The new CLA (2019): Iconic Exterior Design

So when you’re around a car that’s this good-looking, we must talk about the design. Now, if you look down the side of the car, you might notice the reduced lines and that makes it look incredibly graceful. But also this has enhanced its sporty and
elegant coupé character. Let’s talk about the front of the car: So, we’ve got this stretched, elongated bonnet line with two power domes that work their way down to this flat shark
nose. And if we work our way a little bit further
down, the first thing that hits you is the prominent diamond radiator grille, which is a signature feature of the AMG Line. Speaking of AMG Line, what you get is more defined front and rear aprons, these wider air channels and side sill panels. We also have this distinct GT rear end with a tear-off edge, together with wide shoulders for a muscular look. You’ll also notice these two-piece tail lights. They’re actually split and there’s a functional purpose because when I open the boot, they come up with the boot, not encroaching on the boot space. Just easier to get bags in and out. So, as a result, when you stand back from
the car – this thing just looks awesome. And it really is a testament to the great
engineering and importantly, aerodynamic work of the
guys from Mercedes-Benz. In fact, it has resulted in a drag coefficient
of just 0.23. Now, that might not mean much to you guys, but in theory, if a cyclist were able to wear
the skin of this Mercedes-Benz CLA, he would in fact be able to ride even faster. Isn’t that amazing? You might notice that the doors are in fact frameless. And this adds a sort of minimalistic aura
to the car. Just like any decent coupé should have.

38 thoughts on “The new CLA (2019): Iconic Exterior Design

  1. (1) shooting brake (2) permanent Diamond radiator grille (3) AMG Line (4) GT rear end (5) wide shoulder (6) boot capacity 460 Litters (7) drag coefficient of 0.23 (8) frameless doors (9) flat shark nose (10) two pices tail lights. (11) aerodynamic work (12) Bonnet with two powerdomes

  2. I want to buy this car, I pray God and work hard to own a Mercedes Benz. I like the caption "THE BEST OR NOTHING". Love you Mercedes

  3. This car is great, CLA-ssy, sporty and luxury. Is this AMG line or normal CLA shown in this video?
    After some months, i will buy this car. This CLA is eye catchy.👍😍

  4. Hey Mercedes I kindly request to you make videos on a shooting brake,suspension and engine review.CLA 2019 I hope you make a video.

  5. 92 days 4 hours 53 min for my cla 😍 counting the days!!!! As i said in the prev cla video this car is the car!

    Never had another car than mercedes from my first SL500 till now!


    Greetings from switzerland my friends 🙂

  6. It's interesting to hear, read and watch the facts about exterior design. The most interesting part is getting to know the Coefficient Drag figures, because it is one of the factors that helps the car going incredibly fast but fuel efficient.
    On the other hand, in it's class, the new CLA was the most beautiful car 😍.

  7. I hoffe, ihr habt aus Fehlern gelernt und eure Auspuffblenden sind diesmal keine Fake-Rahmen mit Mikro-Auspuffröhrchen dahinter.

  8. Looks like every other new car with those incredibly unsafe front indicators so heavily recessed into the headlight binnacle that you cannot see them. Style and cost saving unfortunately rules over safety.

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