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  1. Hey Pitmaster X, the Wüsthof Knives are my favorit knives too. I live close to Solingen so I have a full set: https://www.instagram.com/p/Btq-J0VBBXA/?igshid=wmdqsa973hqy

  2. Great set, I always look at your knives while you re cutting.In term of sharpening I just got a copy (aliexpress) of worksharp Ken Onion, and the results are insane (compared to my stone sharpening)

  3. like your videos PitmasterX just started BBQ using a charcoal grill so your videos have shown me alot of ways of using it.

  4. Postmaster X, you should consider having British blacksmith/YouTuber Alec Steele in Montana, USA, forge you a Damascus chefs knife.

  5. Wusthof makes really good knives. J. A. Henckels knives are also good, and are generally less expensive. Remember that, as long as you choose an appropriate blade size, shape, and stiffness – pretty much ANY knife will do the job. What you are paying for in a high-end knife is mostly aesthetics (good looks), and edge retention (sharpen it less often). If you can't afford the top-end knives, but you cook or butcher often, the best thing you can do is develop your sharpening skills.

    I enjoyed the video, Roel. If you have that Wustof rep back again, please introduce him by saying "Say Hell-o to my little friend!" in an Italian accent. I really did think blood might be spilled before the end of the video.

  6. Dear Sir
    There is a spelling mistake for the WÜSTHOF video link. (Not Wusthog) Really enjoy your videos Please delete this message after reading.

  7. Very very good video. Going to eventually get a better set of knives. I know how to sharpen them and they cut awesome when i do but it doesnt last as long.

  8. Hey pitmaster! What's your opinion on Samura knives? Seen them being used on a YouTube channel and they seem efficient.

  9. That dude has an off vibe..a little looney in his movement, speech, eyes…he talks like he has something to hide lmao….BUT YOU TWO SHOULD HAVE A COOK OFF!

  10. Working with a great knife makes it fun. When I work with a good SHARP knife makes me laugh thinking back of all the years I used old used cheap knifes. Try to use a really good knife set. You'll be happy and glad you switched. You'll never go back.

  11. The Wustof 8in chef is my favorite knife. Bought it years ago and use it almost daily. Such a fantastic knife that I got a life size tattoo of it. Lol. Fantastic knife set you have there.

  12. Most people don't understand virgin alloy and that is what makes super strong steel. I used to work in a foundry and we made parts for commercial airplanes turbines. Any metal can be poured into a mold a replicate any knife, but the alloy can have air in it and then makes weak steel. Long process that I wont bore you with, but the extra money spent for quality is worth it!

  13. If I had to pick one knife it'd be the boning knife, can't imagine trimming a brisket with anything else.

  14. I've had the Wusthof chef's knife for just over 20 years now.  Had an employee who broke the point, so had it resharpened to a shorter length.  Still a fabulous knife.  Between that and a boning knife, I don't need much more.

  15. I like the heavier handles, as opposed to the cheaper Henckel knives that they sell with plastic handles.  Why spend good money for a knife…and then compromise on the quality of the handle?  That huge knife is amazing…but I don't know where I'd store it…or what I'd use it for…lol.

  16. You do NOT need such fancy steel. Everyday pros – chefs use "lesser" knives for ALL the right reasons…………………

  17. I have a 10 inch Wusthof classic "IKON" chef's knife.
    It is my pride and joy.
    So much better than any other knife.

  18. A friend is raising Mangalista Hairy Pigs in Sonoma California. The meat from these pigs is simply delicious. The Pork Belly is in a class unsurpassed.

  19. This knife is used to cut meat and vegetables.
    What about this one?!
    This knife is used to cut meat and vegetables.
    And this big one?!
    This knife is used to cut meat and vegetables.
    The cleaver?!
    Is used to cut meat and vegetables…..

  20. I have a 10” Wusthoff chef’s knife I’ve named “Rusty”. It’s the best knife I own although not the most expensive. It takes an edge and hold an edge better than any other knife I own. I’ve named them all, Rusty, Lucy, Toshi, Dexter, Franklin, Stubby, etc.

  21. I know have 6 of the knifes! Ask for a new one each year for Christmas. Before you know it you have $1000 in knifes

  22. I don't doubt Wusthof are good, but the bolster going all the way to the heel of the edge is just a big nono for me.. Good thing they make knives without that stupid design..

  23. I have to say, a carving/slicing knife should be thin, whever I see you use the Beto loco it doesn't seem sharp and drags through as it's quite thick blade as well.

  24. 130 steps? It gets stamped from a sheet, formed into shape, heat treated, sharpened, handled and polished. That was 6 steps, what could the other 124 be? I'm sure there are some steps left out that I couldn't think of, but I highly doubt it's that many.

  25. That was fun. The chop was very tender and delicious, the knives very nice. The 30 yr pro was very nice to gift you the knives. Enjoyed

  26. Can you sometime do a detailed description of "the stall"? I understand it, but I feel many others would be confused when they see their meat drop slightly in temp for a while. 🙂

  27. Knife sharpness < Shirt sharpness. 'One doth be more dapper than thous cutlery' – me.

    Love the food mate 👍

  28. I appreciate the quality knives and presentation, thank you. However, I would appreciate your recommendation for electric sharpeners and the process of sharpening the quality knife so we keep it at its peek sharpness without damaging it.

  29. as a german i can easily understand the "english" from the knife guy. it sounds like he would translate every german sentence 1:1 into the english language.
    anyways, back to the video: i´m sorry to say, but the video looks more like an advertisement than a usual video of yours

  30. Yum I never had that fat.. looks good, What was it again? Also liked your table set up with the expanding top, where do you get them? Thanks for sharing

  31. Wouw, nice. Is there a manchety style knife which is a little smaller, that is pointy, is a little less flexible than the deboning knife and partly serrated.

    In other words, is there a do it all knife?

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