Trump Impeachment Hoax, Trump Supporters Rally & Democrats Impeachment Will Backfire

dozens of Trump supporters gathered
outside Shelly pinky’s office in Portland today they caroled for Trump
we’re singing their own version of Santa Claus is coming to town one supporter
says she’s had enough of the impeachment hearings and Watts Pingree to vote no we
think that they’ve wasted an exorbitant amount of money they’re wasting our time
what’s happening in the rest of the world we’d like to know that and
honestly I can’t believe they’re digging up nonsense
after nonsense it’s all lies it’s all extrapolated and it’s embarrassing for
them folks is gonna be a historic day for our great experiment that we call
the United States of America gonna be only the third time in our history that
a president well I should be voted on to be impeached in the House of
Representatives so earlier today President Donald J Trump’s and a very
powerful letter to Speaker Pelosi I’m gonna get into that in a moment because
you know what I’m here for you I read all this stuff so you don’t have to but
in all sincerity this is a letter that you do want to have some knowledge of
some whereabouts Epps we’ll get into that later but it’s really about just
what are they doing with impeachment we’ve got an election less than a year
away and I think the Democrats right now are starting to realize that whoa wait a
second we got way ahead of our skis because this impeachment hoax it’s not
working at the polls I mean even after all the mudslinging at our president for
the past years and years and years this is the latest this just came out I
believe today the latest USA Today Suffolk University poll not a right-wing
organization by any means but you can see here after everything that’s been
thrown at this president the Russia hoax the economy is gonna tank I can go on
and on we talked about it last night FISA abuse President Trump
beats every single one of the top Democratic contenders so again it’s
early I understand that but still to see those poll numbers is pretty incredible
so a moment ago I meant this letter too from President Trump to
Speaker Pelosi what I want to do tonight it’s about six pages long this is the
first page here but I want to read some of the excerpts from you because again
tomorrow we’re gonna experience history I think president Trump does an
incredible job to sort of lay out why he says this thing is such a hoax such a
sham and as I go through it I will play some clips he alludes to some things
that like speaker Pelosi has done it’s literally alludes to Trump derangement
syndrome I mean there’s some there’s some really good stuff in here so just
appease me if you don’t mind as I go through this I think it’s very very
important so I like a little you know story time tonight if you don’t mind but
he starts out dear madam Speaker I write to express my strongest and most
powerful protest against the partisan impeachment crusade being pursued by the
Democrats in the House of Representatives this impeachment
represents an unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power by
Democrat lawmakers unequal to nearly two and a half centuries in American
legislative history that is the importance of what I’m going to be going
through here tonight the articles of impeachment introduced by the House
Judiciary Committee are not recognizable under any standard of constitutional
theory interpretation or jurisprudence they include no crimes no misdemeanors
and no offenses whatsoever we’ve talked about on the show I’m gonna show you a
clip in a moment but I can’t believe folks they came out with the old quid
pro quo remember that what I did to pull it and they’re like oh my gosh I can’t
believe I mericans don’t speak Latin so then they realize that a bribery that
resonates pretty well it’s not even in the impeachment articles so it goes on
to say you have cheapen the importance of the very ugly word of impeachment
they’re setting a very ugly precedents for the future I told you last night
please remember that you can also impeach prior presidents we’re gonna get
to the letter from the FISA Court that came out today if John Durham does his
job he should be sitting down with President Obama at some point and
finding out hey what did you know and when did you know it he goes on to say
in this letter by proceeding with your invalid impeachment you were violating
your oath of office you were breaking your allegiance to the Constitution and
this is powerful he goes on as you’re declaring open war on American
democracy open war on American democracy again we’ve got an election coming up in
less than a year I want to play for you a clip from speaker Pelosi it was just
that I think a couple days ago or so some of you may have seen it but a
reporter says hey what are you two one you didn’t even put bribery in the any
of the impeachment articles listen closely to what speaker Pelosi has to
say speaker you yourself accused him of bribery why did you decide not to make
bribery one of the articles of impeachment I myself I’m not a lawyer
sometimes I act like one not as often as I act as a doctor I practice medicine on
the side without benefit of diploma or two this is a decision that was
recommended by our working together with our committee chairs our attorneys and
the rest so with the articles are what they are they’re very powerful they’re
very strong and they a continuation of a pattern of misbehavior on the part of
the President people are realizing when they see what that was they think the
public thinks that they should be determining who the President of the
United States is not some foreign power they think that no one is above the law
we think and save the day that the president should be held accountable
abuse of power instruction of Congress those that is the form that will take us
no use having a discussion here this is a discussion we will take to the Senate discussion here folks but the line of
why don’t you pay attention to there where she says hey the people of America
the people united states think they should be electing their president
exactly speaker then why are you doing this the elections less than a year away
let the people of the United States of America in 2020 determined who’s gonna
be the President of the United States now this is where President Trump starts
to unleash a little bit ego say look you’ve dared to invoke the founding
fathers in pursuit of this election nullification scheme get your spiteful
actions displayed unfettered consent for America’s
founding and your egregious conduct threatens to destroy that which our
founders pledged their very lives to build even worse than offending the
founding fathers you were offending Americans of faith by continually saying
I pray for the president when you know this statement isn’t true unless it is
met with in a negative sense it is a terrible thing you were doing but you
will have to live with it not I then he goes on to say this page number to
everyone you included knows what is really happening your chosen candidate
goes back to 2016 your chosen candidate loss in 2016 in an electoral college
landslide and you and your party have never recovered from mr. feat you’ve
developed a this is so great folks you’ve developed a full-fledged case of
what many in the media call Trump derangement syndrome and sadly you will
never get over it I’m gonna play for you the epitome of Trump derangement
syndrome right now and again I invite you to listen closely this is
representative Maxine Waters but listen to what she says at the beginning of
this and then at the end I believe even though I don’t have the facts to prove
it I believe that Putin wanted to lift the sanctions he’s always wanted to lift
these sanctions that were placed on him because of his interfering with and
incursion into Crimea and so I believe that they wanted to elect President
Trump and Trump I believe agreed I will always believe this that he agreed that
if he got elected he would lift those sanctions he would like to do it he’s
not been able to do it but when they talk about we just are making things up
and he talks about this as a witch hunt there are too many facts but does that
make any sense to you she starts with I don’t have any facts but I believe then
she wraps it up with I have too many facts and she tries to blame it on
President Trump in the situation of Crimea getting annexed by the Russia
geez that happened under President Obama’s watch while President Obama sent
in pillows and blankets President Trump was the only one that sent it over
actual aid 400 plus the javelin missiles so that
Ukrainians can actually protect themselves against the Rooskies I mean
folks that is my President Trump doves at TDS Trump derangement syndrome when
you’re when you’re show deranged the I just laid that those facts up atop my
head I’m not even in Congress anyways he goes on to say you were unwilling and
unable to accept the verdict issued at the ballot box during the great election
of 2016 he was spent the last three years attempting to overturn the will of
the American people and nullify their votes you view democracy as your enemy
speaker Pelosi admitted just last week at a public forum at your party’s
impeachment effort that has been going on for two and a half years long before
you ever heard about a phone call with Ukraine a lot of people are saying Nancy
why so fast what’s the rush why not go out and
subpoena bolton why not subpoena Mulvaney let the courts play this thing
out we’ll get to that more in a moment but it let the courts play it out have
these people show up and if they’ve got evidence that’s gonna incriminate Donald
Trump good for you if they’ve got exculpatory evidence good for our
country they don’t want to wait so this is what President Trump was referring to
in this comment in his letter criticisms of the process has been the speed at
which the House Democrats are moving if this is but seriously though it’s
serious it’s been going on for 22 months okay so
then he goes on to say 19 minutes after I took the oath of office the Washington
Post published a story headlined the campaign to impeach President Trump has
begun Russia hoax didn’t work folks they made some they lied about a FISA warrant
not just in 2016 during the campaign they did it while he was the president
of the United States of America three times less than three months after my
inauguration Representative Maxine Waters we just play before you stated
I’m gonna fight every day until he’s impeach then we had Rasheed to leave go
on and talk about we’re going to impeach this be
House Democrats introduced the first impeachment resolution against me within
months of my moderation what will be regarded as one of our country’s best
decision the firing of James Comey see the Inspector General report he says
look none of this has to do with 2016 and out now it’s all about you guys
trying to undercut the election of 2020 this is what’s amazing because I just
shared with you what they’ve been doing from literally day one even before since
they lied about the FISA warrant even during the election but even before
President Trump became presidents trying to take this gentleman out now now let
me go through this so the Democrats told you hey let us win in 2018 we’re gonna
go fight for the American people we’re gonna fight for middle America all
they’ve done is a beach boat of fat impeach boat if that’s all we’ve heard
right so let me go through this for you real quick what’s happened underneath
President Trump his watch and his administration he goes on to say this in
the letter you and your party are desperate to distract from America’s
extraordinary economy we talked about this last night the stock market’s gone
up 10,000 points since he’s taken over incredible jobs room record stock market
soaring confidence flourishing citizens your party simply cannot compete with
our record seven million new jobs the lowest ever unemployment for African
Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans a rebuilt military completely
reformed VA with choice and accountability for our great veterans
more than 170 federal new judges two Supreme Court justices historic cat tax
cuts regulation cuts elimination of the individual mandate first decline of
prescription drug prices in half a century the first new branch United
States military since 1947 the space force strong protection of the Second
Amendment criminal justice reform defeated Isis Caliphate we took out al
Baghdadi a breakthrough in the phase one China deal with the u.s. MCA Mexico
Canada trade agreement we got out of the Iran deal we got out of the Paris Accord
these are just some of the things that he is now putting down here as
accomplishments that are actually impacting the good of the American
people tell me one thing that the House Democrats have done to make a difference
in your life now they are tomorrow after this vote on impeachment they’re
probably going to vote on the u.s. MCA I want to get to this folks because I
think many of us knew President Trump was like this
I just made out of steel right he gets up every day has a smile on his face
yeah he punches back and it does fight back but he goes on one of the pieces
and says look few people in high position could have endured or passed
this test he goes you don’t know nor do you care the great damage and hurt
you’ve inflicted upon wonderful and loving members of my family you conduct
a fake investigation upon a democratically elected president States
and you are doing it yet again there is a lot more to this letter for time sake
I’m gonna leave it there but I would encourage you just to take a few moments
again it’s not even six full pages go online I’ve got it on Twitter for you
but check this thing out and read it one of the things that President Trump also
talks about in this letter say if you if you truly cared
in fact I’ll read it for you real quick about freedom and liberty for our nation
then you would be devoting your vast investigative resources to exposing the
full truth of the FBI FISA abuse we’ve been talking about that a bunch on this
show well today judge Collier she’s the judge that actually runs the Fisk it’s
called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court she runs this thing
she finally because the IG report comes out she finally comes out with a letter
scolding the FBI and said hey guys if you’re gonna put information in front of
a FISA Court it kind of needs to be real it kind of needs to be true and accurate
I mean she stays the FBI in her letter about how the FISA surveillance process
was abused now the big question is I know you and I are asking ourselves
almost every night here is hey are we gonna make Lady Justice blind again or
not is someone gonna be held accountable for lying to a FISA Court because when
they sign that document they’re saying hey we know this information is
verifiable it is real and it is true clearly that was a lie so we’re gonna
see if people are prosecuted or not very very soon let me know what you think in
the comment section thanks for watching like share and subscribe as always god
bless til next time please

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  21. U.S. Code โ€บ Title 42 โ€บ Chapter 7 โ€บ Subchapter XVIII โ€บ ยง 1395

    42 U.S. Code ยง 1395 โ€“ Prohibition against any Federal interference

    US Code


    Authorities (CFR)

    prev | next

    Nothing in this subchapter shall be construed to authorize any Federal officer or employee to exercise any supervision or control over the practice of medicine or the manner in which medical services are provided, or over the selection, tenure, or compensation of any officer or employee of any institution, agency, or person providing health services; or to exercise any supervision or control over the administration or operation of any such institution, agency, or person.

    (Aug. 14, 1935, ch. 531, title XVIII, ยงโ€ฏ1801, as added Pub. L. 89โ€“97, title I, ยงโ€ฏ102(a), July 30, 1965, 79 Stat. 291.)

    Congress DEA,CDC,and FDA are breaking the law Period

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