Test – ME Scooter 6,0 e 2,5. Divertente e bello[English sub.]

Hi everybody..today we talk about ME which stands for “motorino elettrico”. A completely italian brand which was born in 2012 in Franciacorta. This brand wants to link the beautiful design with the useful electric engine. A BBC colleague has defined this ME an “iphone that practises yoga”. Infact the design perfectly joint with the mechanical parts. This ME has a fiberglass frame with steel supports for the swingarm and the fork. The engine is under the rear tyre. There are 2 different versions: one of 2,5 k Watt with a max speed of 45 km/h, and another one of 6 k watt with 70 km/h. The autonomy is 80 kms for the 2,5 k Watt version and 70 kms for the 6.0 version. You can completely recharge the battery in 5 hours and half. You can directly charge it with electric current or you can take off the battery and recharge it. The battery weights 20 kgs. The tyres are 120/70 12″. There is a 220mm disc brake on the front and 200 on the rear. All the buttons are on the handlebar and with the MODE button you can see all the info on the new 4,3″ tft monitor. The dispaly shows the speed, the battery status and the remaining kms. There are led lights. The seat is almost 80 cm and well padded. This riding position could be a little uncomfortable for those who are taller than 1,80mt. There is no aerodynamics protection. Is very useful to ride. The engine has a gradual aceleration and the electronic is perfect to totally use the torque of the engine. The tyres are really usueful and stable on different types of ground. This moped is really excellent thanks also to its 80 kg. This moped hasn’t many flaws.. instead it has a beautiful design, really manageable and easy to ride , is a high brand quality moped. The 2,5 costs 5490 € and the 6.0 costs 6490 €. Bye!

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