Ten Years of Slate Life – This is Only a Test 536 – 1/30/20

for Thursday January 31st 30 I know it
is its 30th 2020 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested
dot-com hello and welcome to the podcast this
week I’m norm we’re getting right to it Jeremy’s here hi Norman and cos Shores
here hello how are you both feeling a little under caffeinated but it’s on
what’s on the way here comes well I’m averaging you out because I feel way
over-caffeinated I’m ready to go wow I’m so glad and either if you said oh no the
weather with coughs or never never okay Super Bowl week I got to be in tip-top
shape that is that is so true if you are that person who cares about that if you
fall into the Venn diagram of person who listens to a technology podcast and also
cares about football yeah but two of them in this room at least the Super
Bowl is this Sunday it’s a great Ozomatli song called Super Bowl Sunday
Sunday I spelled like the dessert treat and I’m telling you this song embodies
more musical genres than any other song I can think of like it’s got Indian
hip-hop you like it’s got some classical it’s great I think that’s gonna be the
first and last so mottley reference yeah well we got but I like it I’m there with
you sure as in years past we’ve talked about your ritual for Super Bowl and I
don’t know I know you’re actually I do know this I know you’re not a Niners fan
even though you live in the Bay Area you’re not no from San Francisco no
affiliation to the 49ers no the Steelers oh my goodness you had one more guest
like this dealers fine where is cos Shore from Pittsburgh didn’t that the
Steelers that’s where I grew up I was born in Buffalo Bills fan and Bill’s it
very well this season unfortunately did not quite make it
although good luck next season I think everyone can hear my face right now his
amusement and but in the Bay Area we are very excited because it is the 49ers
there is Niners fever like yeah you pass by almost like every gas station there
like stands out in front side and Niners gear targets targets got a whole aisle
for these car lots are sold out of those bandwagons hey nice everyone is on board
our TV sales up you know that everyone says six Super Bowl is a time to
TVs it’s not uh it’s when the ads certainly ramped up here on the radio
you see a pop up like by your TV’s Super Bowl let’s let’s put out a Super Bowl is
the time like late January early February is when TV manufacturers are
trying to get rid of stock from last year’s supply so they in the summer can
start rolling out new stock of TVs that they unveiled at CES you wait about two
or three weeks the stock they’re trying to get rid of right now will go even
lower exactly exactly this is their big sales
rush for them to try to clear a stock but the prices can always go down and
it’s okay unless you need who’s gonna it’s it’s such a cliche
right that Super Bowl Super Bowls coming up it’s two weeks away then people are
gonna cut buy a new TV go and get it set up okay so the friends can come over
that 240 Hertz motion smoothing on yeah it’s it does that actually happen I’m
but I’m just watching the Super Bowl in cinema mode I don’t know what you’re
talking about FileMaker mode for a Super Bowl I hear my phone my phone 11 has a
better audio I can watch it on the phone now it’s on the apps everyone’s you know
people were watching it or following it on their phones and and watch it on
their phone can you watch the Super Bowl with no commentary yeah it’s called a
mute button no I want sound I just want the field I want the players want the
crunching oh you mean like I want to be in the stand you know in the stands it’s
plural isn’t it yeah well it’s certain they’re Maps like for example for
baseball for MLB when the World Series comes around and if you subscribe to the
MLB app you can get not only the the national broadcast feed but you can also
get multiple angles and it’s a kind like a version of the the mixing room where
the broadcast room gets you know the feeds you don’t get as many of you know
the dozens of feeds that they get yeah I’m not mixing yourself but you do get
maybe four sounds but and those you don’t get necessarily the broadcast
audio just get the camera feed so a new like invention over the past couple
years is the is the analyst feed where you’re watching the game and instead of
the regular commentators it’s like X players like breaking down the plays as
they’re happening no I don’t think that’s me I’m sure
there are people who spin up twitch feeds or or mixer feeds and just let you
listen and maybe you can create a some type of sync delay where some some
expert is giving commentary that you can listen to while watching super you can
get the stadium sounds but you might get a you might not get have to listen to
Joe Buck right what I would love listen to is the feeds are going into the
broadcast announcers ears and from the behind-the-scenes analysts right yes I
do believe that Troy Aikman knows his football but they’re also being fed
information stats from a team of analysts a support team that that’s
maybe they maybe even on the sideline it’s getting getting you know new info
can I tell you one thing that started irritating me mm-hmm
what’s commercials for the Super Bowl are coming out early now they’re like
why not they spend a lot of money on them they’re gonna get attention now
what’s the point well you’re gonna get attention that day
too but they spent so much money making the commercial and so much money on the
placement let it you know if you do the math it’s easier for them to get earlier
attention because they’ve have this brand they are a Super Bowl ad and they
can put them out online and get the views they can put them out you know
they can buy time into the week into the Super Bowl smart POC you seen it what’s
that it’s mom park is that is that a new thing yeah like John Krasinski said his
name and character marry Captain America Chris Evans yeah yeah yeah and a woman
from the Sanel they’re all together Kate McKinnon having a good time and it’s
fantastic they all do a Boston accent and this car parks itself you’re
familiar with parking itself Robert yeah but apparently Tesla’s not the only game
in town anymore oh so it’s a car ad yeah it’s a car ad
they’re enjoying the car parking itself Maybach they’re sitting in in the car
okay yeah good stuff yeah here movie studios are not spending a ton of money
buying movie ads anymore they get much more mileage out of just releasing the
trailer on social media and releasing it on YouTube then it would necessarily try
to buy a 15-second spot I mean there is no like massive movie this year there’s
no endgame type movie that is that has that kind of budget to blow
on a Super Bowl app I mean Marvel could for for Black Widow but I don’t know if
they’re going to I don’t think they need to so tell me about the wings to shore
oh yeah so I have a annual Super Bowl wing party because of the bandwagon of
the 49ers we have a record number of people coming to the party this year oh
so that means we have a record poundage of wings well I think we might go up to
60 pounds of wings this year that is a big bag of wings that is a small child
worth of wings Wow big job yeah that’s a fairly large child seven flavors this
year I have won utmost recommendation and this is seconded by our own Joey
family ferment your own hot sauce revelation people it’s so easy to do you
do a lacto-fermentation you essentially leave it out and use bacteria from the
air to ferment chilies I used Fresno chilies and vinegar let them ferment it
added so much depth of flavor and it was so easy to do easily my one of my most
recommended Kitchen variants that can bring a ton of flavors I’ve had my first
fermented hot sauce I would try that wing first that sounds delicious but do
you made a standard buffalo sauce out do you really think that it’s not just a
matter of it tastes good because you made it cuz hot sauce I would imagine
doesn’t need to be fresh am I wrong what okay
it’s controversy you’re not invited to this party Jeremy no nose no wings for
you you double fry the wings yeah we are baked the wings ahead of time like that
morning and then flash-fry them at 400 in peanut oil to finish them so they’re
extra crispy and then I individually dress wings to order how far down the
hop the hot ones track could you make it all the way oh I mean I could make it
but I find so I’ve done the hot ones challenge yeah it’s just that like most
of the sauces at the high fun are just not enjoyable like you
don’t get any other flavor besides hot yet huh
and get this I learned this hot is not a flavor it’s just a painting so anyways I
are you saying that the flavor that you get in hot sauce there is potentially a
way to get that flavor without the pain yeah I think there’s a good mix of pain
to flavor ratio that creates a really delightful experience that pairs well
with the fattiness of a chicken wing and when you go beyond that when you just go
into pure pain it becomes really hard to taste anything else besides feeling that
pain and so I think there’s a lot of really delicious hot sauces that have
been featured on hot ones and a few of those haven’t actually inspired wings
this year but once you get past like their 8 out of 10 rating on that site I
think you lose any sense of place science what I need you to do is help me
separate the flavor from the pain because I just want the flavor mm-hmm
I’m with you on don’t want the pain I’m not gonna have a little bit of pain I
want degree I want I want as much I want something that can just dial just the
pain left I want but then have full flavor just a little bit of Paris a
little bit I’m not gonna be there unfortunately I’ll be actually on an
airplane on Sunday flying the Florida where the Super Bowl
is but not to Miami where also the Super Bowl specifically I’m gonna be in
Orlando so you join in the resistance hopefully yeah I hear what’s rising dude
I hello I was really seriously considering a day trip to Disneyland I
know and I gave up because have you heard yeah it’s not it’s the it’s the
virtual cue the virtual cue you in order to ride this new ride you want you can’t
even enter the queue till you’re in the park they let you in the park are
geotagged or yeah yeah like I don’t know they have the boyfriend they know where
you are it’s Disney they know what you have in your pockets so it’s not a
problem getting into the park you just have to be there before like the park
officially opens and you’ll probably get a ride but
early on the entire day would sell out in the first two minutes two minutes
best-case scenario I heard 9:30 a.m. is the cutoff for the entire day in order
to ride the new rides of the resistance and I’m not going on Sunday it’s been
open longer and just me and it’s running smoother there so I think you’ll have
better luck and there are more attractions overall that’s right the
attendant and also I do hear that in general the early February type yard is
the the best time to go yeah January and February both all fingers crossed for
people wanting to go on the Avatar ride and maybe write so much you want to do
that too I do that too I didn’t want to do that was a quarter review yeah I will
come back and give a full report on all the rides or I’ll come back and say I
didn’t get a chance to any rides because the baby was being difficult don’t
believe the baby because I’m absolutely blaming because I had to have you know I
had my fatherly duties that’s right diapers need to be changed or the Empire
won this time so go Niners I think I could I can say
go Niners hey my dorms from the Bay Area he can
lead yeah I do it I remember the last time they won the Superbowl nothing I do
also remember last time they were in the Superbowl Moss but I remember the last
time the bills no if you’re doing Super Bowl squares to shore I want in we’ll
take it offline and I’m gonna then we’ll use some cash get me get my fix in yeah
yeah have you ever done Super Bowls probably not strictly legal whenever you
just said oh super league is it it’s our Super Bowl scores illegal gambling would
you remember bringing on FBI I’m waiting give you I’ll give him less
but play the wings I’ll be forgiven instantaneously back in the old future
media days before I was when I was 16 years old Rob Smith a PC a member walk
around before Super Bowl weekend and and go get people fill up the Super Bowl
square is that you know 10 bucks a pop and and I played all that rings a bell
I think I did do that right yeah like $10 you got a square and then like ya
know if you come I might have won one day and then they’re like oh hey you
made 30 bucks I have a memory of something like that no I really do I
think I want 100 bucks or something there you go Wow
why knock it yeah don’t know I didn’t this is great fantastic top story this week you know we talked
about it a little bit last week but it has really become not only a national
story but a global story we are of course talking about the corona virus
that is safe City escalating the question in China I would say it’s a
serious issue it’s not one to be panicked about which is what I said last
week still feel like that’s very true right now and I think what’s most
interesting to watch beyond the actual details of the case is this idea of how
the global response is organized and the kind of gaps and weaknesses that are
exhibited from that because viruses don’t obey borders and because it is a
it’s a sign of of where we are and it’ll illustrate where we need to go to
prevent this in the future all right so for people who did not
follow a moment of science last week but maybe you’ve been following the news
this past week where we at right now yeah so it’s 30 second primer on this so
there’s a broad class of viruses called corona viruses the flu is a version of a
corona virus SARS was a corona virus MERS coronavirus
so this specific corona virus that’s spreading in China right now is
generally referred to as n Kove 2019 and it seems to have originated in some sort
of animal or fish market though we really don’t know at this point it
spread to some humans at the time that we are recording this there are 6100
cases that have been identified sixth out 6,000 of them are in China of that a
hundred thirty-two people have died there are cases and I think 15 other
countries at this point all in the single digits
the reason it’s of concern is there’s a lot we don’t know about the virus right
now in terms of how it’s spreading and how quickly it’s incubate
symptoms and and all of those things I’ll get into into more detail as it
stands china has essentially quarantined a number of cities in and around the
city of Wuhan where this seems to originated where they’ve closed
transportation and all essentially all ingress and egress from the city the
cases that seem to have popped up in other countries relate to individuals
that were infected in China and traveled out before those transportation barriers
were put in place that kind of work is an incredible logistical feat to try to
essentially close down the movement of humans and so there’s a lot of work from
the World Health Organization down to individual cities that are trying to do
their best to contain this do you know what one disclaimer just for you chime
in so I’m gonna give my best to to give a take on this but you should definitely
if you want to know more information go to vetted information sites like the
World Health Organization or the CDC go to vetted places because there’s a lot
of information on social media that may or may not be accurate depending on the
source of information so be really careful about where you go sorry to the
best of our knowledge what are the people in these cities that are locked
down doing with their lives right now all right we don’t have very good
information because the press insight into those places is very limited and
that’s both a combination of the fact that this is China and the fact that
there wasn’t a lot of people embedded in those cities to begin with that had ties
to global outlets so we don’t know we’ve gotten like kind of sporadic reports
that people are essentially quarantined in their homes and so you can imagine
the kind of shelter in place mentality that’s going on and we’ve heard snips of
of how people are really fighting over food and water and some basic supplies
and how the government’s trying to respond to those needs while maintaining
integrity of the quarantine itself yes so I think it’s a very very tense
situation something that range is probably between boredom because you’re
just trapped at home for periods of time and for an indefinite period of time to
something that’s just absolutely terrifying to survival yeah and so I I
would imagine just given how what we understand about the transmission which
is happening person-to-person generally through coughs and sneezes that if I was
in that city right now I’d be just terrified of interacting with any humans
yeah yeah we have seen people use VPNs to get around and post videos on YouTube
trying to explain the situation but it’s like in their houses in their apartments
and you can’t really get a sense of what it is in the streets right now and this
is such a weird situation in the sense that no one’s like wandering around
walking around the city to give you sort of like the citywide views you’re
getting these really personal takes let’s talk about the the actual science
what no and the the gap so the virus itself probably originated in this
market as I mentioned but it’s sort of secondary now we’ve sorta cross the
threshold where we need to contain the outbreak and they’ll probably in sort of
once it sort of fully contained they’ll probably do a retrospective to try to
track it back so right now the emphasis is almost entirely on containing the
outbreak characterizing the virus and developing potential treatments to it so
a couple notes so a number of scientific journals have all banded together say
any information on this will be immediately available to the public
there’s a lot of sites that are doing something called preprint so you can
actually publish your data before it’s a peer reviewed they’ve actually
characterized the virus already so scientists have identified the virus
characterized it Johnson & Johnson and a few other companies are actually working
in a vaccine right now so this kind of rapid development from essentially eight
weeks ago to having this virus appear in the first cases to us having
characterized the virus and already working on treatments we’ve
never seen that kind of progress before in medical science and this is in direct
contrast to SARS where it was almost six months before we identified the virus
itself so this is huge progress and like a note of optimism for the future too
you’ll hear a lot about the transmission rate and I think this is an important
thing you’ll typically hear this referred to as a number called the are
not number which is the potential virus transmission rate so are not for this
virus right now somewhere it’s it’s changing a lot because we’re still kind
of figuring out what the cases are it’s somewhere between like 2.5 and 3.3 so
let’s just call it 3 that means that if Jeremy had the virus he has the
potential of transmitting it to 3 other humans if he had regular contact with
regular contact so is it like a fudging you already see the problems with this
number right it shows you potential disease transmission so it’s almost like
if you’re getting playing the board game pandemic it’s like you’re factoring in
like if this card comes up this is how it could spread to multiple cities it’s
kind of a measure of how contagious it is yes but it’s like the most slot is
filled one one number couldn’t possibly and you need to have a simple term for
it yet for public awareness but like just saying yellow alert you know orange
alert is not so let me go context well let me contextualize it so the are not
number for measles is between 12 and 18 the are not number for the typical
influenza virus is 3 so it it doesn’t really tell you or no seasonal flu is
like more like 1 to 2 are not number for SARS was 3 ah it doesn’t tell you what
the virus actual transmission will be it’s the potential transmission and what
it really doesn’t account for is once we figure out that this is happening all
the systems we put into place and to prevent that transmission the
systems today are very different than the systems last year or given forms of
communication that we have now like social media and so I’m really curious
because like you know way back years we visited a supercomputer facility at
or was it it was it was a Texas I want to say and they used those computers for
modeling like propagation rates and and how viruses can spread and those models
must be changing so frequently at least you would hope that this all feels so
unpredictable it does and the are not number is is being used by a lot of
mathematical models to predict what the current rate of diagnosis should be like
how many cases we should have based on the transmission rate we expected before
some interventions too complacent like interesting use of the number is for a
long time especially last week the number between what the potential
diagnosed cases were versus the actual diagnosed cases was variant by off by a
factor for like we were there’s 500 cases I think last week when report a
and and based on there were some calculations some papers that came out
saying that we should have 2,000 by now so that’s a factor of four difference
that is scary because it points to even if there aren’t 2,000 cases it also
points to like underlying are we under diagnosing this are there people that
have this that aren’t being reported is China not like being transparent or are
we like controlling it better than we anticipated yes it could be that –
that’s pretty unlikely from last week where they were looking at you know
essentially before any interventions came into place that number will
probably go down and we’re already seeing the models and the number of
diagnosed cases like come much more in alignment in just a week I’ll say
there’s a couple things we don’t know so what’s important is how contagious
what’s the likelihood of people to get sick and what’s the what’s the mortality
rate right now the mortality rate is staying pretty stable of about 1.3
percent and so if if that stays on this one to two percent region that’s
actually very good I mean it’s weird to say that but that’s a pretty low number
and so if they can sort of man that and keep that pretty stable wearing
it in a good place the idea of when you contract it to when you start to playing
symptoms and when you’re contagious during that is something we don’t know
at this point right and that is a big important number so the big concern of
this is if I contract the virus and I don’t show any symptoms for a week but
I’m contagious during that time it’s a really big problem for potential
transmission and spread of the disease and so right now they’re trying to hone
in on what that number is because there’s we’re dealing with only a
population of 6,000 the numbers are happening real-time they’re really
trying to keep up with that but I think that’s what they’re going to narrow in
on what is that and then the mortality rate like most people are exhibiting
pneumonia like illnesses so what are the interventions are gonna make to try to
continue to lower the the mortality rate but also up the identification of this
right now they’re using like infrared to see if you have a fever and stuff in
airports and such and typically that’s already a little late are the people who
are who have died are they being properly cared for beforehand we have no
idea at this point I mean at least I don’t I haven’t seen a lot of
information about the 132 cases where they passed away but as far as we can
tell they were hospitalized they were being cared for they have characterized
what why they’re sick so from that perspective it seems like they’re
getting the right care given the situation though what was concerning
last week is that 15 of the people that were infected when we talked about it
last week were nurses and hospital workers that had caught it from people
that were infected that came in they’ve seen me put in places protocols to
prevent that do outbreaks like this typically resolve if if they are
resolved positively through a vaccination discovery or through
isolation and containment and then letting kind of the time solve it I mean
this is one of those things where like there isn’t enough sort of like
historical like this is what is work in this situation because it’s a
complicated ethos but my personal take is that it is the it is the logistical
work of isolating people educating them and preventing the spread that is the
most effective here it’s not gonna be the vaccine it is going to be the kind
of sense around how we prevent this from breaking out
isolating people because if the virus has nowhere to go
it’ll that’s how you you essentially kill it off
it’s not gonna be Dustin Hoffman’s outbreak yeah and then and then the
vaccine becomes almost a preventative measure for future containment but right
now it’s really the isolating of the people the characterization of the virus
itself I want to say I feel very optimistic at seeing this kind of
response I think even 10 years ago we wouldn’t have this this rapid of a
response and this coordinated response there’s lots of problems with the
response and you’ll see dissection of all the the issues that that arose
during this but from where I see I see a lot of progress and a lot of hope for
the future if something else emerges on this vein it’s a serious issue but not
one that at least here in the states and in other countries outside of China I
think you need to be worried about I don’t think there’s a reason for you to
be wearing you know mass in public if you’re concerned about this corona virus
in countries away from from China right now it’s not gonna be an effective why
isn’t it attractive if it is transmitted from sneezing and coughing no but I mean
the prevalence late there’s five cases in the u.s. so it’s not like the
likelihood of five people out of 300 million even if that number is 25 people
the likelihood that you’re going to run into one of those people is so low it’s
a math thing right can we talk about a herd immunity for
just a moment I’m sure and this does it I don’t know how to raise this question
delicately but like is there so if you were to contract this virus and fight it
if you’re in that you know it you if you have that 99 percent chance of survival
is your immunity not stronger if your immune system not strong or having
engaged with this virus and now you are or immune to it in the future and
viruses like it is that is there is anybody talking about just over the
years as we combat viruses with these types of strategies to isolate people
and keep them away from the virus there anybody talking about how that’s
affecting our gene pool and the lack of immunity that we will have two viruses
going forward so to the best of my knowledge and if I’m wrong about this
please call me out in the comments I’m really open to feedback on this that’s
what I know it’s like we don’t understand what immunity looks like for
this particular virus at this point so it’s way too early for us to eat to
really be commenting on it because we don’t know if this is a virus where the
the people that had it and you didn’t really develop any sickness or they had
very mild sickness if they’re susceptible to it again in the future we
don’t know any of that at this point it’s just way way way too early
I think but even even in the context of flu shots yeah what about the same thing
like there are people who think that you shouldn’t get your your flu shot because
it you know it’s counter to protecting the herd and the bigger picture yeah I
mean people are gonna make personal choices around this my personal choice
around this is when when I look at the data when I look at the advice of a lot
of experts in the field is that the flu shot while imperfect because the strain
of flu that might emerge may or may not be the one that the vaccine is actually
again a best protective of Ginn’s gives you an enhanced protection around
getting the flu and especially if you’re older or immunocompromised where the flu
is potentially going to kill you and the flu kills a lot of people like a hundred
thousand people in this country alone so it’s it’s not a joke I would rather give
me any extra percentage points that I get with the risk with the downside my
personal take on the downside is that I feel a little crappy the next day Oh
another flu shot to me it’s worth the investment because of that and but for
my parents it’s really worth the investment like they’re in their 80s if
they get sick there they’re in a much greater danger from from really being
hospitalized I love Lou I’m so with you I get the flu shot and I
agree with you but this doesn’t really hurt him you mean anything you don’t
think so now with the flu no well it seems it
seems to me like there’s a discussion there and I think that we are probably
augmenting our natural immune system with science and we are you know across
across the board when it comes to medicine and I there’s something I think
that’s the right choice I just think that it should be acknowledged that that
we’re starting to do that you know it’s an interesting discussion that’s all
yeah well we’ll try to stay up to date on
this but again I will reinforce two points go to vetted sites for
information and I don’t think you should be panicked about it play pandemic have
fun I don’t know pandemic like makes me want
to rage quit but just yeah yeah have you played it oh yeah oh yeah a board game
yes enjoyable there’s another video game called plague incorporated okay um or is
that the name of the company in any case they yet it’s the that’s the game it’s a
video game it was the highest downloaded app on the App Store of the past week oh
my go with in China and in the US because it simulates the disease
spreading people want to see that model they have their the company that makes
it have come out with a press release saying don’t don’t don’t Secret Service
don’t simulate coronavirus with our app it’s not scientific yeah don’t do it oh
my god so I just put that out there no PSA don’t also if you’re gonna watch
contagion the Steven Soderbergh film we came out with 10 years ago like it’s
entertainment oh yeah not it’s it’s not a prescription for how to especially
what happens in movie theaters I’ll just leave it there yeah remember that oh boy that’s very super reassuring here
we are trapped in this room what are you doing to me
three people there are only two people here okay in pop culture news there is a
bunch of stuff to talk about one is this is heavily heavily rumor this is one of
those stories that haven’t gotten frankly a little bit out of control on
social media but the report is that Disney Plus has put on hold the obi-wan
series that crew members and production folks were told up go home gonna rework
the scripts before they continue it’s not a report that it’s canceled even
though that’s what a lot of the early social media fear was but I think the
rumors were that leadership executives at Lucas I don’t know how true this is
at all we’re super unhappy with the direction of the scripts their creative
differences yeah there are rumors that some of the there’s been dismissals but
I think those are not substantiated as far as we can tell
did you guys not see what you and McGregor said about this what do you say
he said it’s everything’s fine it’s just been postponed uh-huh everything’s
everything still on track they just and it probably even said it probably won’t
affect the release date that they’ve just postponed production into next year
I think that I think I think the pressures put on a television show
there’s a lot of understandably a lot of pressure put on this television show
probably way more than the mandalorian even though that was the first
live-action Star Wars show gonna be you on Disney Plus because this is a beloved
character aware this story will affect the Star Wars Canon now the people that
they hired to do b2 to run the show yeah Debra Chow who worked on the Man Lorien
I mean the work is out there you can see how how well received and how great
those episodes are so I think it’s this guy is not following this is part all
natural part of product and what’s wait and see
maybe we shouldn’t know about these things and like these shows yes until
they’re ready until they’ve all been shot yeah that’s no fun I mean unless
there’s like a full-on Debra Chao has been fired and it’s like a public thing
there’s a press release about I I think this rumor mill potentially hurts the
product on the other side because now you have now that’s the story all of
those those people at Lucas they they aren’t immune to seeing what the
conversation is and I think it adds pressure it probably affects choices
they’re making I like Mandalorian struck me as something that was immune to that
because it was so under the radar in terms of like the writing process all
that was done before we much of it before we really heard anything about it
this is ex show oh yeah it’s a limit it’s gonna be one season
presumably because it’s you know how are they there’s no way they’re any McGregor
to do multiple seasons to tell a story that yeah that is gap Mara and bookended
by the movies right this is a prequel story
so unlike the mandalorian they’re not doing this with the hope for a season
two people gonna watch regardless it’s gonna be a killer app but it’s gonna be
killer content for dis t plus so even if it’s not the perfect show they’re gonna
get ten good episodes these things are built on machine and it’s gonna be
success right so they should just trust their instincts let the screenwriters do
their job let the directors do their job and play on the show and not let this
kind of this kind of story affect it and even if it’s not well-received big deal
it’s not gonna affect like the next Star Wars movie they do or it’s not gonna
have any bearing on the performance the box office receipts for a future Star
Wars film cuz that’s gonna be completely different
unless obi-wan comes out he’s like I hate it Luke and Leia hated those kids
those kids ruined my life no one’s gonna remember they could always Christmas
special it rewrite it lion Kings out on Disney Plus now o live-action that the
quote unquote yeah not Disney considers a live-action so it’s
not nominated for animated highest-grossing film of all time
no yes last year last year all-time look it up is the like Marvel’s at DISA
managers and game was more whoa you’re drawing lines there are different lines
it Amy maybe it is it just animated I think you’re talking about because but
then they said it’s not animated I this is again an artificial manner that
Disney’s wrong it is very successful and Daniel II John farver did get work there
yeah dose in the shell is coming out there’s
gonna be a Netflix show and there’s a trailer that’s released
are you watching yeah I did not watch the trailer important have read that
there is some debate among the ghosts and the shell fans what is it about the
art style for this that’s so controversial potentially well I was
gonna ask you that very question norm I think it’s because it’s it’s it’s 3d CG
it is not it’s kind of like in the what it’s V almost looks like video game
video game graphics it does look like it we’re watching a cutscene
yes opposed to something that is that has the manga roots to it and all like
we’re we’re watching a scene right now that is in like full daylight it does
occur as a video game wow I am NOT into this yeah animations expensive yeah
anime is very expensive and they’re banking on and and it does not to say
you can’t do a great CG rendered 3d CG rendered animated show I think Star Wars
resistance that is it’s technically 3d but they cel shaded in a way to make it
look like hand-drawn animation in some scenes what I don’t know what anything
about ghosts in the show I think it was an anime film right I’d like you my
watching came out after Akira is that right I don’t know the exact timeline uh
I don’t know anything about it you don’t watch it Joe it’s a good watch
yeah it’s like one of the class is it based on you seen Akira yeah is it based
on the comic it’s based on manga yeah yeah that came
out first and then the movie and then has there been any other film
adaptations uh well the Scarlett Johansson thing though right yeah yeah
yeah and was that that wasn’t terribly well received or it must have been an
doing this this is I think not based on that this is based on the original
source material right and it’s hoping that the fans of the original source
material will subscribe to Netflix to watch it and I think there’s gonna be
good amount that will because they just want to see continuation this story it
is unfortunate that’s not done in the traditional style but that style is
super expensive and that’s not to say Netflix doesn’t up the cash to spend it
but it’s also incredibly time consuming and there’s not a ton of studios that
can conditional style beings just hand-drawn drawn exactly akira like the
original movie yeah yeah you think that’s harder to do than the 100 d
models yes did you in a in a TV series to create to
do in heavenly hour the content you want to do and not just a 90 minute or two
hour two hours because I was a big fan of the new Voltron series and that was
all 3d that was John I was drawing that was a mix well the drawn parts and you
guys have the correct form or wrong a bit and if you compare it to like 90s
and 80s anime the attention to detail and the amount of animation in that
stron was way overboard it’s like uncomplete lee impractical it’s one of
the reasons fans love it you know love forms like cures because there’s so much
painstaking work but it stayed one chance to get one scene right so through
hours and hours and hours into every single frame that’s not practical for a
Netflix television I see we’re saying this really is CG this isn’t yeah this
is straight up looks like a video game looks like a video game cutscene oh
we’re not even in cutscene just looks like you know render gone oh hi n yeah
but you say that these days like video games they look fantastic triple a look
better than this they they they do the in sub but yeah it’s like watching Metal
Gear yep Metal Gear cutscene Netflix and Apple apparently are both vying for the
MGM back catalog now I think it would make sense for
Netflix to spend a bunch of money and get the back k-dog there’s an
expectation there on the Apple side news I want to bring up the story is it does
Apple need a back catalogue for Apple TV plus well what kind of stuff is in the
MGM catalogue they got James Bond okay they do have some of the things they
produce I think Handmaid’s Tale is a good show but that’s a Hulu show so I
don’t exactly how that syndication would work but there are they’re a bunch of
you know anything you’ve seen the Royal I it isn’t like some sort of like there
isn’t this blockbuster show it’s not like a game of Thrones or like a you
know something like that it’s a back catalogue play vh1’s Love & Hip Hop oh
yeah one of the classic shows of our generation but the question is does
Apple maybe its mistake right maybe why if
your Apple aren’t you still in the proving down with the original content
that catalog that’s 100% what they started with but maybe they’ve looked at
the numbers and their retention numbers and maybe they’re they wanted they want
to pivot because you can spend a billion dollars on content if people aren’t
watching it because there’s so much new content but you got to go back to the
well and licensed content it’s why there’s been such big deals done for
shows like The Office and yeah ends on other streaming services and I think it
would be I think would be sad I think it would be a mistake for Apple to rely on
back catalogue to bolster their numbers even if that’s what the metrics show
what people and viewers want because I think it’s a missed opportunity to
develop original content further and really position themselves more as an
HBO then enough guys let me just tell you I don’t think anybody at Apple two
months into the service is looking at the numbers and saying hey yeah Bharti
this isn’t working out out of this Apple TV Plus deal
I just don’t know this is a five year like launch I guarantee you it’s copy
they have a plan that’s gonna take them through the bike the next few iPhones
and the next services it’s a hobby within a hobby they like they know they
don’t have the numbers this year that’s why they gave it away to everybody who
bought a new device it’s it’s a long-term plan that this has
always been in the cards they know that needs some extra fodder on the service I
know I don’t like that I don’t buy that either
I think the shareholders would expect more and I think they’re gonna look at
stock price and look at their services division and if they’re not getting
those dollars then it’s also a missed opportunity then those dollars are going
elsewhere we essentially we’ll know in a few months when they at what’s it called
what’s the menu WC yeah yeah we’ll know because even though that’s not you know
where they would naturally talk about Apple TV if it’s not there at all that’s
not that’s gonna be a bad sign for the platform the Steve Carell showed did
very well at the awards I think and the morning show yeah
and that’s I think an important part of you know starting to get people
interested and it’s definitely the play that Amazon did and Hulu did and getting
a lot of a small number of their original shows to get nominated and then
get people interested in things like handmade sale and more of us missed –
all but Apple I think it’s a two-year runway at most and at that point there
it’s they can’t continue spending hundreds of million dollars on shows I
mean they could technically they could do anything you want they have the two
hundred billion dollar cash reserve they can spend however they want but their
investors are going to want to see that return and I could see them exiting the
Premium Subscription TV play sooner than we didn’t know dude there’s just the the
percentage of returns they make on this service or the investors are not looking
at that that they are looking at because they want to see the projection the ramp
up and if they can’t see the hockey stick for this as a pillar of their
Services Department yeah then that doesn’t bode well for
their future as a services company at least in the content side I mean they
they have iCloud and that’s gonna be that’s gonna get them a ton of money
they have music which is doing all right and they have arcade which again this
falls in the same bucket as arcade and that I strong launched potentially but I
don’t know what the retention is gonna be they might have put too much at this
might fall into the Apple news category where you know they’re asking too many
people they’re asking for people even though this massive user base to
subscribe to too much all at once without a competitive advantage I could
be wrong I don’t like Apple reports any earnings based on this one service I
think they’d only lump it all together so it’s sort of left to your imagination
yeah and I can only imagine this not doing so well
but again I think they don’t expect it to yet a couple movies they’re coming
out I want to mention that excited about one is ten evil news dune and this past
week we got the very very first look at the logo
although the copyright holders are already trying to remove the the logo
from fan accounts oh I approve yes so how is that possible
I like it it’s so good so good so a bunch of its DMCA takedowns to get a
piggy down cash or take it down and one looks like it a DMCA takedown on this
podcast but it’s super easy to find just search doom logo I think it was it was
brought up at a at a what is it an event where was it Warner France had had some
oh come on it’s dumb people can’t share the logo it’s dumb
this is PR this is PR just they love it they love that people are fighting to
see this logo probably also yeah so it was brought up at our presentation and
it’s coming out the end seer December 23rd maybe it’s not the real one
maybe it was no no no this was at an official event reveal that event event
in France movies producers put it up behind the big screen and what you saw
was like the the prospective corrected version and it looks like you see the
planet cool desert planet puts a logo you know it evokes in folks the alien
logo to my room when alien the title sequence in the original ridley scott
alien and it was the these solitary lines that slowly faded in and then the
angles and then it’s an alien that’s one of the best opening sequences it’s so
creepy it’s so atmospheric and the fact that the the letter is the four letters
of dune are all using the same shape yeah but just turn kind of sis
dunk but it’s all good well there’s the e you have the line for the e is a star
no and it’s it’s um it’s lens flare that gives you the e oh can I better line the
e nice where it’s a beautiful logo yeah very excited for this film how about fast fast nine guys they’re
making it and no it’s coming out this year the first full trailer is gonna
come out tomorrow you can’t stop fast and furious you can
only hope to contain it it’s the fast saga now they’re calling it do we get
Jason Statham actually I don’t think so I think that the spin-off I don’t think
the spin-off folks the rock and Jason say them are part of this one oh no so
no Hobbes or no Shaw I don’t think you get it yeah I think it’s gonna be back
to the core family of Dominic Dom and Michelle Rodriguez and and their kid now
yeah I did hear a rumor though and this 100% I know we kind of bash rooms
earlier but this is something I’m actually hoping would happen so you know
the bad boys 3 was in theaters yeah people like it and it’s apparently
really good it turned out that if you have a bad boy film that’s not directed
by Michael Bay it could be pretty good it’s doing well I made a ton a’money
they already are a very greenlit bad boys for all mine but there was a wish
it’s a glimmer in a fans I that bad boys and the Fast and Furious series will
converge and will turn out that’s in the same universe and you’re gonna get a
Dominic Toretto and Will Smith crossover fast boys forever what you can do that
would be I’m all for this of course the two different studios that they ones
Universal in the fast series and bad boys I want to say is Sony but if they
that that would be an Avengers level I made you this if the enemy gets the
credit stinger is Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker
are they opposing each other like are the cops out to get the fast and furious
team 100% okay I like it 100% that sounds good but yeah who do you focus on
like is it really this like split yeah it’s two parallel storylines just give
me that end credits sequence where you have Will Smith walking in Mon Lawrence
walking in getting too old for this still and looking for Dom I like it yeah
and I’ve never even seen fast mini furious but bad boys and now I want to
see but now you know yeah the the men in black 21 Jump Street sequel crossover
died so this could happen do you remember this that was not a thing
it was 100% a thing you know 21 Jump Street which phil lord chris miller did
awesome film great rebooting of a franchise and it is
oh yeah it’s so good did they do that before lego movie they did well then
they also came back in did 22 Jump Street which was a total riff on sequels
and that was also fantastic and Sony had this great idea to do a men in black 22
Jump Street crossover as a riff on crossovers and shared universes and it
would be you know Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill joining the men in black this
is the future I thought it was fantastic idea yep I don’t think it’s Sully’s the
men in black seer you know movie at all no because those are pure comedies
anyway and they’re ridiculous but it was that idea was nixed because
it came out in the Sony hack uh and so oh I think fake it was like an actual
plan that it was an actual plan and it was at least the discussions about it
well we’re revealed in the Sony hack I don’t know how far they actually got it
wrong right but they ended up of course I’m not happening but I can only dream
and I still do I’m gonna dream of a fast saga bad boys crossover yes the FCU yeah
you decide what that F minute see you okay you guys like The Big Lebowski yeah
very much I know there’s a there’s a spin-off coming out is it about Jesus
it’s about that Finan talked for decades there
there’s a movie poster it’s already happening there’s I I do know this is
happening at all there’s a I thought this was like it looked like a Photoshop
poster but it’s John Tudor Oh Bobby Cannavale II Aldrete a – Audrey tattoo
oh my goodness oh he’s a mess Amelie susan sarandon Jon Hamm and Christopher
Walken and Pete Davidson who’s on the movie poster oh wow yeah bring it hey
I’m all for more bowling movies that’s cool yeah I don’t think the the Coen
brothers are involved in this what at least I don’t think they’re it’s not
Gore film that doesn’t bode well okay who’s who yeah they’re whose choose to
recognize I am DB that uh I’ll work on that
well it’s coming out on March 20th that’s soon well that can’t be good
I think it’s totally it’s gonna be low-key release for fanservice
Jesus roles director is John Tudor oh oh well that’s interesting okay all right
I’m bored one of the co Etan Cohen rota is one of the author credits but it
seems like they gave when the author or writer credit because he created a
character yeah yeah yeah yeah all right John to shreds wrecking okay I’m in in
that funny you get a character who maybe had ten minutes of screen time in a
family it if you create a comic book character and they’re used in a film get
the credit don’t talk about the credit talk about the movie like that character
was so successful it beloved in pop culture so beloved everybody knows the
Jesus I mean how many people have licked bowling balls yes because of that one
character that’s probably was you are talking about diseases dangerous public
health situation do not lick bowling balls yeah that’s
great mmm last bit of movie news next week filming in San Francisco matrix for
ohm Atrix for well no that’s not confirmed it’s confirmed that that is
going to be low-flying helicopters and sheet and streets shutdown for days on
end and like all hours of the night its matrix for but
appears it might be matrix I think that’s what Theano has been spotted in
ela Maeda already in an ice cream store well that’s just a thing Keanu Reeves
would do no that’s how he here did no bearded and he’s sad he goes to the ice
cream store do you see how long here on this one oh let’s talk about the big
questions I have no that’s a good way I’ve no idea he did shave the images of
him for billons head he has no beard no and we he’s so in in public he recently
yeah he’s been known to have the long hair and the beard for John wick mm-hmm
he own had neither what if he’s a broken down knee heals
dead he’ll be whatever is easily most easily see g’d that’s what they always
did with the Matrix films that’s why they wore sunglasses and trench coats
because you can recreate that visualize exactly no one can t belly wow this it’s
why should go to kids trying to dress up as you know neo in the 90s this fashion
statement is for special effects it’s not because they like leather trench
coats it’s because it was easy to see gee that’s cool I mean that must have
cost a fortune to shoot in San Francisco I would think it doesn’t happen that
often you get these out low-flying helicopters and streets shut down mm-hmm
I think I was it for pop culture news can i buzz market something I’m gonna
say no for reasons I’ll tell you after the podcast awesome oh that I’m really
excited about that and before we move on to our next segment I will let you know
that this episode of this is only a test is made possible with support from
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card that’s why we created Eno the Capital One assistant that catches
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money when you’re not Capital One what’s in your wallet see Capital One comm for
details you know a couple days ago Apple
released their earnings report for the first quarter of 2020 which includes
past holiday season yeah and they blew a lot the
expectations and even their own guidance of course they don’t release specific
number of sales units for less specific devices they group a lot of them
together such as their wearables you don’t know how many actual Apple watches
they sold these talk about Apple watches plus ear pods plus other wearables like
all together but the assumption is ear pods are doing quite well but something
it’s interesting is that that wearables segment yeah of their product line has
already surpassed s’ on the rise and surpassed not only the mac segment
number of dollars they sold selling Mac’s but also definitely units cuz Mac
cell for a lot higher but also iPads and iPads what I want to talk about this
week because this past week was the 10th anniversary of the announcement of the
iPad and I want to go take a trip down memory lane
and and talk about what life was like for those of you out there who may not
remember or do remember pre iPad and post iPad did you both have an iPad one
oh yeah yeah you know so the iPad came out interesting time for four tested
specifically because it was announced in January before tested was started up and
this is our 10-year anniversary and it was released in March right after we
started one of the first things we covered untested was the release of the
iPad will went to buy one when we were still had an office in Sausalito I think
he went to an Apple store early in the morning picked one up and we did a kind
of a first look overview of the iPad as a I won’t even say live stream back at
the old Sausalito office definitely recorded and put out there and then I
took it came out on the day of WonderCon when it was in San Francisco that
brought the iPad to WonderCon and then that following day it was right
before south-by-southwest want to say we took it apart and we did a disassembly
you could burn – yeah it was one of the very first videos in my living room
before we even had a full set we used my living room and took apart so an iPad or
any of those videos online today like they gotta be you got a site they on
YouTube they are on the YouTube channel I want to say if you search iPad and
also its Chloe Oh Chloe Chloe bear doll it’s an iPad it
was our first viral video I remember that that was a big deal it was on
Chinese media it was on all over the world people took clips of a wills dog
willowy I wasn’t like playing with a fake fish tank or something it was she
was barking at it a dark a dog barks and iPad or plays with an iPad but what what
was running on the iPad I have no I’m gonna say fish tank maybe it was fish
Nick will filmed it with his phone yep and we have a look at it this is like
early air only can we put this on all there goes there’s a piano oh it’s not a
fish tank it’s a piano oh that’s Chloe yeah iPad means a lot
meant a lot to tested maybe there was a fish tank
Oh jazz playing with the iPad the lily pad I’m gonna get points for the lily
pad okay alright so the year is 2010 and iPhones been out for three years app
store at this point has been out so we have the killer app for mobile devices
and iPhones already doing very well but the rumors are building that Apple’s
gonna announce a tablet a slate now this comes off the heels of CES where
Microsoft has announced Windows 7 and Windows 7 is a huge success for
Microsoft they’re feeling pretty good already to remember the PC landscape in
2010 107 is out it was after the debacle that was I know Windows 7 was great
because people are still running it yeah Microsoft can’t get them off it the
world they’re trying to get upgrades to Windows 10 well that’s over but yeah but
it was after you know Windows ME people running Windows 2000 as the default
windows and then Windows 7 came out it was super smooth super fast I had a lot
of great great features before of course the
the reactionary released that was Windows 8 Steven Sinofsky was ahead of
the monistic group then but also PCs were selling really well people were
building PCs iPhones were becoming a thing smartphones you know were really
dominated by blackberry right and then Apple as an emerging contender the
iPhone was only three years old at the time only right 3G was that 3G was out
right for iPhone iPhone even it was all done with Samsung chips back then right
and netbooks were the other thing that were what is a netbook oh my god cuz
Shores playing a video of will and I did taking apart is it like a dumb laptop
it’s a cheap laptop yeah a netbook back in 2010 it was a whole segment that’s
all I want to say 40 or 50 million units Wow and all the PC OEMs we’re putting
these small form-factor affordable laptops together that people would buy
as maybe their first laptop because they could buy one for 400 bucks it was for
browsing the web it was sort of browsing the web and email and really the reason
they existed not only for the price point was a way for Intel to make use of
their atom processors Microsoft and Intel said we want put windows sell
windows get people using windows and Adam and Intel had these low-power atom
processors that weren’t gonna be great for smartphones and so they put them in
laptops and the expectation wasn’t that these would be able to run you know
games have discrete graphics or or be great for anything any type of
productivity that we think of today fitted photo editing video editing it
was media browsing so what’s the context here are you saying that people expected
the iPad to be a touchscreen version of that yes that people expected that Apple
was gonna fill a segment between iPhone and Mac yeah and do something that was
either gonna compete with netbooks or be the touchscreen Mac I think a lot of
people wanted it’s a touchscreen Mac is not how it started it would didn’t it
start as like an idea two jobs around a touchscreen
well MacBook the history is whether the iPad was
development before the iPhone and they they shelled iPad to vellum because they
had reason you know the iPhone the deal with the carriers gave them a reason to
create a whole new a whole new type of product too of course as we know
revolutionize smartphones and and cellular devices but they had set them
on earnings calls they would never do a netbook because the netbook user
experience wasn’t great still isn’t and and that’s why that whole category died
you’re not gonna play this whole video the entire time I like seeing young
normal good kids yeah children back then still children today with kids of her
own but the I think you Google what the the fan images the fan expectations of
the iPad were before we even knew it was gonna be called the iPad a lot of people
had thought it would make be called you know I guess slate isolate they were
essentially Mac OS on a tablet form factor
you had the dock it looked like there might have been a stylus like people
expect us I they look people a lot of accepted ports USB ports the dream iPad
before Apple actually announced iPad was and it was like a thousand to fifteen
hundred dollar device that would give you touch screen capability on Mac OS
multitasking windows side by side if you have a 10 inch display you can finally
do that today not really know the iPad as the mode work it becomes a screen on
your Mac oh yes yes yes yes yeah but but the multi side you don’t
have Windows natively and I’m right in iOS and of course the the pricing was
the big thing so a couple of surprises when they did the keynote you should
watch the the Steve Norfolk you know Steve Jobs keynote for iPad I remember
it was one of his last I think it was it was and they had that Design Within
Reach like couch that all the presenters sat in you know whether it was Phil
Schiller or Scott Forstall and their whole thing was yeah they said
they were gonna address this category that was gonna be between iPhone and
between Mac that would be great for photos
in ebooks and media and internet browsing and they said well why don’t we
make a netbook well cuz the met book netbooks a garbage experience and said
we’ve made the iPad and shocker boom five hundred dollars yeah that’s
actually competitive by today’s standards I mean that then that at the
time you would have expected more you won the traumatic summer because the
iPhone remember launched that higher than five hundred dollars yeah and so
the people didn’t expect that you could get something with a bigger screen which
they associated with being a more premium product for cheaper and of
course we’re talking about a five hundred dollar model cell a Wi-Fi model
not cellular but they got the cellular built in if you want to pay more because
it was paid in space in the same architecture as the iPhone and it was a
big iPhone screen it will knocked it for that remember it was it’s a big iPhone
but and realized that the big iPhone was what people wanted a lot of people to
use in their homes well it brilliantly minimized the compatibility issues so
you could make one app and it would run on both it was such a bad experience it
still is a bad experience yeah J but if Instagram on an iPad but
that gave them a library and like that something that don’t have an Apple TV
plus 140 thousand apps at that time on iPhone and three billion app downloads
immediately had a back catalog but of course they encourage people to at WWDC
develop their own yeah iPad apps they launched a whole suite of their own
their own iPad apps they develop in-house that they sold at $10 a piece
for word processing for for for PowerPoint presentation you know not for
presentations or slides and and even GarageBand these to be was GarageBand
first year yeah I I want to say it was because man I swear like it that wasn’t
as someone who’s tinkered of music I think if it was just a GarageBand device
it would have been worth five hundred dollars that’s one of the things that a
lot of people were looking back 10 years have said was a direction the iPad
missed out on internally at Apple that became too much of a games and
consumption device and that what Steve Jobs had pushed for you know the the
multi-touch model being the any any interface and any amount of product and
all sorts of productivity like Apple had had not pushed for that
like even things like iMovie editing that they put out on iPad and iPhone are
not highly highly integrated and highly used so iPad 10 years you guys bought
one right no I never had an iPad really yeah I never had the original iPad I had
a iPad 2 iPad 2 was big because of the the slim design you know one of the
things that people also may not remember is I think there was a lot of false
advertising in the in how slim the iPad was if you look at a first gen iPad not
only are the bezels massive which understandably in you know for designing
it but it was pretty thick it had it had a an edge to it a silver edge and then
behind that edge it was pretty bulbous in the back lots of room for improvement
and when they showed photos of it they would only show that silver edge the
hard edge and the side and hide the bulbous back of it and I thought that
was misleading and it’s not even telling today that you have an iPad that has
like the iPad pro is like the the perfect iPad they wish they made 10
years ago because it is really that thin and that light and has you know very
thin bezels and of course now has the pencil support what was your favorite
iPad what do you thing was the most important one favorite well I mean
that’s only oh no ducks I only own one so I’m not good for this conversation
meeting was such a big deal I mean I still only use a mini but it’s a few
years old I don’t know I feel like I don’t think that of the iPad is being
something that you know just as important deserves this kind of like
reference I don’t think so I don’t mean I think it’s a fine device I think it’s
fine it never did become like a laptop replacement for anybody I know except my
ten-year-old daughter who never had a laptop but still you know it’s just it’s
just not quite there yet it is very much a device that I can grab and read the
web before I fall asleep to and I don’t if I didn’t have the iPad in my life you
would have to be I’d be okay yeah yeah an iPhone’s of
course got bigger and so you you have a big plenty big enough screen on your
iPhone if you just want to do that content that said it is totally
futuristic from like a nostalgia standpoint like it is the it is a
Jetsons device it’s the star trek pad it’s a star trek out I’m glad it exists
and I I think that touchscreen flat devices are gonna be an interesting
thing to track absolutely yeah when also now with stylus support either
either of multi favor touch or or stylus yes what was your favorite iPad of the
the the first one the Retina screen yeah that’s true if that was once they
doubled that resolution I was such a big deal after four three three yeah and
also the iPad Mini with Retina screen that was a massive deal
I bought it they want aim resolution as the full-size one and at that point they
were charging the iPad Mini was cheaper that was one maybe one of the pricing
mistakes on Apple’s part that they didn’t well the others sold it like the
winner was that events are like oh we also have the iPad Mini with the same
resolution right that’s it everybody right and and I think they realized now
smaller is something they can sell to premium the sweet spot maybe and because
it’s more difficult to get you know crammed all that stuff into a smaller
screen have a piece of survival and then that mini it’s that’s why it’s still
endures today and they they updated it last year with all the the guts also the
iPad was the first of the view of the a-series processors I remember before I
back came out we did speculate what what chip were they going to use x86 or arm
and if they were gonna use an arm I was I knew people were so convinced they was
gonna use it NVIDIA Tegra because it tiger was shown at CES earlier last year
and okay if they’re using these Samsung phone chips for the iPhone the Nvidia
stuff is super fast able to partner in the year NVIDIA GPUs inside MacBooks
maybe they’ll use an Nvidia chip for the iPad so it was the first Apple device
with their own chip is what you’re saying now I think there’s a
misconception there because I think even with the first the first third eye for
the first three iPhones the Samsung manufacturer chip was highly influenced
by Apple engineering they just didn’t call it a
Cirie’s chips I think the iPad was the first one where they were proud enough
to say you know even though it was still didn’t own the fabs yet right there was
still manufactured under contract by by Samsung there was their design they
license from arm and they called it the a4 chip which of course made its way
into the iPhone for a huge iPhone later that year
20 2010 was a massive year for Apple debut of iPad and iPhone 4 do you think
we’ll see an interesting iPad this year in order to celebrate no okay no I think
you’re gonna see some of the features of the iPad pro make its way down to the
iPad and the three camera system on the iPhone make its way the iPad really I
think so okay especially for for a our capability you want that altar art
camera and doing some depth mapping and remapping
alright did you hear about Jeff Bezos his iPhone unfortunately that was so
there are a lot of reports about this of course about the the hacking of the
alleged hacking of Jeff’s basis is iPhone 10 through a whatsapp message a
video is apparently what what’s been revealed the most interesting thing was
that the malicious part of that message apparently was 140 K mm-hmm that’s
nothing that’s nothing for today’s media standards and file standards but that
allowed some some code to then tap into basic iPhone features to then upload
data and use Safari web browsing and use and use of mail apps to then send things
that he wasn’t aware of so I listen to the new york times daily episode on this
hacking and what’s insane about this is how what alerted him to the problem so
they actually looked at the data and saw that the usage the outbound data usage
from the phone had spiked in the in the couple days after after this but also
magnitude yeah yeah so Bezos reportedly had a
conversation in and around his phone and about Saudi Arabia and then got a
follow-up text from NBS regarding that conversation who is not in that
conversation so wait they weren’t already acquaintances sharing just
informal chats with each other so they were talking I mean I it’s not unusual
they would be talking like Amazon trying to open that market readily makes sense
but the idea that Bezos was having a totally independent conversation right
was essentially being eavesdropped and then gets a message about it from mb/s
is what alerted him that something was going on with his phone so like we
wouldn’t actually know about this unless that weird text had happened
alerting him that something weird was going on so that wasn’t the hacked text
either no this is after the hack has already occurred yeah and it’s not even
where I’m sure if he opened the video that the tech it was contained within
the whatsapp but he did he did he did he was vulnerable to a phishing scheme
Rika’s as we called your Trojan horse where he was sent a text message and on
whatsapp from crown prince Saudi Arabia with a link that he clicked yeah he
shouldn’t collect it like we all know don’t click those links but I guess if
it’s from somebody that you know then your trust then you might ha ha watch
this video yeah super scary stuff yeah um a little more iPhone news a the thing
that he announced with the iPhone 11 multi camera recording finally is the
thing you can do now there’s a new app from filmic called double take and
that’s on the IFO 11pro actually should work with anyone with the not even last
year’s iPhone 10s oh and and the 11 and it allows you to record simultaneously
picture in picture from the front-facing camera and the rear camera how is this
new I thought we demonstrated they done with it but it hadn’t been released yet
oh so that’s out finally out it’s called double take they said they’re looking
into getting this functionality on Android phones but with the fracturing
of Android ecosystem it may be tough for them
to figure that out you okay with that okay
uses your microphone so you can do things like you know interviews and see
yourself I don’t know exactly if it’s picture and xsplit screen if it’s burned
into it old like you if you burn into the picture in picture or if there’s an
option to save two files and have your perspective and also the subjects
perspective at once then you can sync it after the fact which would be more
useful for exam but I thought that’s what it was yeah right now it’s it’s
like it’s embedded side-by-side split-screen no yeah one of us we got
here in technology news what’s something that is making it’s over way to Android
you’re getting a an airdrop like feature soon it’s been demoed yeah we saw a
video demo this isn’t publicly like a fully public yet and it’s it showed
phone to phone sharing essentially in a very similar way that airdrop works you
know a message pops up that you can transfer these files are some sort of
authentication across proximity as the is the key to the transfer seem to be
moving pretty fast the downside to this is so I use airdrop a lot with my
macbook but that’s the thing is like I’m using it from two different device types
like a phone to the computer or computer to you know to something else I think
what is limiting here is that this is phone to phone at this point because
that’s what’s in the ecosystem so they’re gonna have to cross device type
to really make this Chromebook to useful to Android yeah Chromebook no one stores
anything on a Chromebook so like what’s the point
so I that the ecosystem isn’t set up well for this this is an i this is the
feature on most envious of that iPhone users have I mean so I’m excited to see
in here do you remember how they made the promise that FaceTime would be an
open standard and they would allow other hardware makers to tap into FaceTime
that I’d forgotten ever happened I think they they learned their lesson
and realized what a competitive advantage
he actually was to have faced by a FaceTime be locked into the Mac and
iPhone ecosystems and that’s absolutely the case with with airdrop there’s no
way I mean the dream would be in a perfect world be able to airdrop it’s a
Windows devices Android devices because right now the the ways to get media
increasingly high resolution and high bitrate media off Apple devices off
iPhone specifically onto computers and on the other platform it’s so difficult
I hate it no you’re filming you have the phone
that’s with you at all times and you’re filming you know 4k 60fps video it looks
good on your phone I want to get that into premiere on a Windows PC you have
very few options you can and mostly options that you have end up compressing
that’s right the video file I helped my son with a video project recently for
school and I had I uploaded all of the things will be shot in 4k to Google
Drive yep and it recompressed everything yep terrible terrible you try to send an
SMS huge Prakash you know in your limited by length I think if you try
that if you try to iCloud and download from iCloud huge huge compressor and I
was on a PC so I couldn’t airdrop it very easily
yeah like the best way right now is air dropping to someone with a Mac and
having them drag that into Dropbox so airdrop is the raw file in some cases in
some cases you when you see it processing yeah they’re compressing so
how do you definitely get the raw file you have to plug it in with a physical
cable and hope that connection doesn’t fail as your dragonfly which happens all
the time but all the files are cryptically named how do you know what
you’ve got I live yet they actually drag it into a preview dragon or or no the
timestamp this is horrible it’s horrible and if the file structures are
completely obtuse randomly picking like these folders and trying to find the
video file and then and then dragging it off it’s garbage yeah I hate it
can I introduce some breaking news yeah movie pass filed for chapter 7
bankruptcy finally today and it came out that they like leo 1.2
million dollars to about 12,000 subscribers which is about $100 each and
based on the filing it’s looking pretty unlikely that any of those subscribers
are gonna see any of that money alright our IP and thank goodness thank goodness
I’m so bummed for people who didn’t cancel and get their some of their money
back earlier yeah too good be true well hopefully
they made it worth it or they make the most out of it right I mean at the time
hopefully they really took advantage of that service yeah which was clearly
never meant to last never and I know also it is mean the scam service number
yeah yeah they’ve got different plenty of warnings you know it was written on
the wall if you did not cancel and you did make use of it be happy that you got
to make use of it is not worth fighting for you know that portion of that
hundred bucks or whatever it was if you already got your hundred dollars worth
of movies when you felt like you did and last for the story hey YouTube signed an
exclusive streaming deal for eSports this is becoming a bigger and bigger
thing there’s a story was it on which side it was might even Wall Street
Journal about all the different live streaming sites signing up streamers
stealing them from twitch and it gave the first kind of first count of how
much money ninja got paid and I think when ninja song with mixer of the rumor
was he made fifty million and it sounds like someone with knowledge of the deal
who works with ninja or or was a partner somehow so it was about twenty to thirty
million dollars but that really opened the floodgates for companies like
Facebook YouTube Google YouTube and Microsoft with mixer to start putting
out these offers and taking streamers and off of off twitch and many of them
have signed up and you’re you have a kid who watches Jeremy both of my kids watch
stuff I don’t know not game stream so much my daughter just taught me about
this guy named mister beast do you know about mister mister beast I know don’t
know mister base yeah it’s just another YouTube
who happens to have like is loaded and gives money to random people to do silly
things we worked on team trees with all the youtubers there’s that but you know
he’ll also pay you like fifteen thousand dollars if you can be the last one out
of the pool and you stay in the pool for fifteen
hours and you’re the last one oh and you $15,000 I don’t like that yeah I’m gonna
find us a lady died holding holding her P to win a Wii oh no no no that’s
horrible that’s horrible and this sounds like it could be horrible yeah anyway
it’s not bumfights but it’s not good I’m a really low bar right up exactly I did
notice that target you can buy a ninja wig if you want one and you want to
start your streaming career and you want a leg up by a ninja wig it’s probably
really affordable to like a real small investment yeah you wait a couple weeks
it’ll be on clearance – don’t worry about it
the party city doesn’t have one Wow I mean it’s it’s a whole thing and aside
from the streamers themselves it’s also the rights to competitive the games
there’s so many people watching these streams like there’s DMD streams with
like 50,000 concurrent users there’s what I mean D&D gig like people watching
dungeon and Dragons dreams with 50,000 people playing pen-and-paper board games
yes um I’d like some of the eSports like the big tournaments you’re seeing like
100k live viewers these are huge numbers we haven’t seen a translate away from
like desktop viewing platforms like twitch or YouTube T YouTube – like
traditional things like ESPN ESPN tried to cover eSports and I don’t think the
ratings have been great so but I think we’re gonna see this now there’s so much
money they’re just sitting there like think about what the advertisements
look like for a live audience when everyone is moving away from live on
every other platform yeah I’m not excited that it’s Call of
Duty for this YouTube one well actually is not my favorite to watch on I think
there’s also a slippery slope here because while the game publishers
obviously don’t have incentive to not yeah not let their their pew streamers
stream the content technically you know under the end-user License Agreement
they could restrict streaming of a certain game to a certain platform and
if a if a publisher is offered enough money you know they could restrict
streaming of a certain game to a certain platform norm bringing the EULA
lawyering to our to bear I mean you’re not wrong it’s uh that sucks that would
be really awful obviously I think the backlash created by by gamers yeah
that’s a good way to killer we can easily kill the game I you know what I I
actually have no problem with game streamers at all because they are a
unique segment fear of them of the online streaming community who are
actually date it like must be inherently good at what they do
absolutely it can’t just be a pretty face with good camera skills or editing
abilities or good lighting or a good with thick communication they have to
have all of that and most importantly be one of the best in the world at a
competitive video game which is no easy feat like on the internet forget it so I
I give them full respect for that I’m a little shocked that you can make
millions of dollars that but so few people can make millions of dollars in
it goodbye enlarge 99.9% people make no it’s
American dream that’s all the matters it is now yeah yeah um that’s it for tech
news now it’s a moment of science all right
I’m gonna put on a visual that I just retweeted Adam retweeted a bunch of
people retweeted it’s awesome go on our Twitter feeds and look at it it is
mesmerizing this is one of the coolest pictures you will ever see it’s this one
or munch you describe it it it looks like a some computer-generated pattern
but it looks like I it looks like a macro image of like honey or something
Oh interesting I was gonna say that this the Sun and it
also reminds me of what the old demo scene might call a plasma effect it’s
very cool huh so this is what we like to call the Sun the Sun this is the highest
resolution image ever taken of the Sun that image you saw was nineteen thousand
kilometers by ten thousand kilometers across and you’re seeing all those
little orange bursts were where bits of plasma that were just like roiling and
boiling on the on the sun’s surface this came from the Daniel in you a solar
telescope and this is the highest resolution image we’ve ever seen so each
of those bits that you saw that we’re sort of like bordered was the size of
Texas holy smokes so this is just a really awesome picture
check it out it’s mesmerizing the Sun in HD can’t beat it so the diameter of the
earth is twelve thousand kilometers so that’s that’s amazing yes that image is
the is basically the size of the earth all right one story this week and by the
time you’re listening to this this will have already happened or not happen so I
grew up in Pittsburgh and about 900 kilometers above Pittsburgh Wednesday
night we got a chance for a really special event Sandra Bullock and George
Clooney would be really into this event because depending on who you believe
there’s a one in ten to one in a thousand chance that two satellites are
going to collide over that area and these satellites have no way of
avoiding each other at this point they’re essentially in there you know
what’s typically referred to as a graveyard orbit so they’re either gonna
hit each other or not and they’re moving probably around like 27,000 kilometers
an hour so when they hit each other it’s gonna be intense instantaneous
kibou except no explosion because they’re in space in the vacuum of space
but they’re going to disintegrate there’s the two things that are gonna
hit is an old Space Telescope called the infrared astronomical satellite which is
a joint mission between NASA the Netherlands and the UK and it died in
1983 the other is a gravitational experiment called G GSE for that the Air
Force launched in 1967 and this is just becoming an ongoing problem with with
SpaceX launch launching a number of StarLink satellites just this morning
this issue is going to continue to rise to be conserved because we essentially
have no way of dealing with orbital debris there’s essentially two thoughts
on how to deal with it like we could go up there and try to like moves around
like with a net that’s really not gonna work can’t you just push them down and
they’ll burn up yeah the other is a laser based idea where you essentially
heat one side of the debris from earth with a laser and essentially use that
pressure that you’re creating from the laser heating up to drive it towards the
atmosphere and burn up and both of those are really untested and we don’t know
what to do there’s really not much in terms of how we govern the space govern
how these orbits are calculated there’s just a few sort of agencies but no one’s
essentially in charge because everyone’s in charge so this will be an interesting
thing if we get a hit we haven’t had I don’t think an orbital collision of this
magnitude since 2008 oh wow but it has happened only happen once at this scale
I know there’s a lot of debris up there but man that seems unlikely
that’s embraces big yeah so anyway so that’s a cool thing and since I talked
so much about the fire so I’m gonna stop the VR minute virtual reality this
week so next week’s time exciting I’m
actually really bummed I’m not gonna be in San Francisco for it but at a
conference the SPIE conference which I believe stands for the International
Society for optics and photonics super-sexy a company called links is
going to unveil a new VR /ar headset it’s all very cryptic isn’t it
an all-in-one it is and I think it’s a standalone standalone is what’s revealed
so far so it’s a French startup called links you can cue your california games
jokes now for the pack in title but it’s the links are one headset california is
with the pack in for the links yeah it’s like I would have bought it just for
that I didn’t know that I mean I would have I would have easily bought that was
the best handheld if it wasn’t packed in and California was yeah dude that was an
amazing port for California games we all love the lakes okay I’m just saying yeah
I’m pretty sure I’m pretty sure it’s on my remembering of the magazine ads of it
other links I didn’t know what I obviously so this though is a headset
standalone headset as you mentioned earlier and it will be capable of both
VR and AR though the expectation it’s gonna be is primarily a VR headset with
pass through a are capability hey we’ve seen it before that’s a good solution
like it’s a good solution I think that’s it for now
absolutely the for free to get the most field of view the most opacity from your
augmented images and also for you to actually have then an AR are sort of VR
functionality for for where there’s way more college beyond right now all that
matters really is kind of like interaction comfort you get stereo
presumably if you get two cameras on the outside yeah and and if there’s good
mapping then you can actually blend those objects with what you’re seeing in
the pass through what do we really need for a good pass/fail right now you need
good you need a good VR headset low latency low latency you could have you
need good framerate you have to be high frame rate and you know high resolution
cameras and the cameras have to be wide-angle
because and they have to have good image quality across the entire field exactly
it’s not easy yeah and we haven’t even seen anybody do all-in-one standalone VR
as well as oculus let alone you know adding all the complexities of making an
AR device as well so it’s so funny they look inside out standalone tracking used
to be this holy grail for VR and now it seems like it’s just something you can
do you know witness which realities under for a long time obviously on the
oculus I’d that’s what they’re betting on oh yeah no cameras and it’s the pros
outweigh the cons yes yes so it’s gonna be February 3rd at the conference in San
Francisco tell me a live stream it’s only a 20-minute segment of the
conference like I this is not like the event of the day it’s just embedded in
the middle of the day will be following its key it’s interesting they say they
have innovative organ on –ax fine that’s useful but optics as well that’s
why it’s comfortable it’s got to be comfortable integrated or innovative
innovative ok gotcha I can imagine it means that the compute
is gonna be on the back of the headset on the on the back of a headband like
the quest prototype and and for they’ll have maybe a better balance for some
reason a lot of people wished it was like that on the quest today why isn’t
it alright yeah your guess is as good as mine maybe costs maybe it was easier
because then you’d have to have cables power and battery also on the you know
on the back of the headset and you would be less portable less collapsible they
will probably couldn’t get away with their the rubber straps you have on the
quest you need something more rigid and which may be what they’re going with
again with the assumption that the ergonomics are going in that direction
but innovative optics as well yep knowing what that means yeah what’s that
mean yeah what does that mean we’ll see all right let’s say I’m interested yeah
the more the merrier yep on the VR side there’s a report now that since the
announcement of half-life Alex we are now almost just a month away
it’s our March at least don’t know when in March it’s gonna come out though yeah
but since they announced it the index has doubled in sales yes and this is it
this is not a report from valve this is not a tracking firm super data but they
say that valve has sold about a hundred thousand units 103 up from 50 from 46
before the announcement yeah so that’s interesting I mean I’m sure that it did
a lot for all VR headsets that are PC compatible because you know that any of
them will be able to play the game but what’s interesting to me is that the
most expensive one sold out like that they probably would have sold more than
this had they actually had the stock to satisfy a lot of people are critiquing
valves ability to meet demand and I’m sure their internal discussions there
about ways to meet the Manmeet support them yeah they I don’t think in the long
run are in the business of making headsets they would love for VR to take
off as a whole but this is a great number because we know everyone who
bought this all hundred and three thousand people who’ve bought an index
are gonna be playing VR this is not a device that’s gonna sit in your cupboard
and then sit in your drawer when Alex comes out they’re gonna play it yes and
so the larger that number gets it means the larger actual active VR user base
they’ll get it for free and they all get it for free again yeah
I mean yes VR games also cost money but like people bought this headset with the
intention to play games on the rag mm-hmm yeah I I wonder who the people
why they chose the index like was it because I had the best audio was it
because the wide field of view was purely because valve made it and or was
it because it’s not a Facebook product like I bet that was a factor for a lot
of people oh oh I always gonna say not even that but because they’re
associating the company that made the game with the company made the headset
you know yeah and they distrust behind they just trust yeah that might be if
they developed it on index yeah it’s gonna be their preferred way to play it
right even though as I can attest it works great on other headsets too yeah
right here is a video about it you’ve learned a few that can yeah I think
we’re all hoping that anyone who buys an index now will get it in time to and
they’ll be opportunity to buy it in time to play Alex or you know it’s totally
fine you could you’re gonna be able to play it and with the oculus quest or if
desk there’s no reason and then you can you can place all your all your steam VR
games in that as well the same super data company and they had numbers that
estimated numbers on the quest as well which I thought was interesting what do
they say it’s the quest they figure moved three hundred and seventeen
thousand units during the holiday quarter alone so I’m not surprised it’s
been sold out for months it feels like yeah do you think that’s zeph sound
lower hi to you for in terms of expectations or what VR needed I I mean
I can’t judge the actual number I can only judge the experience that at
Christmas time a lot of people that I don’t talk about VR with were asking me
like what do you think about this quest thing should I get it it sold out
there’s something here there was like a little buzz about so it’s a total of
seven hundred and five thousand since it launched which is pales compared to psvr
still you know which is millions so I don’t say like four or five million
yeah old PSP are like shocking if by oculus connect in nine months there’s no
way if this is accurate there’s no way they wouldn’t have sold a million quest
units by oculus connect this year in subscribe all right so again at the
stock issue and partially but assuming there are the same production trends as
they had for this holiday season ramped up for the match demand you know it’s I
think it safe to say they would have surpassed a million units sold if Mark
Zuckerberg came up in stage and said we sold a million quests in the past year
and a half since it came out you know mid yeah 2019 to fall 2020
I think that would sound like a disappointment I do too yeah I do too
but but that’s only because expectations are unrealistic like this is a brand new
thing unfortunately when but it’s marketed as
a mainstream device the VR discussion is embedded in this larger gaming
discussion and the gaming industry is bigger than the movie industry like it’s
just enormous its untouchable Eve large and you can even say it’s the VR
discussions invented from Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s perspective in
a computing discussion because if then the money that they’re banking on is
that it’s the Knicks the final computing platform and so it’s even apt to make
comparison so iPhone iPad has a whole new way to interact and while games are
primarily the thing that people are doing on it now yeah you don’t want to
compare to the iPhone no that’s even worse it’s even worse exactly so yeah
it’s it’s a difficult thing but I think in the context of VR itself if we can
just isolate that as a discussion and realize that we are in the early days we
can’t step back if you’re spending money on ads right if you’re spending money on
TV ads national TV ads billboards it’s tough to walk back and say where the
point is like the million you know the older days would be disappointing but on
the other hand it’s way beyond what they expected so it’s key it’s not
disappointing internally I think to them they’re on track it’s another one of
those longtail kind of things like they’re looking years ahead
I think hardware units sold doesn’t tell the full story because I’m sure a lot of
those psvr units are just gathering dust yeah I know so there has to be some
equivalent of the daily active users we hear about every day for apps yeah for
what this looks like that I think is more indicative because if they create a
really strong vocal passionate minority that is showing growth over time that’s
probably better than selling a million units out the gate that are just gonna
sit there and gather dust yeah you might buy the quest so you could play a warm
range from target a title like Vader immortal because you like Star Wars and
you want to use lightsabers and VR but people are staying in quests for things
like Pavlov inside quest yeah and then once I hits if I hits yeah the stores
or that’s the kind of thing that can work that can create retention yeah I
wonder have they because it’s not their title it’s not an oculus Studios title
yeah I wonder if they’re really aware of like what that will do to their sales
I really hope maybe some of them are listening to podcasts that they’re aware
of that that they don’t undervalue the potential of a counter-strike of VR
right and what counter-strike did for PC gaming and PCs in the late 90s early
thousands in 2000 20 years ago you know it created a generation of people who
were then enthusiastic about playing competitive multiplayer games building
pcs and building communities that without counter-strike there is no
overwatch there is no Call of Duty stop it no overwatch that’s more tf2 do you
think tf2 came out of Counter Strike I mean because he SCLC was around before
and guess what Commission did not then the communities and you think this all
goes back to like tribes right tribes a game yeah tribes counter-strike
battlefield yeah and then yes tf2 but people didn’t just start playing online
competitive shooters with tf2 people migrated tf2 from things like
counter-strike and they existent concurrently but it was the networks and
it was things like Ventrilo and all that all the communication networks that were
built and their forum communities that were built around counter-strike that
allowed competitive multiplayer shooters to really flourish yeah yeah that’s what
Pavlov could be no pressure want to have one
I think Pavlov’s got it nailed already they just got a fix matchmaking and
friends old contact yeah exactly build content maybe tweak that looks or the
maps a little bit but it’s all my son wants to play every night I’m gonna give
recommendation again we did a kind of a early impressions video for the walking
dead saints and sinners I know it’s not your cup of tea Jeremy because it is a
little bit scary there are moments of scariness
but it in LA is in 2020 it’s one of my favorite VR games
what’s so far really I’m so into this game why
you can watch my video but I it we didn’t really didn’t talk about bone
works and I have a little stole and thinking through bone work because bone
works did not get me in the same way that it got a lot of people and I
appreciate that they created a game where every objects the physics object
even though the collision models yeah and you super satisfying to do have all
this emergent gameplay in VR but as a game itself it lacked a polish it lacked
a purpose and a point and it really I think is better as a sandbox and there’s
some problems like saving you know you can only save for level you know in some
parts again about got me frustrated so what’s the purpose and point of walking
down what’s it’s a zombie survival game it’s a survivor horror game I mean what
you’re talking about is almost an existential question now and well it
does not have interactiveness of bone works it does have physics based
interaction so you’re grabbing things pushing things away has simulated
weights you’re using two hands pull heavy heavy objects like exploring
canisters and rolling them and throwing them single-player only co-player only
if this is a game that would just be so good and developers have said they’re
open-minded but probably won’t happen as a multiplayer survival game and this is
PC only right peace no it’s not question it’s on well it will be on quests later
scenario will be on psvr okay later this year with cross by on if you buy it on
the oculus store which i really curious how it’s gonna work on quest how it’s
gonna look cuz visually it also looks fantastic hmm but they have not only
great interactions where you are a great inventory system free locomotion
grappling you’re climbing up sides of buildings to get inside houses
scavenging using a flashlight there’s that great sense of dread in the
environment because you know these walkers are if you’re funding them one
at a time you are pretty safe but your weapons also break over time and there’s
a stamina system so if you don’t have if you don’t have built that haven’t built
up your stamina you can kill so many of these walkers in a row
before you actually get tired and the vignette in closes in on you and then
you become more vulnerable to the attacks a little bit of that stamina
management and energy management yeah new game which I think works well but
the way they’ve constructed this not exactly open world but at least open
game open story design or it can drop in to these levels these like four or five
new orleans city blocks and explore but you have a ticking timer on your watch
and that might be the best part of the game where you have about this again I
won say 20 minutes to half hour in real time while this stopwatch clicks down
and once it and you get a notification every like every 15 minutes in real time
and once it hits zero the bell tower rings and then all the
walkers starts swarming and you got to complete all the mission objectives in
that time and get out of there and some of the best parts of the game is you get
closer and you I’m not finished with all the mission objectives and I’m trying to
get out of an increasingly swarm area and Debbie zombie area yeah that’s the
best part that’s the best it’s sofas you started terrified you started getting
beaten down and reckless you’re panicking damn it it starts dropping
yeah and I’m less than control missing reloads that sounds awful now you want
to play that no super in the best way I mean like awful not in a like that
sounds like you know reasonable design consistent with the story yeah awful wow
what are you doing in that pregame phase you’re searching for weapons it’s not
the game face weapon like the during the game there are still walkers in the area
but they’re they’re easy to avoid or you can kill them one at a time but your
that there’s a ticking clock for completing the objectives and scavenging
and fighting as much as you can in these empty houses is there a difficulty
settings no difficulty settings have you beaten it I’m close
yeah it’s about 15 hours I’m like oh my gosh twelve hours in whoa but so you
like one of those cities where you complete the objective how long does
that take that’s actually really great you can
play that for like an hour and and finish it
we have 45 minutes and finish finish a mission and that’s a good play session
or fail and if you fail and there’s no mid game mid-mission saves you have a
chance to try again and get your loot but if you die twice you lose all your
loot you got to look back again so it’s actually it’s a paste really well okay
for you play you know for one mission a night and the developers have addressed
to the issues that I talked about in the video one is the angle of the pistol
relative to the angle of your controller that’s now adjustable I think every
shooter should have that option pistol whip does a great job of that letting
you tweak and adjust for your preference and also the ability to physically
crouch right now because it supports seated play and it will support psvr
it’s a button to crouch but there’s a way you can tweak a night I file and you
can actually physically crouch and have your character model crouch oh you can’t
yeah there’s a big to do about that in the steam forums yeah alright good that
my Poetica harmonics is uh harmonics is yes rhythm shooting game shooting rhythm
action game yeah is now available on your oculus quest and the real hook here
is is the musicians right that are a part of this because the the gameplay
we’ve seen something similar to this before but if the music is awesome the
weapon types are engaging that’s where you get the value right now I don’t know
we the game’s been on PC for a while yeah I know it didn’t really hook me the
same way that pistol-whip hooked me I see you need to be a little bit more
precision like than music cuz it’s like like Iggy Azalea David Greta like I mean
I know I’m not that type of person I wanted John Brooks emulator and I gotta
mellow it deadmau5 no you know what I have the same problem with both games
pistol-whip and auto ID whatever it is about rhythm action games like eat saber
or Guitar Hero which I both love I don’t have the same relationship with these
two shooting games and I don’t know if that’s because I’m I’m not touching the
thing that I’m supposed to be doing like that the bar that crosses the
the line that there’s no musical instrument analog like if it’s not like
percussive in the physical sense or if I just don’t think this pulling a trigger
isn’t enough of a movement to accentuate that moment to feel yeah feel the beat
right I mean maybe I like to there’s an element of like being able to dance
and you can certainly do that in pistol-whip but the actual firing of
your gun doesn’t necessarily you don’t have to do you know you’re not forced to
without feel different if you had happy feedback if you had a go recoil who
knows who knows yeah but also music is different because it’s the beat is so
subjective where where you feel like you want Okin like a trim like a white man
what do you mean the beat is subject having the deep the place is in a song
where you feel you connect most with the beat drops is a personal preference but
and that’s I guess is it’s talking about just like the where you act this shirt
of action yeah but you’re playing on on the meet on the the rhythm of the
downbeat of the whatever the time signature is usually it’s not a
satisfying to me as you know as I get what you’re saying and I have had the
experience with pistol-whip as well where I like Will Smith didn’t even play
it as a rhythm action game and he loves the game yeah I don’t most of time I
don’t play it as a rhythm action game either because if I get in that mindset
so you’re not playing for score then I get the score yeah but it’s the the
visual more than the audio it’s that’s aligning me too yeah the timing the the
audio doesn’t always align with when I want I feel like this is a good time to
fire hmm do you like where the mastery game’s
Dance Dance Revolution no Guitar Hero I mean but I like beat Sabre though which
is which is a rhythm action game right totally
so I historically not but I really like beat Sabre to me it’s the music if I
like the music I can get into those games that’s true that is an important
aspect that does it for this week’s podcast I will be out next week hey if
you have ideas away you want Jeremy and I to do when norms gone let us know
or we’ll find a way for me to maybe dial in from oh you’re feeling resistance
generally would allow their I’m the line it might be a two-hour line wow it
almost so surely will be right that will definitely not end well for you I’ll get
some air pods a Papa man it sky me i’ll give some
play-by-play on on the aligned attraction still in line guys
hey guys still in line hey someone’s peeing in the corner right there it’s a
really awkward there’s a lot of outros oh yeah yeah Oh awesome people have come
out of the woodwork know with that John Luke one oh is that the one I clicked I
don’t know I was gonna do this one which one for John Luke one we have a card one
we didn’t talk about the card this week because we were saving it for next week
so we’re not getting ahead of the release schedule to give you all there a
chance to watch the episode for a week and we will have some graphics some
reach out to us on Twitter with some amazing a Red Alert
and even yellow alert graphics for spoiler warning come on what are you
discussing the show which is real or what though yellow alert what are you
doing heard that register from you before that’s it there’s there’s a
procedure here so we’ll be using those graphics
maybe not I’ll get them over to you guys if you wanted to use it next week but
I’m definitely next time well Jack is next week we are going to start
discussing the Picard episode speak did you explain all that I did I did we were
talking I know all right I know all right so this is by a
black-powder engine it’s tested team the card maybe this is new intro I don’t
even know I have a listen to it yet Burkhard social discovery Star Trek
Picard a car yes time starter PS 9 and discovery is starting to darkness the
card starts of discovery of Star Trek beyond Dominion War Borg technology the
enterprise is 9 event card lower decks section 31 section 31 the Star Trek TV
universe the Narada Romulan home room spa somewhat Nova Romulus destroyed Wow
okay a card Wow already thanks there it is see you next

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