Team Edge but it’s out of context part 1

Kevin: Okay so, I am an ESL student. Matt: ESL? Kevin: Yes. *Bryan laughs* *the crew laughs* *Matt hits Connor’s hand* *Matt rolls up the paper* Connor: What was that? *Matt hits Connor* *Connor’s sudden realization* *Bryan laughs* Bryan: I think 30 seconds is up dude. Connor: Kumquats of Slaecio? I don’t know dude. I don’t know! *Joey ragequits as Kevin celebrates* *Kevin kisses Matt on the cheek* Bobby: This crayon’s not writing anything. Oh, it’s white. *fart noise* Matt: You will automatically move on. Joey: Where’d you get this? Bryan: No no no hands, boy! Bryan: I see his lips! That looks so- so weird. The fishes go- Use your teeth, Bobby! Those lips… *Behemoth sounds* *laughter* Bobby: Oh, it’s in my goggles! *insert Bobby trying to grab an onion with his teeth* Bryan: Yay. Kevin that’s yours! Kevin that’s yours! KEVIN!!! Bobby: Oh! Out. Bryan: Kevin’s little stutter steps. *helicopter noise* *argument starts between Bryan and Bobby, whilst Marvin and Joey scream* Bobby: Hold on, let me talk to my other ump. Was that pitch going to hit the strike zone if he catched it? Whitney: Yeah. Bobby: We’re going to call that an out! Marvin and Joey: YEAH! Bryan: Why? Joey: Cuz you’re a little helicopter! Marvin: LET’S GO LET’S GO! Bryan: WHY?! I understand their motive. It’s too unfair, too much power. Joey: Little helicopter, cuz you’re a little helicopter. *boink* Kevin: OH! Bryan: I don’t know. Why’d you do that? Kevin: You’re supposed to knight me bro! Joey: Billy, you just keep on throwing them these meatballs! Marvin: Oh! Joey: It kissed it! Joey: Did you guys see that ball? Bryan: Back up! Joey: Did you see that ball? Bryan: BACK UP! *Bryan hits Joey with the bat* *Kevin screams* Marvin: Ohhhh! Bobby: OH! Bobby: Strikeout~! Kevin: Stay frozen boy! Stay frozen! Stay not swinging! Stay don’t hit! Marvin: What just happened? Bobby: Stay don’t hit? Joey: It’s just like: Eeeeeeeee- Eeeeeeeee- Kevin: Bryan get- *Bryan catches it* Bobby: Tag tag tag! Tag, get ’em! *Kevin calls Bryan’s name as he falls over* Marvin: Ooh! That was way outside, baby! Marvin: Ooh! That was so outside, again! *Marvin hits Bryan with the beach ball* Joey: OH HE’S OUT! *Joey and Marvin celebrates the out of Bryan* Bobby: Change the inning. Bryan: No more throwing the ball. You have to actually tag ’em… with your MANOS! *spanish for hands* Marvin: With your mamas? Bryan: WOAH! *Bryan falls again* *showing the difference between the real and the fake beach balls* Kevin: Go go Bryan! Go go go! *Kevin pushes Bryan and falls again* Bobby: Oh oh oh oh oh! Kevin: What are you doing? Bobby: That’s an out! That’s three outs! Bryan: Why did you touch and grab me for?! Bobby: OH! He’s struck out! Kevin: Stop stop stop. *Joey breaks the beach ball* *Bobby wheezes and laughs* *Roi jumps on top of Bryan* Bobby: OH! *laughter* Bryan: Let’s go Bobby! WOOOOOOOO! Roi: Kinda gave it to them. That way, they have the edge. *laughs* Roi: I don’t know, but WATER you doing? *cunning laugh* Joey: I like that. Bryan: Mmm, that’s good. Bobby: Not bad. *Roi slurps a bite of cantalope* *Bobby attempts to headbutt a cantalope* Bobby: OH! Roi: All right, let’s move on to Round 2: The Ballpark Banquets Food Challenge. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Joey: *kicks a cantalope* OW! Bryan: You really just kicked a cantalope? Bobby: Ugh… my head… Roi: You want some of this?! *cunning laugh* *Joey trips on himself* Joey: Was that on video?! Bobby: Fall forward. Joey: Yeah, I’m ready. Joey: Caught you. *Bobby laughs* Roi: OH NO! *Bryan, Bobby, and Joey celebrate* Announcer: Congradulations Team Edge. You’ll be throwing the honorary first pitch at Game 4 World Series. Bobby: Hey, good fight dude. Good fight. Bryan: You wanna come with us? Roi: I would love to. Roi: We’re all winners. We’re all winners. *the ball hits Bryan by the mouth and everyone clumbers besides him to check on his lips* Bryan: Bro dude that hurt. Bobby: Open up your mouth. Bobby: Oh my. Bryan: Dude, my lip is numb right now. *laughs* Joey: Babies can watch they use these things. Bryan: Keep the hands up, alright. Joey: Yeah. Bryan: Shut your eyes Paul. Someone’s cheating. PAUL’S A CHEATER! Joey: ‘EY PAULIE! SHUT YO EYES, PAULIE! Matt: Hey, Paulie wanna cracker? EHH?! Chad: I was sad. Bobby: Why is this dead person laughing? Chad: What’s so funny about being dead, huh? What’s so funny about being dead? Bobby: Raise your hand if you think Matthias is the killer. Joey: Connor to me looks like one of those rich white boy serial killer kids. *ROASTED* Connor: I cannot believe you just said that. Kevin: Still quiet. He’s still quiet, I think he him. Joey: He’s dead! Kevin: No, not him. Him. Matt: He’s dead. Kevin and Bryan: Him. Matt: He’s dead though. Kevin: Yeah, I know him. Matt: Eh. Why is he dead, eh? Kevin: ‘Cud you kill ’em, eh. Matt: I don’t the accent. *everyone grabs Chad’s stuff and Joey tries to stick the cigar down his pants* Chad: Who shoved this up my pants?! Joey: Snot- Snot me. Joey: He only… comes alive for the important stuff. Matt: OH MY GOD!! Chad: Turn on notifications. Matt: Ooh! Joey: I gotta say one more thing before I die! Never trust a man with sunglasses. Bryan: NO! NO! Kevin: Oh! Oh! OH! Connor: Whenever it’s Bryan, he freaks out over everything. Bryan: You’re making a big mistake. Connor: As soon as joey said, “Never trust a guy in sunglasses,” Bryan was like: “WHAT?! *gibberish*” Bryan: Connor’s like: “Every time Bryan speaks up like that, it’s a guarantee that he’s the Mafia. Joey: It’s so delicious! Did he just swing that hammer at us? Joey: *going to be dead* HYPOGLYCEMIA! *Joey still dying* Marvin: It actually looks like blood splats too. *Joey is still gonna die* Eric: Billy, you’re awfully quiet over there. Billy: I’m about to say something. I think it’s Bryan because: Bryan and Joey have been rivals ever since Team Edge started in 1984. *Joey still not dead, but is going to be* Eric: You’re still not dead yet?! Bryan: Heads up. Marvin: What? Bryan: I heard lips! Whitney: Defender… Kyle: *slurps* Whitney: Who would you like to save? Eric: Oh no… Marvin: Wait… *Bobby puts his cheesy head on Eric’s face* Kyle: Well I vote Eric. So, I guess I lose. Kyle: *slurps again* Bobby: Welcome to Team Edge, Kyle. Joey: You’re fired! *laughter* Joey: You’re always trying to attack me! Bryan: NO! Joey: I will MURDER YOU! *muffles of Bryan and Matt* Joey: What is thi- What?! *laughs* Joey: Okay guys. So, I have a jo- You can’t breath out of your nose! Matt: *spits out water* Joey: YES! Joey: I got him! He did it! It worked! Matt: *coughs* Joey: I wasn’t so sure this challenge was going to work. Joey: You got water on your face. *screams* Eeeeeee- *Matt suffering* *Joey spits out the water onto Bryan’s leg* *Matt laughs* *slo-mo replay of spit* *Matt laughs again* Matt: What the heck? Joey: *burps* Bryan: On my leg! *Matt can’t stop laughing* Matt: Oh my gosh! That went everywhere all over his leg!

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