Hello there and welcome back to the Netflix review channel for more and uncut management My name is James. And today we’re going to be talking about three TV shows The first one is the Roman Empire. You can see the pitch on one side of my head the next one is a American TV show called Poe’s POS II and The final one is a British comedy called cuckoo Firstly let’s talk about the vermin Empire. I think it’s on season three and it’s a documentary Kind of TV show and all it does is tell you about the Roman emperors like Julius Caesar, for example And how he lived and how he died etcetera do I like it is sort of interesting related to the history because he goes into more detail and you have some experts they’re giving their professional point of view there’s a lot of nudity in it In other words lots of naked girls and if you’re into that sort of thing fantastic and the sort of like scenes of how you could imagine that some of the Roman parties came along and hence maybe This is where orgies started from years ago, whatever it is So if you into that kind of thing quite kind of interesting it makes it come to life a little bit more but it does have The documentary in a way that is got actors there as well one person obviously would be the the ruler it would be happy army his Concessions his government, etc. Etc. And then of course, you have all the sexy bits as well Which I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy The next one I’d like to talk about is an American TV show called pose Now I watched maybe five or six Episodes of this and basically what happens is that this is poor black gay Dancer who gets taken in by someone called a mother and they would go to one of these shows where they would have to Dress up I really sort of at first enjoyed it but then I started not see because everything was the same its overarching Its I don’t know if it happens Really in America, but it’s sort of like becomes bad acting after a while it’s It’s not real In other words, and it doesn’t really depict life. It depletes someone who’s happy Yes, it has things with drugs. It has boyfriends and boyfriends girlfriends Transvestites. Yeah, these things happen in real world, but does it really? Happen that’s kind of way. So I don’t really recommend it after a while. It’s the same pretty boring Yeah, and the other one I’d like to talk about is a British comedy show. I think it’s on season again I’m not very good with season season for season five About this very strange British family the father is a lawyer who may become a politician and have to watch that for next season He has a son who’s a travel agent. So it’s not a travel agent in the state agent or for those people in America He’s a real estate agent and a daughter and not too sure what he/she does but she Used to date these strange men Is actually quite funny. It really is unrealistic, but you can actually characterize these counters in the TV show With the people that you know around you you can see similar vet will assemble illnesses Which makes it actually really fun the show is only like 27 minutes long 25 to 27 minutes long and you can watch a whole season Possibly in about five or six hours, but it is funny. It is wisi. It is intelligent And yes I am British and possibly I do enjoy butchers comedy more than the American which seems to be like friends, for example Where it was just the canned laughter and no intelligence related to the comedy at all So they’re my three shows. These are only my point of views. I don’t write anything down. I don’t script anything I’m just speaking my point of view. I will try to do more reviews as Much as I can related to Netflix so you can choose please do comment Whether you like whether you don’t like your own opinion about the shows And he shows that you wants you want for me to review and of course the usual kind of routine you can subscribe You can share you can like hit the notification button so we know When a new video for me comes out, I don’t just do Netflix of use I live in Southeast Asia, and I’m retired now So I just like to make videos of lots of different things So on my channel now on is it made the 14 or May the 13th? I have over a hundred and fifty videos useful again if you like it fine if you don’t Please let me know and maybe some ways to improve to enjoy the rest of the day, but for now I’m going to say bye bye be good to each other


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