Taoist Kung Fu vs. Yeung Family Spear – Condor Heroes Ep2

Hey Guys, welcome to the Storybook Panda Channel. We left off last time with Ironheart squared
off with a mysterious Taoist Priest. We learned from our footnote video that Taoists
are usually very peaceful but this guy was definitely not. If you need a quick refresher check out the
previous videos. Otherwise, let’s see what happens next. So without further ado, here we go! Skyfury watched from the side as his blood-brother
began his assault on the Taoist Priest. To the untrained eye, the attacks would’ve
just seemed like a blur of red as the traditional Chinese spear contained a red tassel by the
end spike. But to the practitioner who was well versed
in Kung Fu, it was obvious that Ironheart was far from a novice with the spear. Each strike was controlled and precise. He seemed to move as one with his weapon. But despite his best efforts, it was clear
that the Priest had the upper hand. His movements were swift and graceful and
he put on a masterful display of flexibility and agility. Although each thrust of Ironheart’s spear
was precise and aimed at the Priest’s chest, the Priest was elusive with his footwork and
on one occasion was able to effortlessly bend his back 90 degrees to evade an attack. Hope for victory was beginning to fade for
Ironheart as it seemed as if he were fighting against the element of wind itself. At this point of the engagement, Ironheart
began to feel the exhaustion kick-in. He had launched nearly every attack at the
Priest from his repertoire but not a single strike landed. He knew if he kept on going he would burn
out before the Priest would. For him to have any chance of victory, he
knew he had to force the Priest into a final showdown – one last all-or-nothing, do-or-die
scenario. He withdrew his spear and took a couple of
steps back. The Priest pursued. Ironheart suddenly stopped and torqued his
hip 180 degrees back towards the Priest and launched the spear towards him with both hands
– the signature attack from the Yeung Family Spear Form known as 回馬槍. The Priest clamped onto the flat portion of
the spear’s end spike with both of his palms – the tip of the spear a mere inch from his
cheek. Ironheart summoned his last ounce of strength
to drive the spear forward just a little bit more but to no prevail – it would not move. He stopped and tried to withdraw the spear
instead – but again, it did not move. The Priest suddenly struck the spear with
his palm and Ironheart felt a sharp pain shoot up his wrist and immediately dropped the spear
onto the ground. “So you do know the Yeung Family Spear after
all,” said the Priest with a smile on his face, “my apologies for the the rude behaviour
earlier. Would you do me the honour of telling me your
name?” “It’s Ironheart Yeung,” he replied,
as he picked up his spear. “Are you related to General Yeung? further asked the Priest “Yes, he was my Grandfather.” Ironheart’s Grandfather, General Yeung,
had led an army of three hundred “Song” Dynasty soldiers to defend against an invasion of
forty thousand Jin at The Great Battle of Merchant Bridge. Equipped with a single spear, he and his soldiers
killed more than two thousand of the Jin invaders in battle. Even when struck with arrows, he marched forward
and slew the Jin High-Commander. He gave his life for his country that day. The legend of the Yeung Family Spear echoed
throughout China. The Priest covered his fist with his other
hand and nodded to Ironheart as a sign of respect. “Please accept my apologies for mistaking
you for a traitor when in fact, you are the descendent of one of the “Song” Dynasty’s
great heroes. And may I ask for this gentleman’s name?” “This is my blood-brother, Skyfury Kwok,”
replied Ironheart, “his grandfather was one of the heroes of Marshes of Mount Leung.” Again, the Priest bowed. “My apologies, I was too quick to arrive
at conclusions.” “Doh-jeung, it was a misunderstanding, say
no more,” Ironheart said. “Please come in and join us for another
round of wine.” “It would be my pleasure,” replied the
Priest. The three returned to Ironheart’s home and
sat at the table. “My name is ‘Yao Chue Gei’,” the Priest
announced with his head slightly bowed. The two blood brothers bowed their heads in
awe and said, “the great ‘Cheung Chun Zi’ of ‘Chun Jun Gow’! ‘Yau doh jeung’, it’s a pleasure to meet
you.” “The pleasure is mine,” responded the
Priest. He pointed to the head on the floor and said,
“that is Chancellor Wong. I broke my Taoist obligation to peace and
took his head. He was planning to betray the ‘Song’ Dynasty
and plot with the Jin. I chased him down for 10 days before catching
him.” “What a coincidence – we had just been discussing
what we heard about this corrupt Chancellor before meeting you,” Ironheart said. “Yes, and I was being chased by the government’s
men before bumping into you two. Because both of you knew kung fu in a peaceful
farming village, I had assumed you were with the government as well.” The three chuckled together at the misunderstanding. “ Yau-Dao Jeung, please let us fulfill our
duties as hosts and stay for a few…” Ironheart’s request was interrupted by the
Priest suddenly shooting out his palm, signally “silence” to the two brothers, and turned
to the window. “They’ve come after me. You two stay here and no matter what happens,
don’t leave the house.” The Priest picked up the head of the Chancellor
and ran outside into the snow. And with a single leap, disappeared into the
branches of a tree many metres above him. The two brothers looked at each other, confused. Moments later they realized that the Priest
was right as the faint sound of horses’ galloping got louder and louder. And that’s it for this episode. Hope you guys enjoyed it! If you did, please show your support by liking
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