This Is How Trying To Impress Your Office Crush Massively Backfires

– Hi, hello. You know, I’m gonna take that real quick. Hello, my name is Walter Brown, and today I’m gonna show
you how to change a tire. So, step one down here. You’re gonna want to identify the tire. If you’re looking down here, you can see, (banging) that tire’s not flat, that’s
plump as a Christmas goose. So, we’re gonna have to really
quick, just get in here. (banging)
– Oh, shoot, sorry. I don’t have my glasses. – Hey.
– Oh, hey. I would just like to extend
a special thank you here to Janeen, a friend from the office. Janeen, thank you for
letting us use your car here for this strictly academic experiment. Maybe after the car thing, you and me go grab a drink or something. – I’m gonna need the car in an hour. So, this is not gonna take long, right? – No, no no no, super quick. – Super quick?
– Super quick. – Okay.
– Really speedy. What can I say, women love a handyman. – [Cameraman] Probably just,
get back to changing the tires. – The tires, oh, okay. Step two, what you’re gonna want to do is to remove the hubcap
and the lug nuts here. They should just pop right off, so. Just sort of. – [Cameraman] You know that’s not– – I know, just I have really thin nails. Step three, jack up the car. – [Cameraman] Did you bring a jack? – [Janeen] Are you almost done here? – Hey. Maybe just pull this
forward into the lawn there, and dig a ditch underneath. – [Cameraman] A ditch?
– Yeah, to get the– – You want to dig a ditch in my lawn? – Yeah, for the video, just we
don’t have a jack, you know. – Well, wouldn’t you need a shovel? – Janeen, if that was with a
zinger, we would need a shovel. That’s why maybe I’ll
just hop in with you, go down to the Home Depot, you swing us back here, we’ll pop that. – I’m sorry, I have a
really important meeting. – I fully understand, fully understand. Rain check on that, on the drink? Okay, probably can’t hear me over the car but, I’ll get you back. – [Cameraman] Ask me to bring a jack. – I thought you were just
gonna grab it on the way over– – [Cameraman] Why would I grab it– – Why would you not?
(tire bursting) Janeen, Janeen? Hey, hey are–
– What was that? – What was it, was it a sound? – Yeah, is that a tire? – Sure it’s one of those tires, I had nothing to do with up here. – [Man] Got a flat tire? – [Janeen] Yes.
– [Walter] What, nope. – [Janeen] Yes.
– I can help you out. – [Janeen] Oh my God.
– [Walter] Oh no, no no no. – [Janeen] Thank you so much. – [Man] I got the jack
and a spare right over– – [Walter] Hey, don’t want to put you out. Okay, guy?
– It’s no problem. – [Walter] It’s kind of a problem. – I’ll be right back. – You made that look so easy. – [Man] Oh, it was nothing, really. You know, it actually looks like someone punctured your tire. – Step four is, step four, of course. Well, Gregg kind of already
put the new tire back on. So there, fill in the
blanks there, I guess. Special guest coming out of nowhere. I’ll take that from you here. – Actually that’s mine. – That’s his, that’s right. Gregg’s got the jacks. Okay, we’ll all just wrap stuff up here. – [Janeen] Can I buy you lunch, please? – [Gregg] Oh, no,
please, you are too kind. – [Janeen] No, I mean,
listen I’m about to make my– – Step five. Should be all wrapped up here, just gonna clean up if you guys wanna– Janeen, I’ll see you for
that drink there on Tuesday. – I’ll see you at the office, okay? – There’s good too. – [Gregg] Good luck, tire guy. – And Gregg is here too, so. That’s how to change a
tire in five easy steps. So, thanks for watching that, I guess.

99 thoughts on “This Is How Trying To Impress Your Office Crush Massively Backfires

  1. Made me cringe so hard I retracted into myself and caused a black hole from the rapidly condensing matter. There’s a hole the size of Rhode Island where I was; now, I’ve moved to a new universe through the wormhole, and you can’t disprove it

  2. If the camera man would have done his gosh darned job and brought the jack, Gregg would be jamming alone to Michael McDonald records and a glass of six dollar Pinot Noir while Walter courted Janine to a romantic three course dinner at the Olive Garden. I’m peeved, to say the least.

  3. Gus isn’t here so…

    If you or a loved one has been affected by a car, please follow him on twitter at @Gusbuckets

    Edit: god damn it Gus

  4. I have so many questions!!!
    1. She was just going to leave her door open for this guy to raid her apartment?
    2. Where’s the yard they were going to dig up?
    3. Neither guy had their own car?
    4. Couldn’t get any farther than slashing the tire after an hour? What were they doing the whole time?
    5. Why was the neighbor standing in front of the car as it was pulling out?


  5. Will Janeane ever be his? In the next episode let talk about building a play house for your ungrateful kids.

  6. It's really unsafe to sit in the car like that while it's still on a jack (even a sturdy rig like the one featured here.) Other than that, it was an excellent video.

    Gus's Dad

  7. I said this to Comedy Central and I’ll say it to you. DO NOT let go of our boy Bus Jackson he is a comedy goldmine.

  8. Yay Gus
    Boo funny or die
    I have no idea what that title has to do with anything in the video. Is this some search engine optimization stuff?

  9. Man Walter Brown looks just like the popular youtuber gus johnson. How weird is that huh?

  10. Gregg is such a cockblock. Walter put in the time. It's his turn for that p***y, not Gregg's.

    Because that's how that works, amirite fellas?

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