Tskaltubo, ville thermale abandonnée : URBEX en Géorgie | VLOG #8

We arrived in Tsaltoubo … Tstarubo ? Tskaltubo ! Third day Oh my … We arrived in Tskaltubo by marshrutka, as you can see on the pictures. It’s a small rocking van, they are everywhere in Georgia ! You climb inside when you want, and you stop where you want. So we are in Tskaltubo, 20 km up from Kutaisi. This city has been exploited since the 13th century for its thermal waters. In the 1920s, Russia (USSR) that hold Georgia, exploited this city to transform it in a spa town, so that the rich aristocrats came to have a bath, and there was 9 spa resorts. Basically we are going to visit the main old buildings, where people came to have a bath. Today most of them are abandoned after USSR’s fall in the 1990s. Spring 8 Bath, bath, bath … A famous figure came in those bath … Stalin, who was Georgian ! This Spring is number 6 and it was Stalin’s spring. It’s still working, you can pay to have a bath but you can’t visit it without having a care. Spring 5 What’s wrong with the dog ? I can come upstairs ? Is there things to see ? Don’t try this at home ! Woa … So this is Tskaltubo center … And in the park you have the springs. We are looking for the bus to go to Prometheus’ Caves … and we can’t find it, so first we are going to eat and then find the bus ! Well, finally we grabbed a taxi because we could not find the bus… Whaat ? Woa, gorgeous ! So we are in Prometheus Caves that have nothing to do with Prometheus : it’s a marketing legend (hush). It’s a sportive walk, we are really rushing ! StalagMites are “the cliMbing ones” and are constituted with the limestone drops falling from the ceiling. We booked a boat supplement. Wait, wait Alright, alright, so we are currently plouwing into the stone ! Caucasus mountains Madloba (thank you) ! We came back in Kutaisi with a marshrutka, we are grabbing a coffee before going back to the hotel, and maybe have diner in a Georgian restaurant. Anyways, we really enjoyed this day ! In the next episode in Georgia … We are in Motsameta Monastery. Subscribe for more adventures 🙂

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