Tutorial: Mini Bow and Arrow – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new video in this tutorial I’ll show how to make this mini bow and arrow this toy was made with just paper thread and glue the list of materials is in the description is very easy to make but anyway I’ll try to explain as best I can I hope you can understand my English and let’s go to make the ball first take the a4 sheet and a barbecue stick first we need to wrap the paper in this position using the barbecue stick like this just what shall I do and repeat in this step we don’t use glue let’s just wrap to give the most accurate format like a cylinder damn remove the stick reinforce this step enroll now we will repeat the beginning but on the opposite side here just little until here now based with the glue and repeat Oh in the end we have something like this just remove this stick in the end we have something like this cut the excess if necessary so let’s give the format on both sides we need to smash this spacing here like it that you can use a pen or the same stick just watch her I do again and repeat first in this side running far salad Omar now on the other side trying to repeat the same we have this model here smash the middle now in this position to make it more realistic now is mash again just in this point the other side as well right we have the body of the bowl while we all wait to dry the glue we can make some arrows you can use this size or a little longer as before just wrap the paper first with the stick for make it easier but now we need to rap again but just the paper creating something like a stick of paper use the glue ends like this to make the arrow head I’ll use another little rectangle of paper now this size can vary repeat the same step as before yes glue smash the paper on the arrowhead like that so to give the shape just cut the paper like a triangle like that in on the other side here is mesh as well and cut a little bit to fit the tread our arrow is almost ready we just need to wait to dry the glue meanwhile we can read but the tread on the bulb for this I’ll use this one here is resistant and slim let’s die first in this side you can do this how you want now on the other creating this curve like that now cut the excess if necessary in our bowl is almost ready we just need to reinforce the cubes to make it more realistic and cool in the end we have something like that now let’s test I don’t speak English fluently so I hope you have understood and like at this video if yes don’t forget to click like button also subscribe to my channel and follow new videos all week give me comments to improve my English thank you very much for watching and until the next time you

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