Transformers: Top 10 Best Robot Designs (Movie Rankings ) 2020 + GIVEAWAY

(Mechanical Sound Effects) Concept design is a very important factor in making a good character. It can be a tricky beast to tackle especially when you’re trying to translate classic characters to the silver screen. And while a lot of the Bay designs do somewhat get it right, few are as awesome as the ten I’ve listed in this video. “Perfecto!” “He was an ugly little robot.” What’s up guys? My name is RBG, and welcome to another Transformers Top 10 video. This is something where we take the best and worst elements of the live action films and comprise them in top 10 rankings. For today’s video I wanted to present a list of the best designs in the Transformers live action movies. It seems like this video was a long time coming and since we’ve had more than enough films in the franchise including a reboot. What better time to showcase some of my all time favorite designs in all of the movies. Now before we dive into today’s list I wanna announce that we’ll be doing a new giveaway for a free Furai Model Optimus Prime figure. This Optimus looking model stands at approximately 6 inches tall has great articulation with over 40 movable joints. To enter in a chance to win, all you have to do is be a subscriber and leave a comment on the video. So hit that notification bell & be on the lookout for the winner announcement in February via my community post. But without further ado, let’s jump into this top 10 video consisting of the best designs in the live action TF movies. Coming in at number 10 we got Jolt. Now if you saw my video on this guy you already know what I think about him. He’s a glorified jumper cable that was used to move the plot forward for our boy Optimus and that’s pretty much it. There’s no dialogue or personality for the character. Hell there’s barely any action sequences with this guy and the 1’s that are there can easily be missed if you blink at the wrong time. So yeah Jolt isn’t really anything to write home about. But I do think he was 1 of the best looking 2nd wave Autobots in Revenge of the Fallen. And unlike your usual robots who were hit with the typical name slap, this 1 actually made a lot of sense. His namesake goes perfectly well with his vehicle mode which is a Chevrolet Volt. An electrically charged plug-in hybrid car. Although Jolt says little to nothing in Revenge of the Fallen, his bio describes him as carefree Autobot who has a fondness for Earth’s nature and a habit of saving energy. This is probably why he chose the eco-friendly Chevy Volt as his mode. And it’s cool as hell. His design feature these cool looking claws that extend into electro-whips. He also has glass panels exposing the neat little gears on his chest and upper legs which emphasizes how technically complex his body is. And you can’t go wrong with the electric blue coloring. It’s a shame that we barely have any concepts or wallpapers for the guy. Especially considering how cool he looked. Staring down the 9th spot is Shockwave. Often referred to as “a computer on legs.” Shockwave is 1 of if not the coldest Decepticons in the group. He sees emotion as a weakness and a distraction. And thanks to his streamlined face he’s devoid of both qualities. His weapons are as powerful as Megatron’s, which he can rival, his Hand Cannon is powered by his own personal reactor mounted on his back. Not only is he just as powerful as Megatron, he’s one of the few Decepticons physically larger than his leader in terms of height. And he has control over the massive, vicious beast known as the Driller and rides it into battle. Now what I absolutely love about this character’s design is how has this hard looking exterior. He seems to have some sort of a rib cage on his chest. It’s almost like he has an impenetrable exoskeleton. And I know some of the G1 purists don’t like this but I really like the little mandibles he has for a mouth. I mean it kinda takes away from his signature emotionless face but having a mouth makes him look like a living, breathing robot. And it adds to his intimidation factor. But overall this guy just looks like a tank that can’t be dented. It can be argued that Shockwave was the most effective Decepticon in the movie considering how much collateral damage his driller bot caused. Some fans believe that he survived the battle of Chicago, because if one looks closely, they can see Prime didn’t completely cut his head off. He just ripped out his eye. And as we’ve seen with characters like Wheelie, Cybertronian optics can regenerate after a certain period of time. It may be a little far fetched but let’s not turn a blind eye to this theory. Coming in at number 8 is Bumblebee. This guy had to be on the list because of how impactful his design is to all of Transformers lore. Since it was introduced many other TF shows and games have borrowed heavily from Michael Bay’s version of the character. As a kid I was never a fan of the traditional short Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee from G1. So I was thoroughly impressed when we got the reveal for this live action incarnation for him. I really like how this 1 actually looks like he can compete with more imposing Decepticon enemies while still maintaining that small underdog look. Gone is the round torso and short limbs. Now we have this proportionate character that looks like he comes straight out of a Gundam anime. “Like a different super advanced robot.” “It’s probably Japanese.” During my first viewing of the 07 film I can honestly say that Bumblebee was 1 of the easiest Transformers to spot during fight scenes. And I think it’s because of how perfectly the color yellow was placed along his arms and other parts of his body. And you can’t go wrong with the retractable mask that’s managed to make it’s way over to the reboot Bumblebee film. His computer-generated model consisted of 7608 individual parts, 1,511,727 polygons, 19,722 rig nodes, and 8094 texture maps. The volume of all the pieces came to 1069.01 cubic feet. Standing him at approximately 16 feet tall which til this day is the tallest version for the character. And fun fact Bee has the most designs and vehicle modes out of all of the Transformers in the movies. He’s essentially become the face of the brand. And I honestly don’t mind since this design along with other attributes have withstood the test of time. “Get down Bee!” Rolling in the 7th spot is Shatter & Dropkick. Now I usually don’t do this but I just had to put these 2 particular robots into 1 ranking. Because they’re 2 originally created characters who’re both in the same category which is triple changers. These bad ass transformers who have one robot mode and two alternate modes. When I first saw Shatter and Dropkick I instantly knew that they weren’t your average Decepticon baddies. Based on the many intricacies like the car parts and jet parts I was easily able to deduce that these two were in fact triple changers. And it was later confirmed once we got the first official trailer for Bumblebee. Something that I stand by till this day is that Shatter and Dropkick can fit well within either of the existing live action universes. That being Michael Bay’s cinematic universe or the reboot. Because unlike the other robots who’ve essentially been given a more streamlined design in Bumblebee. Shatter and Dropkick’s design have a deep layer of complexity that you’d usually see in the Bay films. And I guess they’d have to since they feature multiple vehicle parts. On one hand you got Shatter who’s this cold and manipulative female Decepticon. She transforms into a Plymouth GTX car and a Harrier Jump Jet. Something that I really love about her design is how you can visually see how she has these muscle car parts in the chest area. And you can see that she has a jet alt. mode by the vents on her legs. And then there’s Dropkick. The blue Decepticon extremist who transforms into a AMC Javelin and a AH 1 Cobra helicopter. Some of the more obvious visual cues on his robot mode is the cockpit on his chest and the car doors on his back. I can’t say enough about how cool these guys look. The designers definitely brought their A game and have shown that we have more to look forward to than G1 robots in the reboot films. Number 6, Galvatron When I heard that Transformers 4 was gonna be introducing casual audiences to Galvatron I was jumping for joy. This was the studio’s chance to redeem Megatron from being the typical sidekick jobber he had been in the previous 2 films. And showcase how much more bad ass he could be as his reborn alter ego. I was expecting him to totally wreak havoc on the Autobots and for the most part he did. He physically got the upper hand over Optimus and reminded us of how physically dominant Megatron was in the first movie. But as we all saw that display of dominance was short lived since the film reminded us that Lockdown was the real main baddie of the movie. But besides all of that Galvatron was arguably the best looking Decepticon in Age of Extinction. Call him a Gypsy Danger rip-off all you want but this design is so unique compared to some of the other Decepticons. This is actually 1 of the first proportionate Decepticons in the films. Which was great because for some strange reason Michael Bay and the design team would unnecessarily go above and beyond to make the bad guys look spiky as hell. But unlike Megatron, Galvatron is a more sleeker look that can easily be followed in action. He has these tubes running along his body that look like muscles. A hole in his chest that aimlessly insinuates that he no longer has a spark. And doubles as a callback to the first film where the Allspark was lodged in his chest. It’s like he’s operating off of Megatron’s chromosomes and sheer will power alone. Number 5, Age of Extinction Optimus Prime I know this is a controversial opinion because 1 thing G1 fans love about the Bay films is the first version of Optimus. It features all the signature traits like the window shield units that make up his chest among other little details. He was as faithful to the original as you were gonna get. But that style really got old to me and I wanted to see something unique to the character. So Michael Bay delivered a new & improved look for the red & blue Robo-Jesus. A red and blue Western Star 5700 Custom semi-truck that transforms him from this blocky robot to this more muscly powerhouse robot. Something that’s really unique is how this new knightly look strongly harps on Optimus Prime’s roots as a descendant to the legendary Iacon Knights. Just like Galvatron, he’s more proportionate and he his truck parts like the exhaust pipes are nicely placed on his back. And his gauntlets undergo 2 changes. 1 from when he scans the new truck and another when he pulls out the Sword of Judgement from Lockdown’s ship. This design has become so popular that you usually see it as Optimus’s main look in most of the advertisements. Clocking in at number 4 is Mirage Mirage AKA Dino is another 1 of those characters who didn’t really get a lot of screen time during his live action debut. But the amount of time he did get he showed up and showed out. He was obviously 1 of the more flashier bots as seen when he made a stylish entrance during an attack on an illegal nuclear plant. Like the late Jazz, he takes his appearance seriously, and prides himself on his looks. He believes there is no better vehicle mode than a Ferrari it looks good and is fast, two things that he absolutely has to have . Fun fact Although the producers originally wanted him to be called Mirage, Ferrari asked to name him after Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari. He even speaks in an Italian accent which the producers went out of their way to get approved by Ferrari. Talk about keeping things authentic. But anyways this guy instantly became my favorite design in TF Dark of the Moon based on his color alone. Because I have a major soft spot for the color red. For 2 movies Michael Bay avoided adding in a red robot because according to him that specific color didn’t translate well on film. Well I gotta call B.S. because Mirage proves that that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Every seen he was in he always managed to stand out. Besides the eye popping red design he has his arm blades which are said to be able to cut through practically anything. Like Jolt, he uses whips. However, his whips cannot electrify nor connect the parts of one Transformer to another. But it’s all good because he uses them to latch onto a Dreadbot. Resulting in 1 of the most epic action sequences in the films. Sliding in the number 3 spot is Drift. I can’t say enough about this guy. He embodies everything I love about Japanese culture. He’s a giant mech who just so happens to practice the way of Bushido. Which basically means that he loves cutting up shit with his swords. When I first saw Drift he instantly put me in the mind of Springer from Generation 1. Which is cool because just like our old buddy Springer, Drift is 1 of those second wave characters that was introduced after the older group of Autobots were wiped out. Oh did I mention that they were both Triple changers who could transform from a car to a helicopter? Tight right? Atop a mountain, Drift was the first of the surviving Autobots hiding in Monument valley. As soon as you see him he jumps off the mountain quickly transforming into his helicopter mode to congregate with the others. Spitting out these Japanese Haiku jibber jabber. The guy is samurai to the core. Which is cool because it goes perfectly with his character arc. He fought for the tyrannical Megatron and his Decepticons, but now he fights for the good guys to atone for his evil past. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Unless you mention his even cooler robot mode. His design in robot mode is heavily influenced by Samurai. Right down to the armor-plates and helmet. He even has a Japanese accent. Despite his main alternate mode being that of the Bugatti, the only transformation seen on screen is robot to helicopter mode. Which is a bit of a bummer because I really wanted to see how that sequence. But we eventually got in TF5 so no harm no foul. Number 2, Sideswipe This character was the epitome of cool when he graced the big screen in TF2. Even though the guy has at least three lines in Revenge of the Fallen he still managed to become an instant fan favorite after slicing a Decepticon in half with his Blades. Thanks to his massive reception he became the only Autobot who was connected with the new Autobots that arrived in the 2nd film and to return alive in the 3rd film. This robot was specifically made to be awesome. According to his bio he was born with battle instincts and swords already at hand. These swords are also detachable so he can throw them at enemies if needed. I specifically like how he’s such a momentum based Autobot built for speed. Which is made apparent by the simple fact that he’s one of a few of the characters in the films to have wheels instead of feet. According to Hasbro’s Transformers website, his blades are made of Cybertanium, which is nearly indestructible. That’s just as strong as Optimus’s energon swords. But anyways while his swords seem to be the main attraction he only uses them twice, while he uses his blasters a total of three times. So he’s not just your usual hack and slasher. He’s an all around skilled robot with a stylish design to boot. Targeting the number 1 spot is Crosshairs Did I surprise you with this 1? That’s right I absolutely had to go with my guy Crosshairs because of how unique his aesthetics are. Even in this non-fictitious universe you’d think his design was the least practical. But somehow the artist responsible for it pulled it off, making Crosshairs 1 of the sickest looking characters. This AUTOBOT paratrooper has a knack for catching his enemies by surprise, either by dropping in from above, or with a lightning-fast draw of his Sidearm Blasters. He’s 1 of the sharpest shots on the battlefield, so the Autobots know he’ll always hit his target. Or at least that what it says on the back of his toy box. If there’s 1 thing I can say is that he’s definitely 1 of the most overcautious and selfish Autobot members who thinks only of his own self gain. What makes his selfish devil may care personality so much cooler is his robot mode. The designers wanted to see what they would get if they took a Corvette and essentially cut and filleted it open? And what they got was this desperado-esque Autobot that looks like it’s wearing a trench coat/duster. Out of all the movies this is arguably the most complex design you’re gonna get. I specifically like how the outside of the coat has the cars colors but the inside is like a sneak peak of advanced technology. The duster just adds so much to his look and it seems like aids him on the battlefield. Like he can use it to hide his blasters, and it seems like the coat makes him aerodynamic as seen in his epic action sequence. That’s why he’s worthy of the best design. But with that I’m gonna bring this video to a close. I hope you guys enjoyed this list because I had a blast making it. There were obviously other robots who could’ve made it in but if we included all of em we would be here all day. That’s why I’m asking you to leave your top 10 best designs list in the comments below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future videos. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it with all your friends and followers on social media. Sharing really makes a difference. But once again this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out. ♫ You’re at your best when when the going gets rough ♫ ♫ You’ve been put to the test, but it’s never enough ♫ ♫ Yeah! ♫ ♫ You got the touch ♫

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  1. So we're finally back with another TOP 10 list. This time we're doing it on the best designs in the TF movies. Don't forget to subscribe and comment to enter in a chance to when a free Furai Model Optimus Prime figure.

  2. Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime is the best design of all.
    Blackout from the first movie is awesome.
    Bayverse Shockwave is a great design, but the BB movie version is a thing of beauty.
    Blitzwing/not Starscream is also one of the best designs overall.

  3. Idk why but I’ve been a fan of sound waves design in dotm. Not the official concept art of roft robot mode as much cus he’s basically the hulk but meh

  4. I subscribed that is a really cool Optimus right now I'm trying to get the Nemesis Prime one but still it's good it looks really cool

  5. Yo I love watching your videos and like how they gave bee so many vehicle designs. My favorite has to be the WW2 vehicle and he funny

  6. Personally I would have Jazz, Ironhide, and Blackout likely on my list, maybe even Bonecrusher, but that's just me. I am glad Crosshairs made the list

  7. Awesome work as always! My favorite has been Starscream. I love the Bayverse one, and Adore the Bumblebee version. I also have a soft spot for Galvatron.

  8. My top 10 Transformers

    10. Drift- the samurai motif makes no sense, but it makes him look cool and hes got some wicked swords.
    9. Laserbeak- kinda a weird pick, but I like his jagged wings and how it looks like the designers took inspiration from vultures.
    8. Ratchet- His solor scheme is unique, the beard makes no sense but it makes him stand out, and he always had a presence because of it.
    7. Sideswipe- wheels. The mans got wheels and swords. That is all
    6. Soundwave ROTF- Despite having little screen time and not having the classic voice, I still think hes a decent representation, with a unique alternate form. You don't see many transformers that turn into satellites.
    5. Megatron ROTF- With 5 megatron designs, ROTF to me encapsulates the character, with a cybetronian,
    jagged look, a great alternate mode that both flies and runs, and a wicked arm canon that is a good riff on G1 megaton's arm canon.
    4. Ironhide- Lots of ironhide's personality shines through thanks to his design. Big, bulky, and with tons of guns, you GET it.
    3. Og Optimus Prime- While I like the new knight aesthetic, I prefer the more realistic look of the original, it really feels like a truck turned robot, and it's the closest design to G1 before Bumblebee.
    2. Bumblebee- Theres a reason I have bought 3 versions of this character. It's so simple yet stands out amongst his comrades. Can't go wrong
    1. Shockwave- Looks sick, is a great take on the classic designs looking menacing, unique, and badass. In other words, it embodies shockwave.

  9. I am a big fan of optimus prime and I love your video's because I have all the transformers movies and I love watching the first transformers movie and the cartoon ones ❤

  10. I actually love the Acree sisters designs, they wee sleek and stealthy. This statement would’ve definitely been justified if they had had more they 2 minutes of total screen time 🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. My favourite YouTube are in the world it would be a dream if I could get a transformer it’s my birthday on February 27

  12. The age of extinction dinobots has got to be my most favorite looking transformers.

    too bad i didn't even enjoy the movie and that we didn't see more of them.

  13. I loved Sideswipe too! But since they had the option, couldn't they have kept him as the red Ferrari? How'd Mirage get Sideswipes alt mode?

  14. Is that music from Transformers Devastation I hear? What did you think of the game? It's probably my favorite Transformers game and one of my favorite games period.

  15. I also like the TF 4 Optimus prime design and love the sideswipe design and my favourite design in the movies is sideswipe

  16. You know what’s funny, that I thought for a second that you were talking about team fortress 2, but then I realized that you were talking about transformers 2.

  17. I agree with most of these designs. although I didn’t really like drop kick as a character but he does look cool

  18. Shockwave tho extremely different from his g1 counter part is one of my fav bayformer designs..yeah shockwave is a logical scientist in g1 but in the bayverse shockwave is a brute which his design reflects that

  19. I’d say Jolt is underrated, but with how much he was on screen and such, I just can’t. When it came to Drift I instantly started thinking about Crosshairs, I really want like a third party or just a definitive figure of him. Also want a studio series Dino but I think everyone does.

  20. My top 10 list:
    10.Jolt, i agree with you becouse jolt is so deffrent, he was so cool, but his screentime was too minimal

    9.Blitzswing, even he wasn't tripple changer in there, he was so cool, don't know why, i like his design, his jet mode was perfect, and also, he was deffrent from starscream and the other seekers.

    8.Barricade(the last knight), i love his new and deffrent design, his chest looks like dotm bumblebee and also, his face was new and cooler.That makes me love his design

    7.megatron(the last knight), his design was completely deffrent from his incarnations in tf 2007 until dotm.He was looks like a dangerous knight, and also, if you always want g1 megatron asthetics, then he has it, he has a fusion canon, that i really like, and also, his jet mode was really cool, and i like his weapon too.

    6.Shockwave, his new design, was really cool, and he looks more cool and frightening, i love his new mouth, becouse it makes him more frightening and also, i like his skeleton chest, it was so great model, and it really suitable for him, also, i like his arm cannon it looks cooler than his g1 armgun.

    5.bumblebee movie bumblebee design, yeah, actually i prefer bumblebee's design on bumblebee movie than his design in michael bay's universe, i like his design in bayverse too, but i just pick one.His design with clean legs and less car parts was beutiful, and i love his backpack, also, his chest was greater than his chest in bayverse, and specially his battle mask was the best.

    4.Drift, of course, i like his design, he was a tripple changer samurai, that was why he was cool, and also, i love his chest and his rotor swords.

    3.Bumblebee movie optimus prime, yeah i like g1 design(even i'm not grow in that era), and i loves his mechanical details, and also, his mouthless face is what was i like from him, this is the best optimus prime design ever.

    2.Jazz, believe me or not, agree with me or not, i love jazz design, i love his chest, so much, his hands was really cool, his backpack was perfect, his head was perfect, his hands was cool, also i like his shield gun weapon, or maybe i love his style too, unfortunatly he was to small, and brave in there so he needs to be ripped apart by megatron.

    1.Sideswipe, yeah i love everything about him, his blade was cool, his foot was unique, his head was perfect, his chest was creative, and the only thing that doesn't have + point was his colors, i wis his color was red, becouse i love red color, also it was more accurate to g1 design

  21. Dood amazing video I love it.Can you make video about the coolest transformers that don't get to shine on screen

  22. Here’s my Top 10 list:

    1. Optimus Prime (AOE Design)
    2. Optimus Prime (Bumblebee film)
    3. Megatron (TLK)
    4. Cybertonian Knights
    5. Bumblebee (AOE Design)
    6. Bumblebee (his solo film)
    7. Grimlock
    8. Shockwave
    9. Lockdown
    10. Dino

  23. 1:37 Jolt: Despite his very little screentime. I like his design from the ROTF toyline. It says it all.
    1:48 Shockwave: I really dig his character. He has that gladiator look to him with the blade on his left arm and his famous atm cannon in the other. From the eye and mouth is cool. I just wish he haf more screentime and more of the purple color we all know.
    4:15 Bumblebee: I prefer his high octane verison from AOE. Where he's mostly black then yellow.
    5:55 Shatter and Dropkick: Original robots with an original design. They look badass and as mean as the Decepticons.
    7:33 Galvatron: So metallic, unlike his toys. He really does look good. I still wish he had the purple color scheme like his G1 self. But he still remains a awesome character design.
    8:53 AOE/TLK Optimus/Nemesis Prime: His Autobot knight in shiny armor character design is really cool.
    11:29 Drift: I won't argue. The Autobot samurai looks awesome. I actually have the Studio Series heilcopter verison of himand I like that design.
    12:53 Sideswipe: He needs no introduction.
    13:58 Crosshairs: From the guns to his parachute. I dig this green and black trench coat wearing Autobot character design.

  24. Question, do you have any favorite transformers from the Beast Wars series? It can be toys, comics, anime, and yes the classic TV show.

  25. Heyyyyyy! I love these top 10 videos. As much as I would love that figure!It would be awesome if you could rank some more autobots/decepticons in videos. #Top10 #Transformers2020 #TransformersMovie

  26. Hey man just making sure you know I wanna win that kit starscream is my personal favourite bay film designs the tattoos made him stand out more but I’m a huge fan of the bumblebee movie seeker design!

  27. My top 10 designs are

    3.tlk megaton
    4.tlk bumblebee
    5.aoe Optimus prime
    6.tlk barricade
    7.dotm soundwave
    8.aoe galvatron
    9.the wreckers

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