the media (got you good)

One in English! You’re so clueless!
And so am I. The media. They got you good, huh? They got us all, right? The mysteries of the mind: See? This is a regular coin– Now, I’ll do some magic passes and perform. It’s a solid coin– you see– 1, 2, 3 and– Oh! Dammit! Come on! Arghh! And now you don’t have any social security. Welcome to the hands of private insurance! Quite the trick, right? You know how the media is, You probably have consumed
a big chunk of it today. I mean… you’re consuming media now! Lucky you, this chunk of media only contains this broke-ass Spaniard, which is like OK, I guess– And while there’s a lot of content out there about the intricacies of the media, what i’m gonna rant to you about today is how it’s weaponised for political purpose. OK, it’s a wrap! Done! Ugh! OK, too short! Alrighty! Let’s do this! Big media, small media. Like, huh, media that happens to– have like different sizes– uhm… that. Since Gutenberg put together
some chunks of wood and metal with a lot of effort
to create the Internet, There you go! Ha! culture has evolved
from being this valued treasure that pertains only to a few and it’s taken care of
and so on, so forth, to being a more accessible,
more popular more abundant and disposable good thanks to the evolution of the media. You know, at first we had paintings, sculptures, then we had books, and then cinema,
and then television, and then those… devices, uh… what do you call them? uh– Agh! Whatever! And it makes sense that back in the day generating media was– more difficult than now! Imagine those monks
writing those books– or the wild endeavour of
building a temple, you know, all those artists
working night and day, sculpting their lives away or getting up on those crazy not so secure scaffoldings,
for instance. The “media” at the time had very exclusive access and was, like, meant for the
higher classes. Except for, you know,
cathedrals, that were supposed to educate, you know,
the commoners into the intricacies of religion,
and whatnot. The higher classes had, let’s say
different types of media than the lower.
Those serfs! Hey, Serfs! Hello, Javi! Woooh! Hehehe! The thing is, back in the day, media was scarce, and not
very big in terms of audience. However, pay close attention
to the storytellers, because they have an important
key for this: the media as a conveyor of culture, or a way to distract. Either way, it complements reality. But now, thanks to Gutenberg’s
tube-powered information machine, You’re welcome, cuñado! Hehe, thank you, Goots! now media reaches everywhere
and everybody. And when media becomes so massive, it goes from being a complement to reality to shaping public opinion to actually become reality. So, there’s big media: big newspapers, big TV stations,
big Internet platforms– Now, these corporations have
very vertical guidelines. Some of them work
with this or that army, some of them work
with this or that corporation, some of them work
with this or that government. but they all have clear guidelines
to convey the hegemonic ideology: neoliberalism. There is also small media: From those punk rock fanzines, or leaflets, any kinds of agitprop, graffiti, to those good old blogs, websites or this thing you’re seeing here, or… I don’t know– Mastodon posts? While big media shapes that
“custom reality”, I’ve heard something like this before!
But where? Yeah. small media
tries to deal with it. Sometimes supporting it,
sometimes critiquing it, or sometimes fighting it actively. So, in a way, we have
more independent media. Even independent studios that manage to sneak content into more mainstream channels. Most of it is countercultural
in one way or another, but “mirror mirror on the wall”, there is also bad faith
independent media. Those who spread
fascist ideas into their networks aiming right into the gut. Festering on the insecurities of the working class people who are tired and exhausted of being beaten up continuously by the big neoliberal fish. So, what’s the trick? They imitate, or even
try to infiltrate some of the mainstream media and they get helluva funding. Sorry, no Soros money here, haha! No money at all. I’m broke. Send me dough on Patreon
or something if you can– So broke!
Oh, shit! Ko-fi or… the t-shirts or… I’ll do whatever to get out of this. The thing is, small media creation is more free than ever to push
in any direction, whether to liberate or to oppress. But mainstream media isn’t. They have owners, and those owners
push for very specific directives. They obey their stakeholders
and therefore, they’re the least reliable
source of information. Because they have
more means to manipulate without even looking
like they’re manipulating. So– Because, after all, we’re all biased. If at least we show our bias, we can be more honest, right? [sings the Internationale in Spanish] How do they pull it off? I mean… how do they
make us think those things? But, what if I told you that
scientists and doctors agree that the left is bad for your health? And that they’re coming
for your toothbrush!? I mean, I’m wearing this robe,
right? FEAR, FEAR!
YOUR DEATH IS NIGH! I mean, no– This is just a robe,
You know what I’m saying? And… even– This… this is a sticker! Like– Really! Just– I made this…
I made this by hand. It says “Doctor B. Ullshite”
I mean– I painted it with this… marker! One of the first things they teach you
when you study advertising is that there are two main impulses:
Eros and Tanatos. Sex and death. In this case the lust for sex and the fear of death. The carrot and the stick.
Old as rocks, right? Well, apparently, it still works.
[bursts into laughter] Hey! Send. Hehehehe! Oh, wait a second. I think I just got a text. Whatsaaaaaaap? (in Spanish) ¡Bicho! Media today is not about creating
an argument or discussion through actual information, no. It’s not about making people think or imagine,
or even entertaining anymore. Media creates narratives, stories– and they shape our world view. They’re distorted mirrors upon we look at ourselves
in disgust because we will never live up to them. Yet still they declare out loud what we should consider as
“normal”. They tell us
what men and women are. No in-betweens.
What it means to be straight, what’s normal and what is weird. In the big media
they go to great lengths to tell us the stories
about the rich and the powerful. Their woes and worries! They tell us their tales,
so we empathise with them. So they feel like they’re on our side. These fancy bourgeoise people,
they’re fun, they’re friendly, they’re fancy…
Dammit, they don’t even work! Not like those police and military.
They work hard to protect us from evil. They’re these flawless heroes hell-bent on doing the right thing. Oh, the works of fiction! They make sure the good guys
wear suits and uniforms. The bad guys are always weird, ugly, foreign and sketchy. BECAUSE THAT’S HOW LIFE
ACTUALLY IS! And, coming up right now, how TV news has never been
actually news, but actually entertainment. How surreptitiously,
many TV articles are actually advertising and how many newspapers
are not really that different right now. I mean, look at this puppy playing gleefully at the facilities at the new Weyland Youtani Corporation’s
facility on Mars. How cute is that? Whoops! Moving on, some
non imperialistic at all and totally justified war we don’t really care about. We wish you farewell and welcome to the next show: News by Cuñado de Izquierdas. Do you know the symbolic charge
of a lab robe? Do you know the symbolic charge
of a suit? How it changes the perception
and the credibility of the person that’s wearing it? The history behind them? It’s not what you see or hear,
it’s how it happens. And what’s the difference
between the power of these selling points and the grip that the church had
on peasants minds back in the middle ages? Let’s take a moment to think about it. It’s about conforming
to the popular way of thinking. They want you to think,
as this motherfucker said, that it doesn’t get
any better than this, that this is
“the end of history”. (spanish for neeneer neener neeener) I’m sorry, I was wrong. Yeah, you were wrong, asshole! You drank the neoliberal cool-aid and shoved it up our asses,
motherfucker! Like a cult, like a belief. Like the Chicago School of Economics. Everybody believed that crap. Our enemies, our allies. I mean… we’re all people but– You knnow, they work against us– Give it away, uncle Malcom! If you’re not careful,
the newspaper will have you hating the people
who are being oppressed and loving the people
who are doing the oppressing. As usual,
uncle Malcom was Right. Am I not? You are, uncle Malcom. And that was back in the
60’s or 70’s, right? So… Ehem! So, with this picture
of the mainstream media and right-wing fringe media,
what can we do? As usual, there’s no simple
answer to the question. There are several fact-checking and bias checking websites
that you can look up and recommend
to your friends and family, there are courses in media literacy and a lot of, say, healthy practices that you can do as a person
to fae the media more than with a grain of salt, say with the Wieliczka salt mines
and beyond! But, what can we do collectively? The bread is rising now. Some people call it breadtube,
or leftube, or… Alejandro Garreto Constipado
if that makes you happy. If you know what I’m saying? We’re not gonna get hung up
in definitions here. Many comrades a few years ago
started creating new channels
more focused on the left and leftist issues in response to
all the flood of these… right wing media motherfuckers. Those reactionary
“content creators” like– this motherfucker here?
Estefan Molinillos and– the other poo– bullshit, you know? They were spewing
they usual lies and trying to take over
the platform. So, people rose up to the occasion
and that’s good. there’s been this discussion around, if we leftists are creating or not like a community, or if ti’s more like a demographic for selling stuff, I mean,
these platforms: they’re bullshit, right? So– I don’t know– Like, if you wanna be honest,
we’re not really a community, right? It is what it is. And, you know, it’s really tricky
because these social media platforms we’re using are capitalist by nature. And yet, we’re spreading this
leftist propaganda. You know, the good propaganda. These platforms are themselves
modelled under those neoliberal values. And they reward those dynamics. They reward being selfish, they reward being snappy and trying to “own” people, because when we’re competing
with each other in this rat race, we’re not being comrades,
we’re not being supportive. what these platforms value is the attention and,
of course, the money that their advertisers provide. You know, when they pride
themselves on their policies protecting the people, they’re lying.
They’re protecting profit. And profit is their only target. Is it a surprise that, you know, big advertisers are not
super-happy with these leftist, revolutionary messages
we’re throwing around? No shit! I mean, never mind the
racist, ableist and all the other discriminatory messages
that they throw on the right and… you know,
those hateful rhetorics! They actually sell very well
with the consumers that have, like, more buying power. White male consumers, that is. We ourselves are colonised
by those selfish and petty thoughts from the neoliberal
frame of mind, right? And we’ve been indoctrinated
for years, decades even. That’s why we bicker with each other about being right,
about being the smartest and whatever– from our stupid egos
and from our petty individualistic shitty
frames of mind, you know? You know, in this “leftist sandbox” of the marketplace of ideas. I’ve heard something like this before.
But where? Oh, is it “marketplace of ideas”? What? Was… OK. In a framework where
being competitive is the norm for us leftists being wholesome with each other
and helping each other out You know, behaving collectively– And, you know, no matter
our differences of opinion which we know they are there,
we know they exist, we work around them– You know, that I think is
one of the many keys in succeeding in
unraveling this mind trap that we’re in.
You know, this– bullshit ideology that we’re
swimming in inadvertently. You know, these are oppresive systems,
it is what it its. At the same time we need
to be ruthless with the fascists, but that’s–
that’s another story, OK? I mean it, like, ruthless, like show no mercy with those bastards. And, dear liberals:
just let us work. Get out of the way,
please. Just get out of the way. D– don’t… don’t– Let us work. Please. I mean, it is a lot of work,
it’s hard enough to struggle with our enemy within:
this programming. With our own indoctrination
in the capitalist rhetoric, now in neoliberal form. And… maybe that’s why
mutual support is so important. Other comrades can help us dig ourselves out of our holes. And only together we can do the important work of dismantling capitalism. And with it all those oppressive
and unnecessary hierarchies. Also, real life. Like, the media today
is very, very absorbing. You can spend days and days hooked up there, as your life, your real life, goes by. Just– I mean, we’re being propagandists here, and that’s nice. But
we need a lot more of real people affecting
real-life scenarios collectively. And, you know, when you’re
caught up in this social media thing, you know, it’s very individualistic
as it is. and– we’re atomising, we’re spending time
not being together. That is problematic. So, get out there, do stuff. If you can. If you can’t, welcome to hang out. I’m here for you. I’m not saying, you know, that everybody
needs to be out in the street doing things, there’s also
a lot of people who are, you know, They have circumstances, and we’re here for you, gang. Our disabled people are very important. But for those of you who can,
come on, people! Those milkshakes
are not gonna throw themselves! But also, you know, co-ops, mutual aid, food banks and what not! Do a project helping your homeless. Have children in your area learning values of sharing and– I mean, if they make it, because…
we’re all gonna die. Climate change and shit. Hook up with the people
who are most desperate in your community
and help them out! You know, squatting,
social centres, and so on, so forth [sniff!] Ugh! OK, you know– some of you know what part
of this video is, it’s the part where
we really relax and… and thank– thank you all for making it
this far into the video. And… I’m especially grateful to these fantastic people
who donate every month on Patreon, who support me– People like wonderful Stefan Bitner, like Economy Breakfast, like Cathryn Stenson, and the Tofunaut who,
you know, rides the tofu you don’t get like
enough tofu in your life– that’s… that’s great. Thank you so much to Niels Abildgaard, [thanks in Norwegian]. Thank you so much to Mad Blender, Christopher Roberts, Surplus Cornbread, Lizard, Randy Randerson, Puffinbird, Kali, Paul Morrin. Thank you so much to
Vegan Vanguard, Thank you so much to
Inga Leonora, and Alonso Muñoz, thank you so much to Tim. Thank you so much to all of you. You’re helping me out being a– a little bit less broke,
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Thank you so much. You can do it too if you donate into my Patreon thing or the other thing, that Ko-Fi, Kofay of covfefe– You can get some of the t-shirts, you can buy some
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wish I had like a– another choice, but… you know,
it is what it is– Uh– I hope you enjoyed this
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independent, like, in a way it’s independent thanks to you all,
you all are my– sponsors and whatnot, so– Feel free, please, support me, if you can. If you can’t it’s OK.
You get this thing for free anyway and– I hope you had a good experience,
and now a very relaxing– experience– Thank you so much,
thank you all. Bye. Tough bones, motherfucker!

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