Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Tales of Monkey Island for more point-and-click adventure game action. We
are right back where we left off in Club 41 and we’re gonna try and get Guybrush
his body back if we can. And so I’m thinking that we’re gonna have to find a
way back into that jail cell again now because hopefully Bug-Eye is in the cell
that we were in and we’ll be able to get into that other cell as the body. But to
do that we’re gonna have to go back to the gateway aren’t we? As ghost Guybrush
take over the body again using the voodoo lady’s locket and then ask to go
to prison again and hopefully we’ll get Chuck to me off a cell that’s my
thinking behind one doing whether or not it will turn out that way I don’t know
we’ll just have to see I suppose as it’s always the way with these games it’s all
about trial and error sometimes rather than just thinking hmmm which suits me
quite well doesn’t it sometimes the thinking part of my brain doesn’t do
particularly well so here we go list it through this rip now that we’ve talked
about that I don’t know what I’m talking about
we’re gonna come through here you’re gonna get good old mini slow yes to
press that button again there we go some think what we got to do is get the
mug what’s with the zombie racism man bring it on grant from I’m sure to the
south right bring it on grandeur and grandeur um what the hell okay so yes sir is the
odorant still on there believe me but again taken to prison
didn’t we I forgot we have to select thousand so let’s try it again Oh jerk around or I’ll take you down
myself ghosts are one thing but I really hate
zombies okay I surrender I surrender you terrific off to jail with you good
take that’s jail with us where I wanna go
fingers crossed Buckeye is in the cell that we were in last night yes
shut your cheese holes zombie boy you’re the reason I’m in here you know all
right all right if you say so right so what I want to do is take some
of this literally everything I can’t believe I’m actually about to do this Oh disgusting
it tastes like ear wax that’s no didn’t do anything
guess that wasn’t the spirit gum Oh yeeah would come to the spirit gum the
stalactite of gum looks pretty fresh it’s not the spirit come hmm dust spit
just a hint of lavender otherwise that’s completely tasteless all right so that
must not be the one can we take this muck lay off the bangin ER I’m gonna
shove that mug up your blowhole freaking breathe oh this just isn’t the same oh I
feel a deep possession coming on right okay I quickly want to have a look at
this poster hey look at that a gaping round hole in the wall the
Buddha lady Oh convenient so this is a escape tunnel oh no we run out of time
welcome back sir you know every time I pass out in jail they haul my body back
to the bar it redecorated you think I should go back as a ghost and check out
my body mmhmm yeah who knows what strange party favors that
dress my body up in next let’s do advice mr. Winslow no we’re gonna have to go
back there right so are we do get the muck that’s annoying what do you do with
this luckily my spiritual license smells of
lavender and honey lavender of honey nice like that sorry lavender and honey
so I’m guessing that’s a little him and we have to go back let’s try going back
anyway I don’t think the game would tell us that unless we needed to do it so
let’s head back to swordfight in error I think it is isn’t it yeah that’s where
we were when we stayed with okay I wonder if we can go through that tunnel
if not I’m gonna need our body to do that so maybe we can possess the body go
back to jail and walk through the tunnel it’s possible at work right that really
seems we’ve done anything particularly bad that’s she done anything to him
bullseye hasn’t seen any action in quite some time a testament to judge grind
stumps assassin like focus doesn’t really look like it is it always holding
around we figured you were dead again so we just put you back here okay so can we
get him to do the thing now ewp hold on a tick I’ve almost got my stroke bag
boom I’m a scary ghost I’m a scary ghost right so oh I think we can do anything
call me if I remember right it just scares him yes there we go so we did it
question is can we take it beer no I need some ice cream in my crops to be
able to enjoy a cool refreshing root beer float ha ha ha I mean nice root
beer float somebody best be filling this mug with grog ok so does that mean we
can take over the body again and then use that to do something with the muck I
don’t know what we’ve got a deal with the muck it seems like we have more
invent space when we possess the body which makes sense I guess we can only
have things from like the spirit realm here I’ve got the jar as well I was
going to try and use that gateway I was going to try using that on those little
parrots because I thought after talking with frost gamer that maybe that was
something we had to do there’s a little theory even put together he actually
knows but doesn’t tell me the answers so sometimes I just bounce some ideas off
people trying to get my head around what I’m thinking so by all means leave me a
comment below the video and then I’ll probably bounce some theories off you
right press the by pressing the button again okay what happened to the muck we’ve got
it okay right we stashed it right let’s go back to the jail it wasn’t spirit
coming yeah what’s it let’s unless we have tea unless we can
pick the gum up with the hook we do have the muck of grog now I mean with my hook
it’ll tarnish it No okay can we use it on the other gum I’m not grabbing that
with my hook no it’ll tarnish it okay can we go
through this tunnel sweet lady freedom oh no we car so if we try to leave and
we leave this buddy see only thing I can really think of that we can do if we
possess the body now is talk to bug eye fly back guess they just hang it right I
surrender terrific off to jail with you yeah whatever so can we talk to bug-eye is there
anything else you can click on there’s the entirely flavorless gum the
wads of chewing gum then the escape tunnel now a bug I owe you right so what
do we do like we had to do something with thee with the gum I’m guessing
because we needed the spirit gum but where are we gonna get it this isn’t
spirit gum just tastes like cat litter okay maybe there’s off a bit to try mmm
rotten clam flavor no spirit gum here right let’s just try clicking on it over
and over again to see if any of them are the spirit gum this way well let’s see
yes this is a very violent squid ink this certainly is a spirit gum it’s not
gray stuff in here blueberry I don’t care for blueberry and it’s not the
spirit so this one’s entirely flavorless right it’s completely flavorless and not
spirit gum oh and it’s already been in someone else’s mouth so how do we come
you know it let’s see how spirit gum reacts to a
little okay whoo that brings back unpleasant memories what happened hey
now this is delicious and tingly and okay keep it down over there whoa spirit day I’m guessing cuz we put
the root bear on it it made it so that can we like use this in some way I guess
it made it because Topsy body bear on it made it like veedu powered because reper
has a weird effect on Voodoo doesn’t it so now I’ve guess we’ve binded the body
and theis the ghost or the soul so get ready to be touched
to death okay pointy death finally I beat you that stings do you think I’m
some kind of date I’m trying to pick it up has enough demonic power in it to bring
down a god did you think we’d let you get your hands on it
Oh seriously who uses the word don’t anymore
yeah exactly just one swipe that sword has completely obliterates your body I
haven’t made such a pest of yourself I wanted you alive to see me marry
Elaine I told you a million times the Chuck I’m already married to you parked
three port and that part has already been taken care of
kind of has a point please dispose of this irritating corpse hate to say every
does oh oh she can use it please don’t stab me again took me ages to get this
body back what what the hell Winslow and Buckeye I have a wedding ceremony to
plan a dress to pick out for a reception to arrange and some rides mates to slow
job I don’t have time for me well maybe this is the showdown then I thought it
was a couple of episodes ago where maybe this is it it looks like we’re setting
up for all-out battle doesn’t it Wow okay if you say so it’s sponge I like
you better when you were smaller I’ve got to shrink that sponge your best shot
I’ll give you a head start just know this except maybe through that escape
tunnel okay can we have our body in there was it time you lost some weight I still
have my Feast of the senses spell on my body there’s need to find someone who
can help me reverse it rise we’ve got a reverse it so there’s the sponge sponge
a grande is sucking up the voodoo energy from the crossroads and transferring it
till a Chuck maybe I can just push it nope right so we’ve got to find a way
for reversing the spell can we look at it it’s the Feast of the census spell I
once used to make a lot of underground a big I need to find someone who can help
me reverse the spell it’s gonna be the Voodoo lady I’m guessing problem is how
do we find the Voodoo lady again I’m gonna start throwing all my stuff at
that sponge unless I know it’ll do something good unless she went through
the escape tunnel let’s try go in no we’ve been through
the escape tunnel too didn’t we we didn’t physically do it ourselves let’s see if we can find the Voodoo lady
them if not maybe Morgan or have an idea let’s head up here yeah because we left
through the escape tunnel didn’t mean to get out of prison so it’s not gonna be
through there okay well Morgan’s not here how can we take
that sword here let’s try that actually see units we’re here let’s try and take
that sword oh we can’t actually select it seem to remember I said that before
actually right so not here that hoodoo lady was here though wasn’t she
that’s the craps so let’s go to the feed stem and see if he can help us out our
friend will take that box no friend notice anything different
turns out I’m now not dead excuse me what is it friend there’s something
behind you there’s something where can we take this no no so we’ve now become
two of them in the chucks incarnation 7 we we did the ghost pirate and we’re now
the zombie I gotta go come back soon friend so I wonder if
we’re going to become a fire demon to sort of complete the circle
it’s possible right okay does this guy have any ideas the treasure hunt
fantastic nice I wonder if we can can we get these
guys now cuz we tried using the jar on them before I think it’s the only
treasure I’m gonna get it stupid cursed whispery parrot but we couldn’t use the
jar on them then we need something to catch them from range wasn’t that yet
let’s try using the jar on them now No shoot this jar be a great place to keep
the tiny squawkers but I can’t get close enough to catch up okay we can’t get
close enough to catch them who was through here again oh yeah it’s this place I wonder if we
can pick things up Oh Threepwood Oh spirit finding must be messing with my
she’s a dead seagull now that’s just weights nekima free conceal my
whereabouts and communicate through the vessels of nature’s works
you picked a dead seagull a perfect place to go unnoticed this is a flick
could be more useful I need to do a flatus Punja Grande so I need to shrink
the sponge I have the Feast of the senses but I don’t want to make it any
bigger the opposite in fact I’m sorry so how do we do that reversals 201 at
Hector’s Community College guy rush yes ask around I’m a zombie what the heck am
i anyway I feel one step removed from a zombie
you are no stranger to the reanimation of corpses you are now familiar with the
form that natok has known we hope so you’re saying amazon defining such
states is folly in the realm of Voodoo if you insist yeah anything I should
know about the in Assam me anything else I should know about being a zombie
are you flush with zombie advice I’m getting somewhere
but such powerful reanimation is outside of the realm of
it requires something March already a four headed monkey but I’m afraid I
don’t know either the spirits he compelled to reconstitute
itself that is all I can share interesting that Seco really Elena is a
demon bride if you do has really done a number on you okay add Etsy go ready I’m
having a hard time getting over this dead seagull thing it’s very weird
oftentimes in life it is not where the message comes from but the message
itself yeah Elena’s a demon bright sure you’ve
heard by now but Elaine is a demon bride of lechuck your wife’s ways are her own
her fate compelled by unknown forces she’s a bit of a loose cannon oh I agree
with you tree pulled aside from well my archenemy I generally appreciate the
sense you must make does not trust in the ways of Voodoo right your feet who
has really done a number on me it’s cause it’s true it’s really good we said
flow of the tides of our suffering cannot be controlled
where are you doing this to me what did I do to check your hide in fact I have most likely saved you
from yourself right what tell that to my shambling mess of a body
here how the truck is pretty angry if you hit turns out ever since the Chuck
got ahold of your diary he’s really had it in for you the dread pirate that
Chuck is not one for nuance says you know this guy brush
I got flotsam though he seemed pretty convinced you were evil what else
happened back on flotsam did he not slaughter you and your friend
Morgan the Flay in cold blood the truth is mad as usual I do not blame
him for his anger towards me or towards you it is expected and beyond his
control you think I must be sure that stress I know the whole time he was sort
of putting a plan together but part of me thinks he was telling the truth about
the veedu lady being behind things why I can’t walk and use the rips in the
crossroads related questions how come when I open the crossroads I could pass
through but Morgan couldn’t maybe you still have some connection to the
physical world that you are dating – no shred of my love life and that means
what Chuck kept the shred of life when he died – perhaps maybe we’ve got
destroyed that fred was his own I could be someone else’s shred why should I
believe any of this should I believe any of this fine you don’t have to I’ll be
going then hey Conan cuz this isn’t creeping me out
go I have said all I can at this time good luck guy brush do not let the
forces of ill will or the ignorance of others knock you from your path I know
it’s dead again it’s nasty right what’s that a dead
seagull feather let’s collect I had bird feather gross can we open this chest up
now yes we probably can’t talk now for our
next surprise let’s open it with the hook because that always works probably
wait now no it doesn’t like somebody was on their way to a little dress-up
contest how what now stop doing them in there you will find some of the things
that allowed their chat to get so close to your what look in there anymore
lechuck’s human form was most impressive but we can all use the help of Voodoo
from time to time interest is set in the Voodoo Department if it’s trust you seek
lechuck’s belt should do nicely don’t you find it strange of the trunk let
this stuff out here in the open I think you’d want to get rid of yeah
that is kind of weird is careless the Dessy not helping me trust her more or
is this some big plan again from the VD lady it’s what was that his belt buckle
let’s have a look yeah it’s the belt buckle the Chuck wore when he was human
funny how a smiling face always seems trustworthy even on the skull it’s true
actually what’s the do of the fireflies can we
catch these now that we’re a human well I saw them do you think I’ll be using
those to attack any salesman so I can just appreciate their luminescence can
we in some way capture them with this jar and I don’t think so no can we do
anything to the monkey now they’re hypnotized muggy no it doesn’t look like
it okay then so that seems like as good a place as any turn the episode so we
need to reverse the spell we used on a lot a sponger Grundy to make it small
again not really sure how we’re going to do that we’re going to have to explore
all of the areas through all the the rips I guess
speak to everyone just figure it out but that is gonna do it for this one guys so
as always thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click
on that like button it really does help channel to grow so I do appreciate it
make sure you hit that subscribe button and then I think notification bell if
you’re new or just haven’t heard so Allah see you all next time


  1. Surprised it took you awhile to figure out the rootbear damage soul part, but still good work, this is getting exciting now with the epic battle, hopefully guybrush plan works out, now you remember the 6 things needed to make the sponge grow right? Think of what be the opposite of them, for example, stinky paw smelly beauty, loud burp soft sounds and so, might work on the way of getting that sponge to shrink, and now that you can touch stuff, you’ll grab things you couldn’t before, so make good use for that.

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