98 thoughts on “Trump, McCain feud may backfire in 2020: Scaramucci

  1. Trump speaks and msm calls it an attack, a fued…msm Americas greatest threat or the dummies that follow along

  2. Swamp rats cannot understand the concept of speaking the truth, because there is no truth in them.
    We do not say his name. STFU about the traitor!!!

  3. History will be kind to Trump. When the next democrat gets in, people will reminisce about these good times.

  4. Hey Anthony, some life/history lesson here: you can't be right smack in the middle of Trump and the Media. Wether you are on one side or you are on the other. The reason you exploded all over the landscape after a few days in the White House was because you were trying to befriend an avowed enemy of Trump: CNN. That's untenable. In the old days you would simply be called a traitor and that would be that. Explain this to Christie, Ryan and other folks who can't make their minds which side they are playing for.

  5. It's said pick and choose. George Conway needs to think twice before saying. He's lucky to have Kellyanne in his life. She's a loyal caring wife and a devoted mother to his 4 children; she's also a quite smart, well educated and hard working woman. Pick and choose, George Conway!

  6. wtf trump said you asked me? why keep up the lie that he brings it up? you're becoming a part of fake news fox.

  7. I just realized something… idgaf what Scaramucci has to say.
    Loser was in the White House for 3 days. He's not relevant to anything ever.

  8. President Trump and America First = Real importance = New Better Fair Trade + Border Security at open borders a wall needed to stop killing Drugs, human trafficking, terrorist, unreported crimes, illegal immigration coming into America + Better employment more Americans working, less need for Government assistance from fairer trade + More babies being saved from abortion. + less threats of nuclear bombs killing Millions of Americans.
    These are all good things it is a shame that you don't feel the same Media.
    America First and its voters. The important stuff.

  9. Trump's got the Democrats on the run as well as the fake news CNN MSNBC and all the other ones New York Times its funny

  10. That fake dossier was made public to the media as unverifiable, the fbi are still scrambling to verify the fake dossier.

  11. Why are these news anchors so like that he spend a good portion of his time trashing him They are asking the questions and he answered but he could give a better answer like I have just forgive the whole thing and moved on it is not helping him

  12. May backfire? Your fool Trump looks like a jealous fat ugly kid on a playground who bullies dead people. He's a psychopath

  13. Wow you trump Fanatics need mental health seriously you'll defend a draft Dodger and attack actual War veterans don't know kind of stupid or lacking a chromosome but maybe I don't know maybe have some kind of consistency and your comments

  14. So……, we should not discuss issues that are related with dead people?? What about history…….is that off the table as well??? Scrap history, the Snowflakes are upset again!

  15. Fake news distractions. Donald Trump for president 2020. He saved the country people are going to find out decades later.

  16. Fox, a lot of us are eyeing OAN as our new go-to. The Left wants statues of American heroes who are DEAD torn down. No respect for the dead unless it fits their agenda.

  17. Maybe if any of you in the media were attacked 24/7 for 3 years you be upset as well.
    You all act like this is normal. I suggest you go back and look at how the MSM treated
    Obama during his Presidency while he was flushing America down the toilet and you'll
    see a stark contrast.


  19. Some Fox reporters are for P Trump and some MARIA are not and that is showing. You are good but not right there. P Trump will punch bach and should.

  20. Scaramucci is a class A douche bag and needs to go away. He smugly says he supports the president but does nothing but criticize him. Hey, Mooch, how about shut your f'n pie hole. Your attempt at homespun intelligent comments is neither homespun nor intelligent.

  21. Maria brings up "the question", Scaramuci is a jerk. The man is dead, but he is a historical figure and we can comment and have an opinion about him til forever. Scaramuci is not supportive of our president. He's playing like on the fence.

  22. Morons on FOX. How many times does the POTUS have to tell you not to bring the traitor up? Get it? Got it? GOOD!

  23. It's laughable how the Russians are so obviously piling on in these comments, praising Trump likes he's some kind of God. It's the same "We love you, President Trump!" BS you see constantly on FoxNews' videos. Putin is really going all out to try and keep his stooge in office so Trump can keep screwing America. You can bet the Russians are hacking away trying to get into our voting machines too. This is war.

  24. Mc Cain is part of the swamp! Trump is right that Mc Cain was the facilitator of the propaganda the swamp wanted to spread !

  25. He's saying it as he sees it, answering a question and not trying to score points, you fruitcake. No wonder you didn't last 10 minutes in his administration. You belong to the doublespeak brigade of scoring points for personal gain. Donald Trump has more substance in his little toe than you and the rest of your phony arselickers have put together. Your deception by stealth mentality is not in his character and is the reason decent hardworking people not only in the US but throughout the free world, love him as a Leader of the people and as a down to earth character. Wake up to yourself and get a job where reality is not a figment of your imagination.

  26. Trump is the only moron in the world who could start a fight with a deceased member of his own party and lose the fight. Keep it up though, hero. Captain Bone Spurs, champion of the stupid party. Put Trump in front of Putin and he rolls over and shows his belly. He doesn't have the courage to fire people to their faces, can't tell his children to get lost, but put him up against a dead man and he's suddenly hero of the people. It goes to show he can only punch down, and now he's beating up the grass and making himself look like a fool for doing it.

  27. Bring out yer dead! KLANG! Bring out yer dead! KLANG! Repeal and “don’t” replace per freedom coalition. That’s why Mchero voted against it. The problems are the coalition who are fearful, rich, white, Christian babies who refuse diplomacy because they think they have God on their side. Proles.

  28. Trump you lose when you debate the dead. So you’re exonerated by Mueller so let’s party for a while and let’s be jolly. keep it up the fight with the living stiffs.

  29. You know I'm so indifferent to mansplaining that's the problem with you white dudes you guys are worse than lawn chairs lawn chairs #Trumpup2020☻

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