This Website Speed Technique Backfired | Website Not Fully Secure

This is the incident of this sunday when i was in my class In the lunch time I saw a comment on my youtube channel. If you remember, Lapaas’ case study came on saturday. Where a person said That my ssl is not working I checked my website I’ve already created Cloudflare on my website. I was shocked to see that You can check the video of free ssl. So you’ll get Free SSL Certificate Then after lunch I searched for this issue. And it showed that my website is not fully secured. I could not identify the reason How is it possible? So firstly i checked my ssl trying to detect the issue I tried to detect the problem Then GOOGLE GOD , i searched my problem Regarding this problem And it recommended a plugin and after installing it. It wasn’t helpful Then I tried to solve on my end What did i do? I opened the developer mode of google and tried to detect the error I got to know about a thing i did few months ago What did i do? In order to increase the speed of website You can use leaching What’s leaching, let’s say there’s a photo on my website Which is relatively heavy This will minimise the speed of my website. What did i do? I used to upload file on second server And using that second server i used to show data on my website This increased the speed of my website. Which decreased the load time of my website. Two server at the same time. Both servers were utilised Which gave me better results. Now i’ve installed WPS on Lapaas But i still used leaching. Because i thought it’s useful. I made a mistake From the site where i used leaching was a demo site Where we make our clients website. Which was on IP. When a website is on IP then No SSL. So the photos on the second server wasn’t installed with ssl. Photos which were leached did not contain SSL. That’s why my website showed error. Partially secure Because half data was from unsecure site. Let’s get back to computer. So this is our website. Here connection is secure. Means your website is secure. okay Now i rectify this yesterday Day before yesterday Here If i open search engine optimisation page. Here you see this I If your website is secure then it should show secure. Your connection is not fully secure. Https: But not fully secure What does this mean Recently a person commented WHen i launched my website Lapaas A person commented. So how did i solve this? I saw here. I opened inspect element. After this i opened Errors I saw Some mixed content here. Mixed content Here i saw image is insecure So there’s a image Which is on insecure server. that’s why this is happening Here i got to know the problem. I clicked on it You can see the image here. After that i edited it in the original server. I’ve already told you the reason behind it. In order to increase the speed. Now if you check you see it’s 100% secure now. Second comment was Where someone told me that the speed is slow. Let’s open google page speed. Here enter Search Let’s analyse Here they are showing score of 4 Time taken by the website. You cann see According to this, speed is slow. Let’s open A site which tells your speed. Which tells loading speed This is for mobile. But we’ll check computer Analysing According to this Loading times is 2.16 second. Size here. There are some errors no doubt. Because i am using subscribers. Like if you reach my website you see a popup Accept or decline, through this i can send you notification Hot jar, i’ve already made a video on this. If you want , i can make a video again Google tag manager Use of Facebook Facebook pixel. google analytics and normal clouflare statics Basically i can not change anything from here. Becuase these are third party resources. According to them You can paste this codein wordpress So we will try to solve this inthe next video. How we can solve this One more thing, analysed by ligtht house Let me show you a trick Go to settings Go to Home page of our website Right click- inspect Here i went to performance Now run performance audit This is the same thing Now it’s doing for mobile Okay Normal one and then run it How much time, let’s see In order to open You saw cdn written on it? Because of CDN, time issues Because plugins amount is high Here you can see the size of website If You do more research on it. You’ll see there’s website with size around 1 mb. Here you can see AMount taken by page Tme to interact Basically animations on my website/ It’s showing me the total time taken by whole animations Okay, in order to do this I’ve to remove animation of my website. Rating you can see is 65. here it’s showing 4 So this is a error I was receiving this comment again and again. This is for them and for other people These types of error exists. Although we’ll try to solve this till next week. Next week i’ll share this So you know what we are going to discuss in the next video. Do research for this How can we solve this and do tell me in the comment section. You can contact me on my website or email id. you can share your point of view. Because even i never saw these types of error Like i showed the search speed issue Google result was different than from my chrome and on gt matrix, It wasn’t updated or what What’s their way of calculating this result/ Do tell me in the comment below. Because i am not GOD>Next week we’ll solve this. and will make a video. People who already know , do tell me in the comments. I hope you liked this video. Like share and comment Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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  3. I have checked you site
    Your site contain 26 css validation error and 15 html error that's why its little bit slow to solve this error you can email me sahil I will tell you how to increase website speed ([email protected])

  4. Speed of the website matters to rank on Google also. Most of SEO expers guides to keep the loading speed up to 3 Seconds for best results. Awesome video brother.

  5. Hello sir.. thanks for sharing this video..

    Sir, google page speed pe mere sath bhi aisa huva he.. kai bar ye kisi wajah se sahi data nahi dikhata.
    Mene dekha he apni site ke speed check karte waqt score jo aata he 2 min bad vo bilkul alag hota he.. or refresh karne par ek or alag result vo bhi site me bina ku6 change kiye…

  6. हिम्मत हे तो राजिव दिक्षित जी पर video बनाओ

  7. Google speed insight is advance to check speed, you can use cache plugin like w3 total cache to get better results in Google speed test. And also if you can try to host your site on dedicated server or VPS server, shared hosting also the big reason of slow site speed.

  8. Hey,
    I also face the website speed problem for my clients website after 30th of jan, in page speed insight and other page speed tools shows us diff value, we complained to google and relevant person, you can check it now i mean on 5th of feb problem is resolved by google and now we are getting better score without doing anything extra, Mobile: 85+ Desktop: 97

  9. Wp Rocket plugin use kro…speed sahi ho jyega.. or ssl ka problem jo h wo mixed content ka h.. cloudflare me create certificate hota h wo create krke cpanel me dal do.. sb thik ho jyega..

    Koi dikkat ho mujh se contact kr lena bhai

  10. You can use
    Use caching
    Try to minimise the first byte time
    Compression of images
    And minification of codes

  11. Landing page optimise kr skte ho.. try to make it simple without much fancy designs!

    Also, theme & hosting to AAP acchi use kr hi rhe hoge baaki css sprites ke baare Mai research kr skte ho agr woh implement nhi Kia toh…

    I'm thinking to make a complete guide (course) of all tools Google is providing us. What do you suggest?

  12. sorry bhai app to digital marketing expert ho to aapke site mai hi ssl ki problem aagai to ab hume kaise vishwas hoga ki yaha kuch dhunka shikhne milega.

  13. Hi bro while analysing your website, it is very slow for a website with only static content see result may i know which hosting provider you are using? also please enable gzip compression so that the page will load e commerce site loads 2.9 seconds as your speed. yours should perform better thats y telling . this is my result

  14. Bhai AAP ke website ka all images Apne server par rakho and baki ke content CDN par rakho
    I think it's a best options
    Without catch file ke bhi page 2 sec Mey open ho jayega new visitors ke liye bhi.
    And Lapaas @ Copyright 2018
    Yah Abhi bhi 2018 Bata Raha hey
    Maine email bhi Kiya hua hey.🤣🤣🤣

  15. sir plz make a video on ucnews like how to work on it or is it safe to provide our personal information to them or something like that if you can…

  16. Bhai green lock se site ki security ka koi lena dena nahi hai. Lock sirf ye sure karega ki apki Jo communication hai wo encrypted hai Matlab sender aur receiver ke beech mai Jo conversation ho rahi hai usko koi ni padh sakh (conditions apply). Ssl hone se site hack nahi ho sakti ye kisne kaha?

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