This is Everything I Own | July 2017 | Minimalist Update | Minimalist Apt Tour | Extreme Minimalism

– How’s it going to Jerebears? I’m Jera Sky, don’t forget to take a look around and
subscribe before you leave. Today, we are going to be talking about everything that I own. (upbeat music) We’re going to a candid tour, is that? That wouldn’t be candid
because then I wouldn’t know it was coming. Tour around the house in the way that it normally is, if that makes sense. So, I haven’t cleaned up really it’s kinda how it sort of is day to day. ‘Cause I thought if I cleaned it up you’ll really see how it
is, and all that stuff. I don’t know. Alright so let’s just it. Let’s just right here. This is my closet office,
yes, this is where I make tons of these videos, and
there is, boom, some of my recording equipment. There is my desk. This actually folds up and
converts into just this small square and fits into my backpack. I found this on Amazon. It is incredible. I did change my desk
from Hawaii, that other fold up one was too big ’cause then you see it extends to make
it bigger and smaller. And it is just awesome. Love it, love it. And it even gets taller,
too, telescoping legs. And so this my cushion
for when I sit outside, er not outside, but like
out in the other thing like if it’s cold, because
that floor is a lot colder since it’s cement
and then that wood stuff, but that cushion, it’s my
jacket, it’s my notes or my to do list stuff,
the book I need to read. This is all my tech gear,
chargers and stuff, hard drives, and what else, this is
just some of the clothes that I use frequently, my
ukulele that I don’t play. And, here is my backpack. That’s a cushion for Freckles
if he gets pushed around the versacart. Alright, in here we have my
earrings, the makeup that I bought for that Jenna Marbles video. There’s my lotion,
toothpaste, pair of scissors. I do have this thing
Brandon’s mom got me, has the earplugs. You can’t just buy two
apparently at the store. We just have all of those right now. I do switch them out a little
bit because they do get gross. And then, there’s my manic
panic stuff, my clippers, cotton swabs. I do have my conditioner, my
little foot pumice-y stone little scraper-y, cuticle
scraper things, soap, and that’s (mubling). (beeping) There’s my bed. I use, I usually use
one of my long sleeves, my sweatshirts for an eye
mask so I don’t have to have an eye mask anymore because
I found every time I had an eye mask I would get zits
in the area that it didn’t let my face breathe. So, no more to that. There’s the earplugs, my
pillow, charger for my laptop, this is an extension cord for
the light because it doesn’t, the damn thing doesn’t reach in there. Charger for my phone. This is if I wanna plug into the internet, if I have a big video
to upload, it just is so much faster than the wi-fi. Look at all the stuff
I am bringing to Japan that I don’t want to
forget, just some random stuff in here. So, that’s just random right now. And then this is pretty
much most of my stuff. My jacket, there’s my wig
to the Jenna Marbles video, I’m gonna have to shoot more
of those because I don’t waste just having that wig. There’s a couple of my
paintings that I don’t have up right now because I will be moving soon. A couple books I haven’t read yet. My hat, my bathing suit, and the couple pairs of undies that I do
have for what it’s that time of the month and some socks. Then, some other clothes,
slippers, another book, this is all my tax stuff from
the past like eight years or so. In that little thing, yeah. I do have another pair of
headphones, some more clothes, clothes. I have a lot of clothes
right now it feels like. And, this is more tech gear
for cameras, battery stuff, ridiculous, everything
comes with so much stuff. So, that’s all that, but
everything that is in that closet office of my
stuff, not including the light and the task cam, well, the
task cam might fit in there and the tripod. Would fit in there. My bed would fit in that. Like, all that stuff, plus
my bed and my pillow will fit into that suitcase
because I have done it. Because I have done it. I do have a lamp because
this place didn’t come with a lamp so I had to buy one. I had to buy one. This is all Brandon’s crap. Brandon’s crap. (mumbling) Um, this is my bowl, my knife, my spork. We do have some glasses that I used. I will make myself a
bunch of juice at once and then I’ll pack them all up. And it actually came from a
raw food box that I bought. There’s some Tupperware,
but technically that’s all Brandon’s stuff, so if I leave, it’s his. Well, what I think is his. This juicer is mine. Technically the rice
cooker is mine from making Freckle food. There’s my cutting board. The Blendtec is Brandon’s. That’s all Brandon’s stuff. Brandon’s got a lot of stuff, guys. Then this is my food stuffs. Dried fruits, all this
crap I gotta take right now that I hopefully can fix my
gut and I won’t have to take it no more. And I do have a versacart
for picking up groceries because you can see today, look at that. 20 pounds of carrots that I got. I get them every week
for juicing, huh Frecky? And then here’s my shoes. Got socks in them ready to go. These are the ones that
broke, I’m still waiting for Zero Shoes to email me back. They haven’t emailed me back yet. And then there’s those
stupid flip flips I had to buy at CVS for Vidcon, but I did order another pair of Zero Shoes. They should be here before I go to Japan. And that’s it. That’s it. That’s everything I own guys. Can you believe it? Most of it fits in that suitcase. The juicer may or may
not depending on how many clothes I have a certain time. I get a little clothes
crazy, but I think it’s still pretty low, pretty low
’cause like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, I did just donate stuff. This is a pair of pants. 17, 18, 19. What’s in here? 20, 21, 22, there’s a
beanie in there, 23, 24, 25. Holy (beeping). I have less than thirty items of clothes? Why does that feel like
I have so many things? I guess that’s just ’cause
I have a couple pairs of pants right now. Oh, then 26, yeah, so I have
like less than 30 pieces of clothing, that’s insane. That’s insane. So, that’s it guys. That’s everything that I own. Got more stuff? That’s Brandon’s. This is all Brandon’s stuff. Not my stuff, not my stuff. I’m more minimal than
Brandon, huh Brandon? Huh Brandon? I’m more minimal than you. – Yeah you are. – Yeah, that’s right. That’s right, that’s right. Lessons from the master. And then there’s my fruit, my fruit. Anything else I’m forgetting? No, I feel like there should be more. Oh my god, that makes
me feel so much better. I’m glad I did this. And then there’s my food. My lettuces and my mushrooms. Yeah, and oh my gosh, that’s it. I don’t have too much stuff. Alright guys, if you like this video give it a thumbs up, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, put
some comments in the comments section below, and
subscribe before you leave. Alright, I’m Jera Sky, I gotta go, woah! (upbeat music)

11 thoughts on “This is Everything I Own | July 2017 | Minimalist Update | Minimalist Apt Tour | Extreme Minimalism

  1. Hi Jera yet another real and inspirational video. I know you have done videos on Veganism before but i was wondering if you could do something specifically on Veganism from the point of view on health, food intollerences and digestive issues. I have just gone vegan recently for these reasons and it seems to be the only thing that is working. I have always had issues with iron stores and for the first time in my adult life I have normal levels. I would like to thank you as you were my inspiration to try Veganism in the first place so THANK YOU!!!

  2. I have about 30 items of clothing including all my underwear, socks, hat, gloves, coat and my work uniform. Getting dressed is so much easier than it use to be in the past but that's probably because I wear a work uniform most of the time 😂

  3. Get video my friend! Very inspiring to see, and see what is achievable when your mind is put to it. Also good to see you haven't ditched eating mushrooms after the pictures I sent you of how they grow 😂

  4. I like how you do these types of videos.
    Also I get inspired by the amount of things you have. Its not too extreme like under 100 things (at least it seems) but you also dont have an over abundance! Still paring my things down :p

  5. You are inspirational!! Absolutely love your channel ( just found it ) we have very similar ideals 🙂

    Also your hair is amazing!

  6. I hope your gut heals up good dear one.
    I have been taking Garden of Life Colon Care and has made a huge difference for me.

  7. Hi Jera, so interesting to see how you live. Thanks for sharing. I'm not a minimalist but I like listening to and watching podcasts and anything I can about it in order to help me let go. There don't seem to be many single women over forty transitioning from being wild op shop (what we call charity shops in New Zealand) enthusiasts to having less. It has taken me more than two years to stop compulsively buying things in op shops and I live in a really small space and so can't actually justify it at all. I wouldn't want to live in a room that echoes and really enjoy having a luxurious bed with great linen (and I'm also lucky that I live in NZ because some of the best beaches are only 45 minutes away). Thanks for the joy and enthusiasm you share. Candice.

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