem Traitors will spew the bile/acid churning their gut…..and they kill themselves in the process….repetition tells they have no case….only dung from their own guts. Bravo to the Scum Party!

  6. sen. heron says there was meetings does she not know the president has meetings every day, they are brain dead

  7. If the Democrat Congress were that keen on getting Impeachment on President Trump, why in Gods's name if you were going to have an Impeachment hearing in the House of Congress why would they not follow the law to the T as written in the Constitution, dot their i's and cross their t's, send out proper legal Indictments to the witnesses they desired and not hold the Hearing hidden in the Basement, whereby President Trump the Defendant would receive none of the Rights a President of The United States is allowed to have as written in the Constitution?

    Any professional as these people are supposed to be knows that if you are reaching for a high difficult legal success in order to achieve any hope of succeeding one had better have the case together in as professional a manner as any legal scholars would advise them?

    It is a known fact that when any party expects someone else to do the preparations and quality work especially for such a high objective, that the Constitution has clearly written out in the laws and regulations, that they themselves are supposed to do, then, it is no wonder that a case prepared as poorly as, the House of Congress's was – it is only themselves that they have to blame for being unsuccessful at the Senate Trial and Hearing! I noticed that the Senate strives very hard to follow the Constitutional Laws right to the nines and the house of Congress in contrast actually look very sloppy when it comes to the actual legal procedures! You have only yourselves to blame!
    As I watched most of the Trial that I had the time to do, I certainly didn't see anywhere in any of this evidence whereby the President broke any law????? Does one not have to actually do something illegal in order to be Impeached?

  8. What happened to fair in the house? Adam, where was the whistle blower in the house? Jeffries has proven to be a race baiter. Move on.

  9. CSpan2 is not being fair in who can speak. The host of CSpan2 is allowing most of the Republicans country people speak over the other people. This is WRONG! This World is so corrupted! Trump is a joke of a President. He should have NEVER become President. It's going to be a war with this man in office. YES, GET THE WITNESSES!

  10. Just because the House did not follow their routine as you put it, that means you act like a child and say since you did what you did we won't have witnesses??? Two wrongs don't make right! The House did what WAS RIGHT!

  11. Trump 2020, lets keep America great, I know I’m doing better with Trump as our president, can anyone deny the facts of how good our country is doing finally America is being put first, how could anyone not want America to be #1 just like my mom always said if you don’t like how things are going here there is the DOOR don’t let it hit you on the way out. TRUMP 2020

  12. Notice how this host is allowing the people who support the Republicans speak the MOST. SAD! OUR WORLD IS SO CORRUPTED. TRUMP IS CORRUPTED and he has a lot of KKK members supporting him. He is considered the Supreme Wizard of this corrupted America.

  13. Notice how the host cut off Deborah who was speaking the truth about Trump, and how she was calling him corrupt, but allow the older man that was for Trump and was allowed to speak until he said EVERYTHING he needed to say. Terrible HOST for C Span! I agree with you, Deborah. Get the witnesses! THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT!.

  14. Terrible Host for C Span! BE FAIR allowing people to speak! STOP CUTTING OFF MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO speak the truth about Trump. Instead, you allow the people who kisses Trump's butt to speak with most of the phone calls. SAD!

  15. The Democrats are so full of crap. I hear them saying Fair trial Fair trial Fair trial. Wow
    Fair for the Democrats?? Lolo Wow now that's funny.

  16. The revulsion I feel when Schiff speaks with his forked tongue is likened to a slow slithering venomous snake preparing itself to attack…we look forward to the hammer of the law stomping on that head before it can do any more damage.

  17. The House should of went through the courts and went through what in conventional court is discovery. Then once you go to trial, you try the evidence and witnesses. In real life, unlike on Law and Order or any of those, you don't 9/10 times drop a truth bomb in the middle of the trial. It's revealed in discovery.

  18. How can you look up to an Impeached President? Trumps says he can do anything he wants as POTUS! Take away your right to vote? Trump doesnt want to be your President he wants to be your King!

  19. schemer you lie, and yes we will remember,,you had your documents and your witnesses and you FAILED!!!!! sore loser

  20. Development the dems say do they not understand they have presented their case and what a corrupt case they showed on their own part.

  21. If the Senate fails to give a fair trial and the Chief Justic, America will never be the same again. Its a shame how blind so many Americans are… they’re literally giving their power to a (want to be) King (and future to be Kings).

  22. these callers calling in saying their were no witnesses or documents must not hear correctly,,over 18 witnesses and over 2000 documents.

  23. I'm a 3rd party voter who used to vote for Dems , voted Bernie in the last primary, voted Obama of hope and change. Got all the wrong kind of change, loosing the last of my hope… the dems staying together throughout this farce to cover for Biden and protect the NATURAL BLUE interest in gas and gas pipelines and fracking, shows they are all guilty. and there are mocking our courts world wide on national TV> lovely. may not get off the couch to vote if I have to choose genocide in Palestine by Trump or those who would suck the nation dry with this kind of rot.

  24. Fact is: The dems already had overwhelming evidence, and presented it in a convincing, clear, structured and imo irresistible fashion. It is the blind no-matter-what partisanship of the republicans, and the dumbness of the average American, which made the calling of more witnesses and documents necessary. All those callers claiming "This president has done so much good for the country" – as if you could make up for high crimes and misdemeanors with anything! The argument is just exactly the same that Germans had to justify Hitler. Only that Hitler didn't have atomic bombs at his disposal… Any party can make the impeachment a partisan event if only they collectively refuse to acknowlegde the evidence. This impeachment proceedings from now on will be prototypical for future impeachments, and has completely destroyed the ability of impeachment to serve as a remedy. Checks and balances is broken. "A republic, if you can keep it." – No longer a republic imo. The republicans have just destroyed that once and for all. Bye bye democracy!

  25. Schiff has lied almost every time he speaks in public for the last 3 years over this impeachment. WHEN IS THE DOJ GOING TO TAKE HIM TO ACCOUNT. The law is for everyone as he is so fond of saying.

  26. The democrats keep saying the senate isn’t allowing ANY witnesses or evidence, but that’s false. 13 witnesses’ testimonies and videos were in the senate. Did those witnesses not count because they weren’t there in person? Of course not. What the democrats should be saying is the senate isn’t allowing NEW witnesses and evidence. The democrats saying otherwise is misleading.

  27. Schiff" How dare they suggest this body is on trial" It was metaphorical statements reflecting the cumulative case from Congress. Schiff is a buffoon. So now the sham case will be made since some retired senator suggested it as part of his coercion of the senate. His final statement, "this storm will pass" America believe Schiff BS will pass through him like duck on exlax.

  28. Bolton is on video saying Trumps phone call with Zelensky was “warm and cordial and freeing Ukraine from corruption was a high priority.”


  29. This entire thing has been shameful from both political parties, and the different portions of our government. The only true victims of these political games are the public.

  30. All the democrats should not be allowed to speak in the senate because the republicans could not speak in the house. So all you democrats need to shut your pie holes and go back in your nut houses where you belong. Our president will win in this charade impeachment crap. He did nothing wrong. He is innocent and will be our president again. Then I pray all you democrats get to go to gitmo and be exterminated for good.

  31. That so-called judge is the biggest marionette stooge in this pathetic sham show trial. What a sad ass POS representation of American justice that judge is.

  32. What a joke, we all see and hear the same evidence both in the House (which was totally bias n partisan) and the Senate, but each side sees it entirely through their own bias lens. Both Democrats and Republicans tell us their side is winning and the facts support them, it doesn't matter how they rule, half the country will call it a sham and see it as a miscarriage of Justice. A more ethical n professional media with honest, non-partisan rational analysis and reporting of all the facts n history, where logic stands above sentiment but we lost that a while back and now we pay the price. No minds are being changed here.

  33. the president's defense keeps lying. the republicans had every opportunity to call any witness they want – and they did. they also had every opportunity to ask witnesses questions – and did. when the republics stormed the scif rooms they were like 'we want in on the process!' when there were already republicans in the room. so far, nunes, the head republican in the house – has been discovered to be in on the whole thing.

  34. There are 4 absolutes which will never change in this impeachment trial

    No Abuse of Power:

    1- No witness can overcome the testimony of Ukraine President Zelinski who stated he did not feel pressured by President Trump to do anything

    2- Ukraine received the congressional approved funds before the end of the congressional year……

    3- President Trump's concern with Ukraine was not related to the Biden's … The President’s concerns were related to the release of FMG-148's (aka Javelin's), in more specific terms MANPAD's. These weapons have a history of chain of custody issues.

    No Obstruction of Congress:

    4- The President is allowed by law to challenge congressional subpoenas, over executive privilege (Supreme Court Decision).

  35. 22 that is the end game in this impeachment trial for the Democrats, always was and always will be… They have 45 Senator votes if none defect and need 67 to find the President guilty of their articles….. 22 is 40% of the remaining 55 Senators who are not Democrats…. The framers were smart to lay down a 2/3 majority in the Senate…. Its an extremely high bar to cross, and Justifiably so…. Most forget that the Senators represent the several states….

  36. Democrats don't care about the American people. They say they do. They haven't done anything for the American people in years.

  37. —-> Testimony from first hand witness shows Trump is guilty:
    … Rep. Swalwell: "Mr. Morrison, after hearing President Trump's "policy" directive in the the July 25 phone call with President Zelensky, why didn't you ask the Ukrainians to investigate the Bidens?
    … NSC Director,Tim Morrison: "My oath is to obey all lawful orders."
    @ 4: 27: 44 to 4: 30: 25
    Trump impeachment inquiry: Volker and Morrison testify – watch live

  38. The Democrats claim the Republicans will have a sham acquittal to go alone with their sham impeachment.

    The Democrats path to the White House in 2021,

    1. Keep a majority in the House

    2. Gain a majority in the Senate

    3. Impeach President Trump

    4. Impeach Vice President Pence

    5. Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi becomes President

    All the more reason to vote the lying corrupt Democrats out in November 2020.

  39. It seems Americans is supporting Trump because of stability which isn't democracy in that case but it's all because they felt he did good to the economy. Putin exists in Russia also because he represents stability, and it really doesn't matter if he's corrupted or he has no integrity even to world leaders. Most of the youngsters seemed to dislike him. And so were Bill Gates, Amazon boss etc etc. In my country, most in top schools scholars were not a fan of Trump too. That's because wisdom makes us have the common sense to know what's just in a impeachment trial based on no documents and witnesses can't be what one should try to reject if America wished to not destroy the democracy role model image that the world should look up to as it's really unnecessary to have all countries be the same; ie, having a dictator like president like Trump whom I personally don't look up to. Don't be impressed with his arrogance, and mistook him as very wise and needed no opinions of those whom exists in politics for 30 over years over his mere 3 years. Politics isn't common sense, it's really via experience.

  40. I think Adam schiff did a good job and worked very hard…….at showing how much that Democrat elite doesn’t actually care about the people

  41. Watch how many times the term “thunderbolt” will be used in media and among Democrats in regards to new leaked….again….news about trump and Bolton

  42. What has happened here? Couldn't our president elect Donald J.Trump, used his power of ' Veto'? , over the congressional approval of the military package to the Ukraine? What really happened here?.Every trial, has to have wiitnesses.This has more non – sequiturs, and the twisting rhetoric of the Constitutional Articles 1, and 2 of our US.Constitution, due to deliberate sophistry.

  43. Potentially my most favorite part of the day @ 3:26:46……please don’t allow him to spew out more deceptive rhetoric in these proceedings

  44. I am writing to voice my disdain of CSPAN's practice of using separate phone numbers for callers from different ends of the political spectrum.   Anyone with half a brain can see how this practice artifically amplifies the minority viewpoint of whatever is being discussed.  This occurs when call are taken 50/50 from each queue, irregardless of the queue length of each line.

    This distortion became obvious during open "single line" calls during the impeachment hearing breaks.  The vast majority of the calls were anti impeachment.  But when using the "separate lines" methodology the public option appears to be 50/50.  Very dishonest. Techniques like this hide the real public sentiment, and result in big election suprises.

  45. US Impeachment Trail, Day 1,337/ year 2525. The great great great grandson of House Leader Nancy Pelosi petitioned the Supreme Court and ask for the financial records of the great great great , great grandson of Donald Trump. ….

  46. The democrats just hate Trump because he got things done, in 3 years and they (democrats) have done nothing and all look like idiots. We have the lowest unemployment, highest income and best growth in the economy than I can ever remember. Vote for Trump and get rid of shifty Shciff and Polosi. They just HATE Trump why? Again he does a JOB that democrats can't will not do.
    All they want to do is tax the rich, why because they work hard? How much money was spend on the impeachment joke? just one report was $32,000,000 how much was the rest of money spend?
    Also not to mention the money the do nothing democrats should have put their effort in helping the homeless, the economy but NO, they prefer to fight with Trump why? Agin they just hate him.

  47. Good thing Dip Shiff isn't from Texas they execute retards there… In California they call them House Impeachment Managers and put on a payroll …

  48. Schiffty Schiff would have you believe that you are guilty until proven innocent, we say your guilty so give us everything we want that might prove your guilty but you are not allowed to give use evidence or witnesses before we convict you. So with nothing but hearsay and 0 evidence we can convict you. What happened to innocent until proven guilty or the constitutional right to defend or protect yourself by any legal means necessary? We can not allow the house to make such an extreme change to our constitution as this would ripple down to every american citizen and anyone could be tried and convicted without evidence or witnesses from all sides not just the side that says your guilty. If this were to pass through there would never be another presumption of innocence for anyone. They had every opportunity to obtain what they say they do not have through the legal system and they are required to do so, but instead they throw everything at the feet of the senate and demand an impeachment. The Senate's job is to wade through what the house has put forward and make a decision on what was provided not to have to go digging for every shred because the police/house did not do the investigations. If any law enforcement officer walked into a D.A.'s office and said this guys guilty and we know he is but we dont have what we need to convict the D.A. would laugh the officer out of his office. And If that D.A. where to actually take that to court the judge would through the case out with extreme prejudice. Yes there should be full witnesses from all sides and evidence from all sides but that all should have been in the House not the Senate. It is not the Senates job to do the investigations it is the Houses job. Also if this goes through you would now be seen as guilty just for using your legal rights to protect yourself. Hire an attorney your guilty. Remain silent, nope your guilty. Ask for witnesses or evidence or both that exonerate you, nope your guilty. Ask for your attorney to be able to cross examine witnesses, nope your guilty. This is what will become of our judicial system for everyone if the Senate allows the House to pull this sham attempt at a political assassination and attempting to temper with election through the use of a sham impeachment.

    You can download the file here:
    You can download the file here:
    2020-01-31 23-10-15_23-10-50.jpg

  50. You need to be totally and fully brainwashed to not be able to see the obvious here: a political hoax, from a corrupt swamp that never accepted defeat, willing to bring democracy down at all costs to keep its power intact. And some total IDIOTS who are not even part of the GANG, little silly sheep, still get the time to defend them believing they are fighting some kind of nazi regime! It never stops amazing me, the depth of the mental insanity this people reached. Greetings from Portugal and God bless Trump.

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