Throwing a DART at a MAP and DOING Whatever it Lands on | Adorable Attitudes

there is 49 hey guys the tile in their doors
attitude in if you are new to our channel we have the journal tool and if
you want to shout out there’s only two simple rules the first rule is that you
have to find your zodiac sign and then the second rule is you have to comment
down below your zodiac sign and then comment down below how many times you
see but what we’re going to be doing is the dark marker challenge so that’s how
we have markers right here in the color markers that we have is we have dark
blue light blue and brown so instead of using chart
and we’re using the markers and how we’re going to do that is we have a
board right behind us and we have flips back handspring slimmer events can
screams we’re gonna keep doing and we’re going to be using those markers to
thrown on to them and make the dark be doing on my own we shouldn’t have any
there are like this so we’re gonna do this you ready okay so
this is gonna be our board for today on our board we have one back handspring 12
back handsprings three back handsprings two back handsprings nine back
handsprings and 14 back handsprings so I hope I don’t get to but we’ll see I was
aiming for two she has 14 that’s about right there she
has 40 back man Springs I had mine that wasn’t as bad as 14 guys
over there oh my where’d you get hit went online what I
didn’t know oh no she got to y’all so she got to should I should use two back
handsprings whatever you got through these advocacy nothing I’m not breathe twelve but you know I did 99
11:12 there was only three more okay go what three four five six sit Hey
ix love that ice can really go okay so we’re gonna get our ice cream and then
we’re gonna come back on ice cream or ice cream I’ve ever ok guys so now we
have our ice cream and now we’re going to be easy it’s public you guys so let’s
go ahead what did you get I got vanilla yeah me too I like vanilla
comment down below what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream but mine my favorite
flavor is vanilla my second favorite is makes you let
subscribe give me a card of a roll I just wanna make sure that you stay tuned
for this love you

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