Tellement de dégâts (pas vraiment) qu’il ragequit | Le Iop Boomerang – Koli 1v1 Dofus

Hello evryone i’m Nohan, i hope you guys are doing well, i’m myself doing great In today’s video we are facing an Eniripsa and a Pandawa Pandawas are rather rare Anyway, i did quite a lot of montage in this video (excellent ones) Stay until the end to see all of them and i let you with the video When you summon the whole squad Let’s get ready to rumble (rumble didn’t last long tho) Denis brogniart : AH Guess who’s back, Back again thank you for watching this video, Hit that like button if you enjoyed, Subscribe if you haven’t already, Click on that bell to receive notifications You can watch previous videos You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, Links in description Thank again for watching and see you next time

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