The European Smooth and Serrated Knife Sharpener

Brod and Taylor professional
knife sharpener, the fastest and easiest way to sharpen and hone any knife. Quickly cut the
optimum bevel on a dull knife. Safely hone to keep your knife sharp. Polish for the ultimate razor edge. Keeping
your serrated knife sharp is just as easy. The patented sharpeners hone the entire
beveled side of the blade. This sharp knife slices through difficult to cut foam.
Dulling the knife on a hammer rolls the cutting edge and makes the blade
useless. But just a few quick honing strokes restores sharpness without
removing metal. Even the best knives dull with regular use as the edge rolls over.
Brod and Taylor’s exclusive honing action quickly and safely realigns the edge keeping all of your knives razor-sharp.
Spring action bars adjust the angle of the blade from 12 to 20 degrees. Ultra hard Austrian tungsten carbide is
precision ground for years of reliable sharpening. Easy-to-follow instructions
are clearly printed on the solid stainless steel base.

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