The INSANE Protection Of The President of the United States

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James Garfield is walking through the Baltimore and Potomac train station with his two sons
in tow. Accompanying the President of the United States
and his sons is Secretary of State James Blaine. The President, the man at the helm of the
most powerful nation in the Western hemisphere, has no additional protection. There is not even a police presence as the
President, his sons, and his Secretary of State enjoy their stroll. Nearly two decades earlier, President Abraham
Lincoln was assassinated while enjoying a play, and yet the act did nothing to spur
the protection of the leader of the United States. In fact even the founding fathers had seen
no need to protect the US president, and the White House itself was protected only by a
single police officer- anybody wishing to force their way into the President’s office
would have to pass this lone police officer and a secretary. There was no need for protecting the President
of the United States in the founding father’s eyes, though assassinations were common throughout
Europe, the United States was a democratic nation that was free of such troubles. Assassinations were after all the result of
an oppressed people rebelling against a system that could never change. Here in the US, the people were free to vote
for their leader- and at worse all they’d have to wait is eight years for a new one. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was seen
as a historical fluke, a last dying spasm from the Civil War, the nation’s most divisive
conflict to date. In a way, it was almost inevitable that an
angry ex-Confederate would seek out revenge against the Union north for the defeat of
the south. Thus after Lincoln’s assassination nothing
was done to help protect the American president. On that fateful July 2nd, 1881 afternoon,
President James Garfield would be approached by a man- Charles Guiteau- who would then
shoot him twice in the chest. Bystanders to the shooting immediately grabbed
Guiteau and subdued him, while medical attention was sent for. The President of the United States was not
even followed by a medical professional in the case of emergency. Garfield would go on to die of his wounds
seventy nine days later, and just like that America’s political naivety was shattered
forever. Incredibly though, not even Garfield’s assassination
would convince US lawmakers that the President needed to be protected. It would finally take the assassination of
President William McKinley in 1901 for Congress to authorize a federal agency to protect the
American president. The task fell on the Secret Service, which
had been established in the 1860s to combat counterfitting, and a year later the White
House became officially closed to the public as the Secret Service created its first Presidential
Detail. The protection of the President would gradually
expand to protecting not just the man himself, but his family as well. Eventually the Vice-President was also granted
protection, and in 1968 after the killing of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated
President John F. Kennedy’s brother, Secret Service protection extended to presidential
candidates. Though protocol stated that candidates only
started receiving protection a set time before election day, in 2007 the Secret Service,
out of fear over racially-inspired violence, extended protection for the future President
Barack Obama. In the past, Presidents were protected by
gunmen who were trained to spot potential threats in a crowd. If giving a speech or making another such
public appearance, trained sharpshooters may be present in order to ward off sniper attacks. As technology and techniques evolved, the
Secret Service has expanded its role and capabilities both, and today a whole host of measures are
in place to protect the American president. The job of protecting the president today
is a very expensive and involved one. Specific plans for protecting the president
and the tools used are naturally kept top secret, and thus very little is known about
the specifics of the security that goes into keeping the American president safe. Protection starts physically on the president
himself. A president’s suit is made of secret bullet-resistant
fibers which can help seriously mitigate the damage caused by a low-caliber bullet. While they won’t do much to stop a high caliber
rifle bullet shot by a sniper, the suit is quite adept at stopping low-caliber rounds
such as those that might be used by a gunman lurking in a crowd. Of course that gunman would have to evade
detection by the Secret Service, which is the president’s next layer of protection. These men and women are trained to spot potential
threats before they get a chance to approach a president. They are experts on human behavior, and trained
to identify the signs of mental illness or the extreme stress that a secret gunman might
be experiencing as they prepare to fire on the president. They are also on constant alert for anyone
trying too hard to get close to the president, and have intercepted individuals in a crowd
on numerous occasions. It’s not just the secret service that you
can see though that’s protecting the president, it’s also the agents you can’t see. Like with many security details, the secret
service employs a sort of ‘peacock’ strategy- meaning that they make the men and women around
the president very obvious for all to see. This intimidating display of force and capability
helps deter would-be attackers, but it also serves to keep the attention of an attacker
on the visible agents. Meanwhile, agents in plain clothes work their
way through the crowd. They listen to conversations, watch individuals,
and even surreptitiously pat down threatening individuals as they press against them with
the crowd. Overwatching the president is another set
of agents that are typically not visible to the public, and these are highly trained marksmen. These sharpshooters find advantageous positions
to fire on not the president himself, but other positions they have identified in advance
that could be troublesome and might house a shooter. Typically though long before a president arrives
at a location, these marksmen will scan the environment and identify problem areas where
a sniper could hide, and then local law enforcement is dispatched there to secure them in advance. A layer of technology also helps to protect
the president. As he is traveling around or sometimes in
a public place, secret service agents may employ a device that kills all radio and cellular
signals in a certain radius. This is meant to prevent a would-be assassin
from remotely detonating a planted bomb- although once more before a president goes anywhere
a team of bomb sniffing dogs is dispatched for just such threats. Today though the threat of a bombing comes
from a new threat vector- an armed drone. While details are extremely sparse, it is
rumored that the Secret Service utilizes an automated anti-drone device that uses either
high-speed projectiles, emp interference, or a laser to disable any incoming drones. The device is rumored to be worked into the
design of one of the presidential entourage vehicles, though a deployable device can be
set up in public places such as when the President attends a sporting event. Speaking of vehicles, the President is probably
the single most well-protected motorist in the world. That’s thanks to the Presidential Limo, known
as The Beast. Once more details are classified, but it is
known that the limo can resist even a direct hit by an RPG, and is essentially bulletproof. The windows can stand up to armor-piercing
ammunition, and the only window that actually rolls down in the entire vehicle is the driver’s
window which lowers exactly three inches- just enough to speak to a secret service agent
running alongside the limo. The doors are about eight inches thick and
incorporate ceramic armor to disrupt the impact of high-velocity rounds. Each door weighs as much as the cabin door
on a Boeing 757 jet. The front of the vehicle features both night
vision and thermal cameras, so that the driver can operate the vehicle no matter the conditions
on the outside. The underside of the vehicle is protected
by a steel layer of armor almost half a foot thick, designed to protect the vehicle from
even a mine buried under the road. The tires are made of puncture and shred-resistant
kevlar and have a steel rim inside, letting the vehicle speed away at a top speed of sixty
miles per hour even with flat tires. The rear compartment where the President sits
is itself basically a completely independent environment. The small interior window that connects the
president to his driver can only be opened by the president himself, and the entire rear
cab is completely airtight, allowing the limousine to operate in even a Nuclear, Biological,
or Chemical warfare environment. Inside the limo, there are also numerous weapons
and accessories for the president or any secret service agents with him to protect themselves
with, to include pump-action shotguns and 5.56 carbine rifles in side panels. Tear gas grenades are also available for non-lethal
threats. The gas tank is armor plated and filled with
a specially engineered foam which prevents the fuel from exploding even if suffering
a direct hit. Inside the trunk the limo is outfitted with
an automated fire fighting system which can put out fires anywhere in the limo, as well
as an oxygen supply that can keep the president alive for a classified amount of time. The limo itself is directly connected to the
vice president, the White House, and the Pentagon via jam-resistant Extremely High Frequency
and other classified communications equipment. From inside the limousine the President can
respond to any national or global emergency, and even command the US’s nuclear forces. In the case of the worst coming to pass, several
refrigerated bottles of the President’s own blood is kept on the limo at all times, along
with first aid and emergency transfusion equipment. The Beast is also rumored to pack an additional
accessory which is kept extremely classified, and that’s the recent addition by President
Obama of an automated chain gun which can be deployed from the trunk of the limousine. Whether this is true or not, what is known
is that amongst the 22 vehicles that form the President’s entourage there are in fact
several similarly equipped vehicles. These vehicles share a design with those used
by the Department of Energy to secretly transport nuclear weapons across the United States via
regular road and highway networks. These ‘nuke convoys’ as they are known to
insiders typically consist of an armor-reinforced semi-truck that is constantly escorted in
the front and rear by several SUVs or armored vehicles camouflaged to look like RVs. The President’s vehicle entourage includes
several of these chaingun equipped SUVs, which feature a chaingun not dissimilar to that
used on American combat helicopters and mounted on a rising platform that is hidden inside
the fake cab section of the SUV. The chainguns can be fired from the safety
of the bullet-resistant SUV using a video feed system exactly like that of American
military combat vehicles such as the Stryker. Along with an unknown number of secret chaingun
SUVs, the convoy also includes at least one air-threat response unit, which is equipped
with short range anti-air missiles, also hidden inside a rising platform that lifts out of
the fake cab of the SUV it is equipped on. While traveling, the President is kept safe
aboard Air Force One, which itself can operate in even Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
environments. The big plane is equipped with a great deal
of defensive countermeasures, many of them top-secret, and is known to have numerous
electronic counter measures, decoys, chaff, flares, and laser systems designed to burn
out the seeker warheads on incoming missiles. There are no known offensive weapons that
have been publicly acknowledged aboard Air Force One, but there are rumors that the big
plane is equipped with long-range anti-air missiles and possibly a new airborne laser
system capable of targeting hostile aircraft. Speed though is a major defensive feature
of Air Force One, and though top speed is classified, it has been clocked moving at
an incredible Mach .85, which is just shy of the sound barrier. For such a big jet, that is quite the feat. The President of the United States is quite
well protected, and is possibly the most secure person on earth. Unfortunately all that protection comes with
a very hefty price tag, which is why presidential travel is usually very tightly controlled. Even a simple trip to the golf course necessitates
the movement of dozens of personnel and assets, and can range in the tens of millions of dollars,
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