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– Hey everyone, how you doing? I wanted today, to tell you a quick story bout something that happened
to me about a week ago. It taught me a valuable lesson, and it’s actually pretty funny, and also quite embarrassing too. What happened is that my
wife bought me a jumper for my birthday, that didn’t quite fit, and I had credit I had
to go and take it back within seven days, or whatever it was. It was the Christmas
sales, post Christmas sales so I was wanting to grab myself a bargain. Walked into this shop
and this suave gentleman kind of said hello and
gave me some epic service and showed me what I should exchange for and I found a nice jumper that was similar to the one my wife bought me, but just fit a little bit better, and I was happy with that. He said, “okay, well, we
got some brand new jeans in “from Replay, they’re
this special new material, “they fit you like a glove,
feels like you’re wearing “track suit pants and
you’re gonna love them.” I was like, okay, I’ll try them on and we’ll see what happens, and I tried them on and I loved them. I was kinda like hey, I’m gonna get these. And I was thinking the
price was around 100 pounds or something like that, for
a new pair of Replay jeans, and it was much more expensive than that. But let me tell you what
happened after I decided that I was gonna get them. So I handed him my jumper and
the jeans that I just tired and said okay, I’ll take them. But I was thinking in the back of my mind, these jeans could be quite expensive, I’m not gonna take them
when I get to the till if they are stupidly priced. Cause I had a hint something
was happening here. What happened next was, just
about as I was going to pay he intercepted me and he said, “why don’t you come and
try on this new jacket “we’ve had in from Italy,
you’re not going to get it now, “I don’t think because it’s expensive, “and it could be for next winter. “But it’s brand new in and it’s
just beautiful, try it on.” So I walked up and I tried
it on and he was right. This was like just
handmade, epic Italian suit, that just fit like a glove, and I just wanted to buy it straight away. He’s like, “Dan, that
looks awesome on you, “but you don’t have to buy it now.” I was like, you’re right,
995 pounds he said, and I was like oh god, I
don’t want to spend that much on a jacket, in fact I never will. That’s just the way that I am. But he said, “okay, well maybe
next year, maybe next year, “maybe next winter when you’ve “put some money away or whatever.” But he knew I wasn’t gonna
buy it, and this is the trick. So I continued on to the
till to pay for my jeans and my jumper and I asked
him how much my jeans were, and he said 180 pounds. And I’m like, oh my god,
for jeans, that expensive, what am I going to do, but
then I had the reference, the pre frame that I had from this guy was I just tried on a 997 pound jacket. And when he done it that
way, showed me something that was much more valuable than my jeans, I was forced to really
just take the jeans. Because it made me feel
like a real tight ass for not investing a measly
180 pounds on a pair of jeans. They’re the most expensive pair of jeans that I’ve ever bought in my life. It didn’t hit me until
about half an hour later as I was walking back to
my car that I thought, wow, this guy was good, this
guy has done this before, and I was a victim of just
sales tactics that work, there’s no doubt about that. In a book that I’ve read that, and I shouldn’t of fallen for this, because I read a whole book on this, Robert Cialdini’s “Influence”
book is incredible where he tells hundreds
of stories like this. Where people have used
unfair tactics in sales to be able to unethically sell. I mean, that was ethical
what he did to me, but there’s ways that you can
play the system a little bit. It’s a fascinating book. You can also relate it to your business if you’re running an
agency, paper weight agency, or a retainer based agency, anything where you’re selling service. It might be a good idea when you are, you’re pricing your
services, you should have a service that is just so, so expensive, that no one’s ever really gonna take it. It could be it’s your prime quality lead, or your full package
that’s a ridiculous amount, but no one’s ever gonna pay. But if that’s the first price you go in when you’re negotiating with clients, or trying to sell your
services, and they say no, no, no, that’s too expensive, well on the other hand Mr. Client, I have a pricing structure
which may be more suited to you, which is still more than you
expected to get from them. And I’ve seen this work
time and time again. I’m just ashamed and
embarrassed that I fell for it in real life. So if something like
this has happened to you, post below this video and
tell me what happened, or whether you’ve used a
similar tactic to close some big sales. It’s fascinating stuff. I’ve got an expensive pair of jeans, I might wear them in the next video for you guys to see. But that’s my story, I hope
you enjoyed it, that’s it. (upbeat music)

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  1. That’s my story for the day. Have you ever fallen for anything like this?

    Do you think you could use this strategy on potential clients in your Pay Per Lead agency?

    Tell me in your comments below!

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