The cuckoo 2015 Кукушка English & Russian subs Russian animation

The film is created with financial support of the
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation DSfilm/Distribution Pchela – Children, come eat! Presents to your screen… it’s film… One, two, three, four, five Six
How long do I need to keep calling you? Seven, eight, nine, ten. THE CUCKOO
based on a Nenets tale A long time ago, in the far North,
where winters are long and harsh, and summers short and cold, Lived a solitary woman with three unruly kids. A father they did not have, So the mother had to
raise the children on her own. – Wait for me! [Mother’s song is in the Nenets language] – Mama, mama, help! – Mama, Mama, I’ve thorn my jumper. – Son, go and fetch me some water! – Let Suwanee do it.
Mama asks to go and fetch her some water. – She said it to you!
So you go! One, two, three, four, five, Six, seven, eight, nine… Layla, Suwanee! – Suwanee, bring me some water. – I feel bad. – Why me?
Let Layla go. – I beg you, please, some water… – I can’t carry those heavy buckets. – My throat is so dry… – Mama, Mama dear! Come back!
Mama, do not fly away! – Mama, forgive us! – Mama, here’s some water for you! Most of there Cuckoo mother
they couldn’t see anymore. Orphaned became her native dwelling. Emptied her native land. A cuckoo since then
never builds her won nest And does not raise her children herself. [Song in Nenets…] General Producer – Svetlana Dalsky
director and animator – Michael Gorobchuk Music – Olga Ukhanova
Sound – Sorin Apostol Basic Photography and Visual Effects – Michael Gorobchuk Producer – Ekaterina Vizgalova
Voice actors: Julia Ledkov, Hope Vizgalova
Vadim Anisimov Translations into Nenets language – Julia Ledkov The text is read by – Alex Pogrebnoy The film features the Nenets folk songs
“A Lullaby” and “The wooden sledge” Sung by Veronica Taleevoy
Thank for their help: Podolina Valery, Larisa Kovalchuk
Alexander Aleynikov, Oleg Pulyanovicha Especially thank to the
Assistant Governor of the Nenets Autonomous District
Irina Kotkin The director of the film company – Catherine Vizgalova The End
Subtitles by Alevtina & Eus,
May 2016 DSfilm 2013

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