The First Rabbit I Wabbit I Boomerang Official

This means domestic conflict! Look, rabbit, I don’t
think you know who
you’re messing with. You’re right! I don’t. And you are? I am the Vice President
of the United States! We still have one of those? Listen up, you! You’re not the only one
with tricks up his sleeve. Let’s see if he can handle
taking on the
most sophisticated military combat equipment
known to man. I don’t know how this works. -Here you go, Doc.
-Well, thanks. I don’t… (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) Is that the Vice President? I don’t think we have one
of those anymore. Ahhh! (GRUNTS) (BUGS LAUGHING) Then the bear says,
“Let me guess. “You’re not in this
for the hunting.” (ALL LAUGHING) PRESIDENT: Oh,
it’s gonna be great
having a friend around here. Hmm. Let’s see if I can
hit him where it hurts. If this doesn’t make me
President, I don’t know
what will. Come, and get it, rabbit!
(BEEPS) What’s up, Veep? I’ve got motion sensors
hooked up to
tranquilizer darts. The slightest movement
will set them off, and… Kapow! The slightest movement
from what? That crazy rabbit
in the carrot patch. Really?
The slightest movement? The very slightest. Like this? (JAZZ MUSIC PLAYING) Hey! (LESLIE GROANING) Gobble, gobble.

84 thoughts on “The First Rabbit I Wabbit I Boomerang Official

  1. it's better than teen titans go and uncle grandpa. it meets the classics and meets the variety of regular show and we bare bears

  2. Wait, did they just imply that a future president will be Hillary Clinton? The voice actress sure didn't sound like Carly Fiorina. I can do without political statements in a Looney tunes show (statements from any side of politics).

  3. I feel like this show's animation and action isn't as fast-paced and crazy as the show is trying to be. They should take a look back to Animaniacs and Tiny Toons.

  4. The president is a woman. Could it be that Cartooon a Network believes that Hilary Clinton will be the next president, while Bernies Sanders becomes Vice President?

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  6. I've read somewhere that wabbit was going to be renewed for a second season. I don't see wabbit on Cartoon Network or Boomereng.

  7. At first, I thought The Looney Tunes Show was back. Except it turned out to be a new one called "Wabbit". That show is too much in my opinion.

  8. This was way better than the smartphone one. This one really captured Bugs well! Also, BIG bonus point for having Hillary Clinton as president in that world like it was meant to be in our world!

  9. episodes 23A-39B have finally aired on television after a year hiatus. however, episodes 40-52 haven't aired yet. And season 2 is almost finished in Europe, so what are we waiting for WB and Boomerang, let's catch up. We should have regular airings weekly.

  10. I like how the motion sensor and tranquilliser dart scene plays out. At first you would think Bugs would come and just push Leslie in. Instead Bugs dances with him while Leslie is baffled. Then Leslie chases him and falls in while trying to grab him. One of my favourite music scenes from this show.

  11. LOGIC: vice president has best robot armor known to man,still gets beat by a rabbit/bunny.😑😑😑😑

  12. V.President: Let’s See If he can take this Flips Switch And suddenly has the Infinity Gaunlet let’s make this perfectly balanced

  13. They need to fix the animation for this my opinion ''new loney tunes'' with a few adjustments would have done better..

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