Tormek Moulding Knife Attachment SVP-80

With the Tormek jig for
moulding knives, SVP-80, you will always have
access to sharp cutters. Since the sharpening takes
place on the flat side, you can sharpen all shapes
and makes of moulding knifes. A magnet holds the knife in place. You can relocate the pins to fit the various
knife fixing standards. Two different sizes,
4 and 5 mm come with the jig. The base rests firmly on
double universal support arms. The base has a PTFE surface
to minimize the friction. First, adjust the depth until you can
hear the steel just touching the stone. Then, set the grinding
depth with the micro adjust. One mark is usually enough. Lock it firmly in position and stabilize with the hand lever. Move the steel holder up
and down and sideways, so that the whole surface
of the knife is sharpened. Lift and rotate the holder 180°. Do not use too much pressure and you
will get an evenly ground surface. Then, hone away the burr on
the leather honing wheel.

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