Throwing Axes at Stryke Target Range – Let’s Discover ON

Hi everybody it’s Tony & Petula. And Let’s Discover Ontario. We always love to bring you to new places
and show you fun things to try with your family. We got some special guests today. Kristen & Shadi of Vacation Couple, and Carolann
& Macrae from One Modern Couple. We’re in Brampton today, what are we doing
babe? We’re at Stryke Target Range, we’re gonna
do some axe throwing, knife throwing, archery, it’s going to be a great time. You can throw a knife two ways, from the handle
or the point. Marcus, tell me the truth, who’s better at
this girls or guys? Well, you see, everybody is unique in their
own way, they bring their own talents to the table. So it’s all in good fun. Marcus is a politician, he didn’t really answer
– did you notice? Line up that iron divot with this one, deactivate
safety, aim, shoot. Tell us about your blog. So Vacation Couple, we usually go to luxury
resorts and try to induce some wanderlust. We’re usually filming, we get the drone out,
and we create experience videos for people to check out. Try to help them pick which resort is right
for them. One Modern Couple, what is one modern couple? We share all about our travel in life as a
couple, and talk about the different destinations that we go to. We write and film about what we do, what we
eat, where to stay, what to see. Pretty much all of it. That’s our time at Stryke, thank you so much
guys. What do you think? Awesome! **SUBSCRIBE for new videos**

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