Track & Field with James Van Der Beek and Kevin Hart

Another episode
of “What The Fit.” I, of course,
am your host Kevin Hart. I would not be your host
if I was just by myself. That’s no fun. You gotta have amazing people
to be with, talk to, to experience these– these
fun-filled activities with. And today I got my guy
James Van Der Beek here. – How you doing?
– I’m good, bud.
How you doing? Good to see you, man.
I’m good. Where you at with fitness? – I got a newborn at home.
– Whoo! So it’s been a minute
since I’ve been in shape. – Kevin: Is the wife
– James: Yes. I had a dream once
I was breastfeeding. – Oh, my God.
– And I gotta be honest, I woke up kinda sad
that I couldn’t do it. What if we competed
in a decathlon today? – A decathlon.
– We got a high school
track team – Okay.
– that we’re gonna be
out there with. And also we got two
Olympic gold medalists. – Wow.
– So this way, we can do
the decathlon properly. – Okay.
– Okay? The loser has to go in the classroom
on a college campus – Okay.
– and pose nude for– for an art–
an art drawing. – For the art class?
– Yeah, like an art–
the art class. – We gotta stand up there.
– Stand? We gotta let it
all bear out. And I’m very nervous about trying to pose
if I’m– if I’m not– if I’m not
at least at half mast. You definitely don’t– Yeah. It’s a hot day. There might
be a lot of air-conditioning– Yeah, that’s
what I’m saying.
I don’t want– I don’t wanna get hit
with daytime peen, and that–
that’s what I leave– – that’s what I leave
on this campus.
– Daytime peen. Yeah, daytime peen. – You know, my daytime peen
ain’t ( bleep ).
– I think that– That’s what their
painting should be called. “Daytime Peen.” Right there, puts enough
“go get it” in both of us so we go out here
and give this our all. – What do you think?
– All right. I think nothing like
humiliation is a motivation. It’s a great motivation. – I’m melting.
– That’s easy! I believe
in making an entrance. – Okay.
– I think it’s very important to set the tone
of how today is gonna go. – Okay. Okay.
– All right? Kevin:
Flame on! USA! Oh, my gosh. USA! ( music playing ) – You guys okay back there?
– Men: Yes, sir. All right,
you guys look great. Kevin:
USA! You wanna hold it
a little bit? – I’ll hold it, sure.
– Yeah, yeah. Share the torch. I’m gonna be
a little honest with you. – Yeah?
– I gave it to you
because it was– it was too heavy for me. – I’m realizing
that right now.
– Yeah. He run like an old man. He looks a little constipated. Here, give it to me.
It needs to look like
I had it the whole time. – Ok. There you go.
– Watch your hair! All right. So, go ahead
and introduce yourselves
and break down who you are. I’m Carmelita Jeter,
fastest woman alive. Gold, silver, bronze medalist
from the 2012 London Games. – Wow.
– Anchor leg from that
40.82 world record – Wow.
– that broke 27-year
world record. Well, that’s what I did when
I ran in my church league. My name is Ashton Eaton,
two-time Olympic gold medalist
in the decathlon. – Both: Wow.
– Won in 2012 and 2016. – World record holder as well.
– Yeah. – We’re with Code Black
track club.
– Okay. Okay. – My name is James.
– Yeah. My qualifications are calling for my stunt double
when needed and I’ve got–
I got pretty good hair. – There you go, there you go.
– I would say – that’s probably–
– I’ll give you the hair. That’s probably
what makes me most qualified
to be out here today. Uh, Kevin Hart,
and I have two track teams that I ran on
in a church league. Youth Christian Runners. I anchored that. I also ran
anchor with The Ushers. I wonder what they said
when they passed the baton. – Thank you, Jesus.
– Amen! Thank you, Jesus. Communion. – That’s amazing. Wow.
– Ash: All right. First we’re gonna do
the 110-meter hurdles. Off the back? – Off the back.
– Carmelita: Off the back! Carmelita:
Come on, you got it! We have Tara in the building, who’s gonna, you know,
give you a little lesson. I’m gonna show you how
to get in the blocks properly. – You hold it there.
– Yep. – When the gun clicks,
you explode.
– Bow! Bow! Bow! Oh! Okay. – That’s right, Tara.
I’m gonna smoke your ass.
– What? Wait, I forgot
which lane I was in. Well, you need
to figure it out. – Let’s go now.
– All right. Kevin:
Wait, give me a second. God. – This the lane, too, right?
– Yes. – Yes.
– All right, well,
get out of my lane. – You ain’t intimidating
nobody, Tara.
– On your mark. Wait a second!
Why you so in a rush? Goddamn! – ( groans )
– I think speed’s kinda
her thing, bro. No, no, no.
It used to be her thing, until she came
across a legend. Head down. Remember, you cannot
leave out of the block
until I shoot the gun. Will you come on? God! Set. – ( gunshot )
– Oh! Catch her! – Come on!
– Catch her! Oh, Jesus! – Go!
– Let’s go, let’s go!
Get your feet down! Goddamn! Goddamn! – What the– Oh!
– Woman: Get him, James!
Get him, James! Get him, James! – Go, James!
– Whoo! Whoo! Go, James!
Go, James! – I hate you now!
– Whoo! That was sick. – James, nice work, man.
– Thank you, man. So the winner of 100-meter
110-hurdles… – …James!
– ( cheers ) Ashton: Nice work, Tara.
The real winner. I don’t know what happened, but as I jumped in the air, I just saw
James’ hair fly by me. – Let’s go to the shot put.
– Is the shot put in the shade? ♪ Come on, come on ♪ ( grunts ) Technique of the shot put
is you have to have
the shot in your neck. – Ah.
– Has to be touching your neck. – Has to be touching your neck.
– That’s a lot of germs. ( laughs ) You can get across the ring
however you want. You turn that. Oh, my God. Yeah, I see why he sucked. It’s about where it hits
and not rolls. – All right, James, first up.
– All right. – Okay, James.
– You see what you gotta do. Good luck, James. – Here we go. Ready?
– Good luck. Good luck, James. – No pressure.
– ( grunts ) – Wow!
– That’s a good throw. Stop cheating, Carmelita!
What the– – What was that?
– Listen. – Come on! You’re not even–
– Listen! – You put the flag in there
two different times!
– I didn’t. – God!
– Just– just throw it
further than that and you win, dude. You guys don’t
stand a chance. – All right.
– Wow. Try to hit me. ( grunts ) – ( grunts )
– Let’s hear that grunt. ( grunts ) I’m about to–
Ooh, let’s get it. Ooh! Jeez, I thought
he was gonna throw it. Just throw it already! Stop throwing me off then! – Now he’s gotta start all over.
– Yeah! Now I gotta go back
to my routine. Just watching you
is exhausting. – ( grunts )
– Ooh. – ( grunts )
– Oh! So the winner
of this event is… – If I win, do I get to see
how far I can throw Kevin?
– Yes. …Kevin Hart. Wow. What is that? It was very close, James. – Yeah.
– You almost got him. – I kinda like it.
– Yes! Yeah, I don’t have technique. Yeah, I don’t know
the proper way to do it. And, yes, this sun
is definitely baking me to a point where I can’t see. But I’ll be damned
if I’ma lose. We could drop Kevin Hart
behind enemy lines in any condition
against any army and through
sheer determination
and force of will, – I’ma figure it out.
– my money’s on Kevin. I’ma figure it out. The next event
we have up today, long jump. It’s 1-1. Me and James got a little
competition on the line. – It’s a game.
– I sure would hate
for the world to see that day peen. The number one thing
that we have to do when we’re doing long jump
is A, you gotta run fast. – Got you.
– Okay? B, you have to hit
the white board or jump before
the white board. Ready? Set. Set. – And… let’s go.
– ( wheels squeaking ) – Here we go.
– ( squeaking continues ) Okay, what are we doing
with the cart, guys? – Stop throwing off my mental.
– ( squeaking stops ) I’m focused.
I’m locked in. Don’t move. – One, two, and…
– ( cart beeping ) Whoo! – Good luck, James. No pressure.
– Come on, come on. – All right, here we go.
– Daytime peen. – Come on. Come on.
– Daytime peen. Here we go. – Oh!
– Okay. – Did he get it?
– He might’ve got it. – Did he get it?
– Nah. D’oh! Carmelita:
The winner, Kevin Hart. ( laughs ) All right. All right. – James.
– When’s the high jump? It is hotter than hell. Van Der Leap goes first. Carmelita:
Come on, James. – Tara: Come on, James.
– James, I want to remind you, we got a bet. The loser gotta go
to the college and let the college kids paint him naked. – Oh!
– Goddamn it! Ashton:
That’s incredible. Goddamn it! James, you got technique,
though. Oh, God. Jesus Christ. I’m just gonna
throw this out there. I don’t think this is
the event for small guys. Come on, Kevin!
This is what you do. This is what separates you
from everybody else. – Come on, now.
– You’re a winner. It’s a pit bull. Where? I need motivation. ( barking ) ( barking ) Get your dog, man. Get your ( bleep ) dog, man! Get your dog! Yo, get that dog! – Oh! Oh, God!
– Oh! The pit bull
bit me on the ass. – Wow.
– The winner, James. Well-deserved. – It’s well-deserved, James.
– Thank you. So now we’re 2-2. Now that it’s a tie,
we’re gonna run the 100-meters. – Okay.
– Kevin: Yeah. All right, here we go. In lane one we have James, in lane two we have Kevin,
and in lane three we have the California
State Champion Dee. Stand behind your blocks. Wait a minute.
Goddamn. Hold on. – Hold on.
– This is it. – Wait a second.
– On your mark! Wait a minute, Carmelita.
Everybody relax. ( bleep ) – James. How do you feel?
– Yeah. I’m tired and I’m hot. In the final,
everybody’s exhausted. In the final,
it comes down to heart. Who got it, who want it. Are we ready? – James, you ready?
– Ready! – These rocks hurt my knees.
– Kevin, you ready? – The rocks hurt–
– Dee, you ready? This is the Olympics. This is the world
championship. This is it. Everything that you worked for, everything
that you trained for, it goes down here. Your life is right now. On your mark, get set… Day peen. ( gunshot ) – Come on, Dee!
– Wow! – Come on, Dee.
– Ash: He’s so fast. – ( crowd cheering )
– ( panting ) Whoo! Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Nice run! James,
you’re a great competitor. High-five it. Your little ass can move. You, sir, are today’s
greatest athlete. – ( panting )
– There you go. Did it for my country. What I’m saying,
guys, is this. It’s all about bettering
yourself. Today was a day where you saw
James and myself dig deep and do what we haven’t done and compete
at a very high level. I’m making an announcement that I will be joining
the 2022 Olympic team. – Today you saw– Yeah, 2020.
– 2020. I wouldn’t bet against you. I’ll see you in Tokyo. – USA. USA.
– USA. Race for America. – Good job, James.
– USA. James, lost a bet. ( music playing ) Day peen. Kevin Hart here,
the gold medalist. Just joking.
I got a silver. Look, to see more speed and
agility from today’s activities, subscribe to
our YouTube channel, the Laugh Out Loud channel. And after you do it,
you get to see more of me.

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  2. Shotput was horriable… both throws were illegal throws… Kevin stepped over the toe bored and the other guy(sorry) did not have it on his neck

  3. When James said he woke up out his dream sad that he couldn't breastfeed his child. I felt that in my spirit! ❤❤❤

  4. Kevin you are my hero. Sorry everybody. Sorry to my son Kairon and imani and Eric for not being able to play sports. Maybe people treat them weird. I love you guys.

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