Top 5 Unbelievable Acrobatic Paper Airplanes That You Might Have Never Seen

top 5 acrobatic paper airplanes, designed by Tri Dang This is a list of 5 paper airplanes I designed, and I would like to share it with you guys Number five to Psychotic Cyclone this is a very simple paper airplane It can be folded in five minutes, and it flies very very well if you fold it correctly, and if you know how to throw the plane, it (will) come back to you like a boomerang. And it looks very nice just check out how I throw the airplane. And I hope you guys will enjoy flying the airplane. And if you have not created it, check it out! Number four, Flapping Eagle This paper airplane is one of my oldest designs, and I designed it accidentally. this is a very happy incidence. I intended to fold an eagle, but somehow i come up with an Eagle that can flap the wings. This flapping wings paper plane is very easy to fold and it flies very well as well, so Let’s check it out! If you throw it inside the house make sure that you throw it strong enough so that the wings will flap Number three, Cyco – Merang This is also a very simple paper airplane You can fold this paper airplane in just two minutes, and of course it’s a boomerang. And if you throw it correctly, it just comeback to your hands you do not need to go anywhere. Just sit down relax and throw the airplane, and you would love it. If you have to check out this paper airplane. Check it out on my channel Number two, King Eagle This is one of my first first designs as well and the King Eagle is a boomerang paper plane that I intended to make. It took me many hours and actually many days to come up with this model. this one is folded with only one piece of U.S letter size paper, and there’s no attachment as well And … check it out Number one! Of course Alien UFO is my favorite design. This is of the best best paper airplanes ever created. It’s a boomerang. It comesbacks to you — right back to your hands if you do it correctly. And what do you think aboutthis list of paper planes. Do you agree with with me these but as acrobatic paper airplanes. And don’t forget to come and below Thank you

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