The Star Wars Show Changes Things Up, Plus We Talk With Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things

[MUSIC PLAYING] – Today on “The Star
Wars Show,” we talk “Star Wars” with Gaten Matarazzo. We play with the
props from “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” plant
a flag on Mount Everest, and much more. – Hello and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” the only Star Wars show that is changing
things up for its fifth season in 2020. – See, normally, we’d
be tossing to the news, and we sure have a lot
to discuss since we’ve last spoken back in 2019. But I think the most
important bit of news is us. – You always think that. But we don’t mean the two of us. We mean more of, like, the royal
us, the “Star Wars Show” us. However, you may have
noticed something missing, and that’s the news. – Well, that was intentional. The news, as you’ve
noted, on this show isn’t necessarily going
away, but it’s changing. – See, “The Star Wars Show”
will still have reveals and first looks, but the weekly
news section is being moved out of this show and into its own
brand new weekly series called “This Week in Star Wars.” – It’s our very first spin-off,
and like all spin-offs, it has brand new faces to get to know. – Now, Andy and myself will
still be part of the “Star Wars Show” proper, but’s Kristin Baver will be taking
over delivering the news to you every week. – Yay! – Yay!
– Hey. Did you call me?
Did you guys call me? – Hello.
– Hey. – Hello. – Now, eagle-eyed fans will
already know Kristin’s face from countless interviews and
news articles on, her “Clone Wars
Rewatched” series, and a couple of appearances
on “The Star Wars Show” in the past. – And who better to
helm the new show than one of the people writing
the news in the first place? – That’s right. Beginning tomorrow and
every Thursday thereafter, I will be hosting “This Week
in Star Wars,” bringing you the “Star Wars” news and
information you crave in a quick and snappy
rundown of the week that was in “Star Wars.” – But that’s not
all you’re doing. – That’s true. I’m also going to be
appearing as a moderator every now and again on
“The Star Wars Show” during the new
roundtable segments, leading the discussions with the
creators and personalities that make “Star Wars.” Which also means, since
I’m moderating this month, I guess I should
actually probably go. – Yeah.
– So I’m just gonna– – Sure.
– OK. Bye, guys. – Bye, Kristin. And much like bringing Kristen
on to take over the news, you’ll be seeing more faces from
around the company than just the two of us,
hosting events, doing field packages, et cetera. – The more the
merrier, as they say. That’s what they say. New year, new show, and
the more the merrier. Those are the two
things they say. – Mm-hmm. – So that brings us to the
biggest change this “Star Wars Show,” and that is the
move from once a week to once a month. – Which also means that “The
Star Wars Show” will have the room and time needed to make
even bigger and better episodes while still delivering new and
breaking news on the internet every week. – And boy, oh, boy,
do we have a lot of fun stuff planned for 2020. – So to recap– a new episode of
“The Star Wars Show” will air on the last
Wednesday of every month, and our new show, “This
Week in Star Wars,” will air every week on
Thursday beginning tomorrow. – If you thought 2019 was
wild, get ready for 2020, because we’re
about to get weird. – Real weird. – Buckle up, baby. – Gonna be a wild ride. – We’ll be right back. Hey, Kristie, you
want this so bad? Take it. “Ewoks: The Musical” Ewoks– see them like you’ve
never seen them before. Ewoks– feel every
confusing emotion. The theatrical
award-eligible experience. In a word– Ewoks. [OPERATIC SINGING] Ewoks, at the
Galaxies Opera House. Get your tickets today. I’m very thrilled to
be joined in the studio this week by Gaten Matarazzo. – What’s up, guys? – Welcome, sir.
– Thank you. Thanks for having me. – I’m excited to have you
because I think any day now, “Stranger Things” is
gonna become huge for you. – Maybe one day.
– I think it’s gonna– – At some point. – If you stick with it long
enough, I think it’ll pay off. – I think so.
It has to get some momentum. [LAUGHING] – I mean, obviously,
everybody loves this thing, and something that I
look at, you’re 17, yeah? – Yes. – You’re 17, and
part of your job is to go real deep
on pop culture that 40-year-olds get into.
– Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. – Is that something
that you enjoy, or is that something
that you’re kind of like, I’d rather be, like,
digging into my own stuff? – A good portion of
it I really enjoy. And honestly, I’m so
used to it at this point. I’ve been diving into that side
of pop culture since I was 12. I was cast when I
was 12 years old. Urgh.
– Yeah. [LAUGHS] – Urgh, oh, my god,
It’s been a while. – This 17-year-old is sitting
next to me and lamenting the passage of time.
– Yeah, no– – That’s cool. I feel fine. I feel fine. – No, but is it just me,
or does it feel like– it feels like yesterday.
That’s why. – Yeah. – I have a love of old
games, of old video games. – Bless your heart.
– Oh, yeah. I’m great at “Pac-Man.” I love “Galaga.” – So you’re big into old games.
– Yeah. – You’re big into old films. Were you a “Clone
Wars” kid before you got into “Stranger Things?” Had you– – Oh, yeah, right? I hadn’t watched “Clone Wars”
much until after it had ended. – OK, yeah, sure. – The thing is, like, I watched
“A New Hope” when I was four. – Nice.
– I was four years old. – You had good parents. – For the first time
when I was four, yeah. I watched it once,
and I was like, meh. – [LAUGHS]
– Seriously, I was like, meh. And I was seven. I was seven years old, and
my uncle from Michigan, my mom’s twin brother,
came down for the summer. And he educated me. And he was like,
all right, sit down. And I’ve been
obsessed ever since. And then my mom’s like, you
ready to watch “Empire”? I had seen “A New
Hope” like eight times. I’m like, what’s “Empire?” And then she played it. I was like, there’s more! And I was opened
to this huge world. As I got older, like,
studying movies, I became obsessed and watched
them over and over again. And like, I got,
like, how many toy– I don’t really know how
many toy lightsabers I got for Christmases and
birthdays over the years. I got Obi Wan’s. I learned how to, like,
swing around a lightsaber, and I would watch Ewan
McGregor do all of his fancy, like, the Ani-Obi. You know, like learn to do
all the fancy moves and stuff. – So you’re good. So you’re kind of– you can kind
of do a little bit of it, yeah? Oh, yeah. Oh, you have no idea. Well the thing is, I always go
outside and, look, by myself and just pretend I was a
Jedi knight, all by myself. And I would take out
swarms of storm troopers. And it was the time of my life. And I just, like,
learned how to, like, swing it around and,
like, keep balances and stuff. – See, original trilogy,
when I was a kid and we were watching
the original trilogy, it had not gotten
quite as choreographed. – Exactly, yeah. – I used to go outside as
a kid do the angry Luke. – Durr, durr! – The angry, crying, Luke. – Yeah, “Return of
the Jedi,” like, Wa! [LAUGHS]
– Wa! Wa!
[LAUGHS] – That was my favorite! – And like, slamming down. [LAUGHS] – That’s my favorite lightsaber
duel, is the end of “Return.” Because as much as
“Empire” is just pivotal, there’s so much raw emotion. Mark’s performance in
that duel is just so good. – It’s so good. – And just like, you
can see him feel angry. You can see like he’s tempted. – Yeah. – That’s what I love about “Star
Wars” as a whole, is just– and still love about
Luke specifically, and why I think Luke is just
one of the greatest characters written in cinema history,
is that he’s a hero, sure, and he always fights for
good and fights for justice, but he’s tempted.
– Yeah. – Like anybody would be. – I love that. You were into the
OT, even though you could have very
easily been a kid that had seen the prequels first. – I’m just so glad that I didn’t
know who Anakin was before I knew who Darth Vader was.
– Mm-hmm. – If you watch
“Phantom Menace” before you’ve seen the
originals, just who cares about that little kid? – [LAUGHS] – And then like you’re curious
as to, like, Qui-Gon’s so set on training him. I’m like, what
happens with Qui-Gon? That’s Obi-Wan. He trains Anakin. – What happens Qui-Gon?
Yeah. [LAUGHS] – Yeah, I remember the first
time I watched it, I’m like, I like Qui-Gon, and I don’t
know what happens, and I’m not excited to find out.
– Yeah. Going into the prequels, you
know it’s not gonna end well. – Yeah, and I think
that’s what’s fun, is I always like things
that go a little darker. That is one of the things that
I like about your series, too. – Oh, thanks. – Is it’s like, cool, yeah,
these are kids, but let’s– – It seems as if it’s just
getting more into that. And as it progresses,
it can only get worse. – Right. – From what we’ve seen and what
we know from three, and just like everything
that’s been set up, I can’t imagine the firestorm
that’s about to come. I’m so excited for it. – We know that it’s coming. We don’t know what’s going on.
But– – I don’t know what’s going on.
– Yeah. [LAUGHS]
– Yeah, I– – But we’re excited?
– I haven’t read it. I have not read it. I don’t want to
until I get there. I don’t know when that is or
what it’s going to be like, but I don’t want to know. – You heard it here first. Actor Gaten Matarazzo
will only read his script the moment he gets to set. – At the moment I need to. No, no, no, no, no. – He never prepares. – [LAUGHS] – He does no work ahead of time. – It’s true. – This kid, this kid, he’s just
playing “Zelda” in his trailer. He says, let me know
when I’m supposed to shoot a “Stranger Thing.”
– You know what? Let me know when I show up.
– He does work– I didn’t mean to–
– I’m– – It was a joke.
– I do– – He works very hard. He works very hard. I did want to mention,
before we end things here, “Prank Encounter.”
– Uh-huh. – When I heard “prank show,”
I got a little worried. – Oh, did you? – But this was something
totally different. When I watched the first couple
episodes, I was like, yes! – Oh, I’m glad. I’m glad you like it. – For people that aren’t
familiar with it, you’re doing, like, real-life
kind of big-budgety, like, sci-fi and horror stuff. – Yeah, it’s sci-fi
horror themed. You never can predict
what’s gonna happen. – Yeah. – Because you go in
there, and you’re like, OK, this is what
we should expect. But there are gonna be
people reacting on instinct, and so you’re gonna have to
be able to think on your feet. – That’s excellent, man. It is so much fun. So “Prank Encounters”
and “Stranger Things” one, two, and three. You can watch it on
Netflix right now. And then, just look
right in that camera and tell us when “Stranger
Things Four” comes out. Just date–
– [LAUGHS] – Just date and time. – [LAUGHS]
– Just date and– – Just say it. – Just go– no, you
just go ahead and you– all right, Gaten Matarazzo. – [LAUGHS] – And season four is coming out. – It’s coming out eventually. – [BEEP] – Move along. – We are joined with
Lucasfilm archivist Madlyn. You’re back. – Hi. We’re so excited
because this means that we get to see fun new
things from the fun new movies. What have you got for us? – Well, this is a new
design for our Sith trooper. I have a feeling you’re
gonna really enjoy this one. Would you like to
pull the trigger? – Yes.
– Oh. [LAUGHS] – We also have– – Ooh. – Oh. Is this for jet troopers? – That’s hefty!
– Yes! – Wow. – This is for the jet troopers. This is a projectile launcher. I think this is your new design
for your T-shirt cannon, yeah? – Looks like it. – This is a Resistance blaster. – Andy, I’m going to
let you do the honors. – OK, thank you. [CLICK] – Hoo! – Oh, that’s got
the clicky in it! – That is satisfying. – This is Jan’s blaster. – It’s got like an old, 1900s
blunderbuss-y, steampunk-y thing going with it. – Another character that we
see in “The Rise of Skywalker” who is an oldie but a goodie– I have a feeling you’re
gonna figure it out. – Is this Lando?
– That’s for Billy D. – [LAUGHS] – Billy D has touched this. [GASPS] Of course. – Ooh, that– – Of course Lando has this. Look at the pearl on the handle! – Mother of pearl inlay.
– Oh! – Yeah. – So what you’re about
to see was originally seen in “A New Hope.” – That’s a dejarik piece. – Phil Tippett, who built
the initial dejarik pieces for “A New Hope,” he
actually researched the original chess pieces
to rebuild them for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” So now that they’ve been
used in the sequel trilogy, we have them here
in the archives. He has an armature built inside
for adding mechanisms in order to move them as needed. – Like, that’s not one I’m
gonna be allowed to touch. – That’s incredible. – So we’ve got a handful more. – I’m doing, like, the childhood
field trip to the museum thing where I’m keeping my
hands behind my back and clasping them so I don’t
accidentally reach out. – Oh, this guy,
Houjix is his name. – Yes to that guy. – Oh, cool. – He’s got teeth in his claws. – This is Mantellian Savrip. – Oh, wow. – Look at his little neck hairs! – Very, very detailed. So the next item might be
one of my favorite props from this film. This is Lando’s cane. – Look at my hair go
up on end for that! – It really did. – It really did! – Look, he has goosebumps. You are such a nerd! – That looks so good, though. – It’s really beautiful. What does the
engraving say on it? – The engraving says,
Baron Landonis Calrissian. When you look at this
cane from the side– – Does that look– this is– – It looks like Cloud City. – Looks like Cloud City. So this is the homage to Lando
being the Baron of Cloud City. Does that feel good? – Yeah, it does. – Do you feel like a baron? – I do you feel like a baron,
even more so than usual. – This is Jenna’s
quiver full of arrows. – That is so fly. – I like the texturing on
the storm trooper piece is really interesting
and unique, though. – And last but not least– – Oh! – [LAUGHS] – Goodness me! – Wow. – See a heavy blaster
for a Sith trooper. That’s a very large weapon
for normal-size dudes. – That’s one way to end this.
Thank you. [LAUGHTER] Thank you so much for showing
us all these amazing props. – You’re watching
“The Star Wars Show” [MUSIC PLAYING] – Hey, everyone. I’m’s Kristin
Baver, and joining me today are Emily Shkoukani,
Anita Walas, Pete Vilmur, and Orion Kellogg. 2019 was an amazing
feat for everyone at this table and
everyone in this company. We would be remiss if we didn’t
talk about “The Mandalorian.” And again, I know nobody
here at this table worked on “The Mandalorian”
directly, but– – I can’t claim to have worked
on it, but I wish I could. – Right.
– Right? – “Mandalorian” feels
like the “Star Wars” that exists in my head canon. It’s the “Star Wars” that
I’ve been trying to make. – It was inspired by some
of the things that, maybe, George was inspired by for
the first film– you know, your lone wolf and cub,
your spaghetti westerns, your samurai movies–
all those things mixed into one and
delivered in this incredibly awesome package. – I totally agree, where it’s
going back to just kind of like almost narrowing down the scope
of “Star Wars” to be like– my mom calls, it’s
just a father and his son traveling the galaxy. – Right? – It’s relatable. – Yeah, and it’s, like, totally
relatable characters, where you are in this expansive
universe, and you have so much backstory to it, but
you are just focused on these two characters. And also, my mom,
like, does not care about anything “Star Wars.” And like literally, every
Thursday, did you watch it yet? [LAUGHTER]
Did you watch it? We’re gonna watch it. And I’m like, OK. So she’s just, like,
in love with it. But I was on the phone,
and she’s like, yeah, it’s just like a father and his son. They’re traveling the galaxy. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. Then they go, I’ll go to this
planet, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. And I was like, I’m happy you
finally like “Star Wars,” mom, and you’re getting into it. And so I think it definitely,
like, just cracked open a whole new audience for
people who, you know, this is the first time
they’re seeing “Star Wars,” and that’s what
they’re watching. – Let’s turn a little bit to
“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.” You and your team worked,
you know, pretty tirelessly to pull this thing together. Can you talk about, you
know, what your perspective is, being on the inside? – You know, the most rewarding
part about working on this with so many talented people
was that it seems like people did connect with the story. We were on Branca and Bogano
and going places people hadn’t seen, and wrestling
with themes that we hadn’t wrestled with before. I don’t want to spoil it, but
I’m really proud of the way the journey ends up and
what possibilities there are for Kal in the future. – Can we talk about
going to Dathomir? – Sure. Dathomir I think,
looks incredible. You know, it’s just
space, obviously, we’re borrowing from
animation and the way that Dave and team
brought it to life. And I think that the Respond
team just really fulfilled every ounce of that promise. Fighting Nightbrothers, they’re
really exciting enemies. A lot of variety there. But then, getting to meet a
Night Sister is incredible. – Dathomir is
important for people who saw “The Clone Wars.” But if you haven’t, you’re
like, this is a cool planet! – Yeah, right?
– Totally. – You know? And you’re just like, yeah,
that person looks like Maul. – Right?
– That’s cool, you know? If you have the knowledge
to know more about it, you have it. And if you don’t, it’s not
like you’re left behind. And Emily, a big part of your
job is also helping to helm and shepherd the continuity
on books, publishing, comics– you know, that
massive thing that we do here with publishing. – Yeah. You put out a tremendous
amount of books leading up to “The Rise Of Skywalker.” There was “The Rise
of Kylo Ren” comic, which was making some waves. – Yes, it is making some waves. It’s still coming out, so– – It is. It is. I don’t know how it ends. – Yes. It kind of gets into the
backstory of, again, the rise of Kylo Ren as the title. – As the title suggests. – You know? So you see the fall of Ben
Solo, which is super cool. But like, and then, I guess
it’s super cool if you’re into him being Kylo Ren. It’s also super
sad if you wanted him to be Ben Solo, right? It’s kind of paralleling
Anakin’s fall. We always look to make
those parallels throughout. And that’s really a big part
of, like, what the story group does, is make sure that it
all feels like this really big cohesive story, no
matter how, you know, small something is– like one
issue of “The Rise Kylo Ren.” – Yeah, again, I think that’s
an important part for the folks at home, right? Is like we don’t
feel as, you know, the content creators,
I don’t think, feel restricted by
any of the continuity. We don’t have to change
the story we want to tell. We just have a lot of
resources to plug into to tell the story that we want to tell. And it has a lot of
richness if we do it right. – Yeah. – So just switching gears to
talk about the amazing event and the feat that was the
world premiere of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” I still feel like a total noob
when I come to these things, like– – This is actually
a blue carpet. – This was a blue carpet. You’re right, you’re right. And this event was really
special, because not only was it the end of the
Skywalker saga, but we also were able to invite
120 fans from all 50 states. – Well, we actually had–
we actually had more like 200 fans that we got to invite. But what was special
is we got 120 of them in costume, which is
a feat, representing all films of the
saga, and from all 50 states in the United
States, as well as a handful from international. So it was a really
great, great experience and a wonderful
opportunity to get a lot of fans who
otherwise wouldn’t be invited to one of these. So it was fantastic. – Why do you feel like
it’s important to have fans at an event like that,
and also fans in costume at an event like that? – Because these films
are made for them. This is what it’s all about. And of course, we enjoy all the
energy they bring, of course. – We feed off it.
– We really do. [LAUGHTER]
We really do. I mean, this is for them. – That’s how we stay alive. – This is basically
our thank-you to the fans for supporting us
through the years, you know? We want to give him
this special experience, and we’re glad to be able to
do it and continue to do it. – So with “Star Wars:
The Rise of Skywalker” being the end of
the Skywalker saga, how does it change your
experience being a fan watching the film now that you also
work at Lucasfilm and it is part of your day-to-day? – I actually– well,
I didn’t actually know anything about the movie. I was– somehow, I
worked in PR, and I was able to avoid most spoilers. I didn’t read the script. I chose not to, and
I was glad not to. – After seeing “The Rise
of Skywalker,” I was like, I have so many more ideas now
for what we could tell stories on, because it has
introduced so much more lore to the Star Wars galaxy,
and it’s like so unexplored. And it’s really not my
job to create this story. This is more so my job to
manage those stories afterwards. But I’m, like, so excited. I can’t wait to really get
into, what does this mean? What does that mean? Like, what are we gonna do
with all this new information? – I think another really
exciting thing about “Jedi: Fallen Order” is this long,
non-linear interactive experience that feels one way. Then you go watch “Mandalorian,”
and it’s just so personal. And then you go to “Rise of
Skywalker,” and it’s just epic, and the scale is incredible. And every possible
thing you could imagine is there and then some. And it just reminds you
how many possibilities there are for storytelling. And so I think there’s lots
of great stuff to come. – Thank you so much
for joining us. It was amazing to hear all of
these different perspectives from .com, and from story,
and from games, and from PR, and also just from a
bunch of fans getting together and getting to
talk about “Star Wars” for a little bit. – Totally. [BEEPING] – That was a fun little show! – Yeah, absolutely! [LAUGHING] – Oh! Coming in hot! Look who decided to join us. – You know, man, I can’t
tell if it’s cool or pathetic that you’re still
wearing your wardrobe from your cameo, your small
cameo in “The Mandalorian.” – Bro, you know they blew you
up after, like, three seconds after you rolled onscreen. You’re kinetically
dead in that outfit. – Yeah, Mr. Big Shot
Hollywood guy, hitting shins, thinks he’s the kind of
“Star Wars” now, huh? – You have a trailer? Should we end the show? – Sure. – We hope you enjoyed the new
and improved “Star Wars Show,” and we’d love to hear what you
think in the comments below. Plus, if you have
any ideas for what you want to see on this new,
extended version, let us know. – Also remember to check out
“This Week in Star Wars,” starting tomorrow and
continuing every Thursday for the “Star Wars” news
and information you crave. – And as always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and until we
see you again next month, stay cool, my babies. – [LAUGHS] Thanks for watching,
and may the force be with you. – I like this clap
that you were doing. – This is the– – Like excited
Anthony slash seal. – Yeah, like a toddler. I’m excited like a toddler
for this new thing, and I hope that you are too. [ENGINE BLASTOFF] [BEEP] – How does he even get
this stuff into a trailer? – If he has a trailer and an
elevator, I’m gonna be so mad. – What if you just have, like,
a real beefy dude standing there to lift him into the door? – You’ve been asking
for that for years. – I know! – I mean, they will
give it to you. They give it to him?

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    Again: having 2 days of The Star Wars Show with that new format is way better than having just one in previous years! 🙂
    I hope to hear any exciting news soon from you guys so stay safe and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

  14. It would be so awesome if gaten gets cast in Star Wars in the future for some reason I see him as a mechanic idk😂

  15. This is just an elaborate scheme to wean us off our weekly fix of Andi Gutz. It's not the same since Rebels Recon ended!

  16. Pls give her the green sabers back she deserves the Green sabers for one last time like the book pls give her the greensabers

  17. You know this style of filming where a person is talking to you(the audience) and yet looking away from the camera is utterly ridiculous. I'm not sure how this became a thing.

  18. Well that means less Andi and Anthony. I'm still watching this show because of these two since the last exciting thing about Star Wars was Rogue One. Oh, and all things Filoni. But that's it. Gonna miss you guys!

  19. At the suggestion of the hosts, I believe a segment that might interest fans is a BTS segment! Meaning, taking a few minutes to look at BTS footage from the Star Wars saga – growing up I loved the special features discs and seeing things like how the Anakin and Obi-Wan fight was created (choreography, CGI, etc.), seeing how the ship models were made for the OT and more. Not sure how this would fit into the show, but this would be like an archival segment. I’m sure there’s plenty of BTS footage we haven’t seen that’s archived somewhere!
    Love the new changes to the show!

  20. How long until Disney finally commits to the 3nnew movies being a reboot/alternate universe, and not a continuation?

  21. Really disappointed that this show is going to once a month, I really think you guys are shooting yourself in the foot with this move. This show has everything you need in one place, it’s fast paced, brings you news and always something fun too.

  22. Love the prop segments the most but getting insight from lucasfilm employees and creators is a welcomed addition!

  23. After several days with your Comments Sections disabled, you think that you're safe? Guess Again!






  24. So at the table he said every thing you can imagine and more about rise of Skywalker so did they watch duel of dates or jj cut 😂

  25. That round table was really great! Made me emotional at the end. The end of 2019 was SW on all cylinders. Jedi Fallen Order, Mando, Ep IX… all three different eras totally different storytelling venues and ALL STAR WARS!

  26. Show ideas….How about doing some deep dives into 80s, 90s, and early 2000s folks that haven't been seen in awhile, or maybe rarely interviewed at all? Get Lawrence Holland and Ed Kilham (TIE Fighter) on the show…Kevin J. Anderson, and his memories of writing Tales of the Jedi and the Jedi Academy books…Dan Wallace…Bill Smith, Peter Shweighofer, Bill Slaviscek and some of the old guys from West End Games/Wizards of the Coast…Justin Chin from LucasArts (Dark Forces/Jedi Knight)…Steve Perry (Shadows of the Empire)…Michael Stackpole (the X-wing novels)….There is TONS of old chestnuts you can dig out of obscurity, and it would be a lot of fun to see these guys reflect back on their contributions to Star Wars…

  27. Watching them both geek out on star wars is so wholesome

    Also i luv star wars cast guests and stuff, but inviting someone from stranger things is so cool

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