Swiss Army Knife Review, Swiss Champ

(gun shots echoing) – [Voiceover] Some people
love their machetes, and others love portable bushcraft saws or folding saws that you
can use to process wood, but nothing comes close to the sheer diversity and usefulness of a Swiss Army pocket knife. I’d just like to show you that today. This is the SwissChamp. It’s got to be the most
useful I’ve ever seen in the Swiss Army knife range. Victorinox, so it comes, of course, with the standard blades that most Swiss Army knives come with, the small and the large. So, you’ve got your magnifying glass which, of course, you could use to, in emergency, to light a campfire. I’m not sure how many people have actually successfully
done that in an emergency. And the other standard
tools are bottle opener, and the Swiss Army can opener. But, the one piece that
really sold me on this is the ballpoint pen. To show you it actually does write, there you go. Maybe I should’ve written
something intelligent then, but I just scribbled. So, just next to the
ballpoint pen, the toothpick. And, of course, on the
back are the tweezers. Nothing new about those little pieces, but I just thought I’d show you. Another innovation I’ve noticed here, which I haven’t seen before
in Swiss Army pocket knives. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough. But, the cork screw is not
just a cork screw anymore. There’s also this miniature
flathead screwdriver which fits inside the corkscrew. And just in the back here. Who would’ve thought you could squeeze another piece in there. That is actually a little pin which I suppose you could use for removing splinters out of your skin, but there must be heaps
of uses of a small pin. You could go around poking people. Don’t do that. Here we have a Phillips head screwdriver, the larger Phillips head
screwdriver of this device, and this amazing tool. You never would’ve thought possible in such a small Swiss Army pocket knife. And that is, this precision pair of pliers, and they are absolutely precision too. You could ever pluck out a hair with the end of that
needle-nose plier there. That is a really nice pair of pliers. Very impressed with that. And, of course, the Swiss Army
scissors, extremely useful, and of course, can be used
for clipping your fingernails. Very useful as a traveler’s tool to have a pair of little
scissors like that. Now, here’s another quite useful item which I suppose could have many functions. I think that that piece on the end there is a hook disgorger. You also have your fish scaler, and they’ve even squeezed in
a ruler on the back there. Hopefully the camera picks this up, but that’s in inches. There’s actually a ruler on that side. And then, on the opposite side, it switches to metric, and you’ve got a ruler in centimeters. And the next piece to show is the old Swiss Army wood saw. Just give that a bit of a test run. (sawing) So, only after a few seconds, I have actually managed to put a fairly decent cut in
that small piece of wood. I can just chuck that on the fire. Make it even more useful. Now, next to the wood saw is a hacksaw. Who would’ve thought that you could have a hacksaw on a
Swiss Army pocket knife. I’m not sure if the camera
is picking this up again, but there’s actually a
hacksaw edge on there. And on one side, it’s a nail
file for filing your nails. Great for the ladies. (laughs) And then, on the other side, I keep forgetting which side. On the other side there’s a metal file. In fact, I think that
might be the metal file. So, in an emergency
you could even use that to sharpen a machete. There you go, your little
knife sharpens your big knife. OK, so I think that covers everything on the main side of the
Swiss Army pocket knife. Let’s flip it over, and
you’ve got this pulling tool. I suppose that could be used to pull out a fishhook. Or, in fact, you can even use that to help undo knots. Now, on the back here is what I believe they call the reamer with a sewing eye. I think usually that’s for
poking holes through leather. You can actually drill a hole even into wood with this tool, and that’s what I’ve been using it for. That’s why it has that bit
of white plaster on it. I was using it at home to drill a hole in the wall for a screw. Now, also on the back is another miniature
flat head screwdriver, and I think that’s also
meant to be another chisel. Well, sorry, here’s the main chisel here. We just have to open the
corkscrew to pull it out. That is a miniature little
chisel for chiseling wood. So, that basically covers everything on the back of the tool, and I think that really covers the lot. I always like to have a lanyard on my Swiss Army pocket knives, that is so it doesn’t fall
out of your pocket. So, after you put it inside your pocket, you clip that on, so if you fall over, or whatever, you won’t lose it. I even take these swimming in the ocean, hiking, climbing. And the Swiss Army system of giving you that little hook there with the key ring, very strong key ring actually they always come with. There you have it, the
Swiss Army SwissChamp, and its sheer usefulness. The store I bought this from
didn’t have them in red, so I just had to buy this blue one, but I think blue is a
prettier color anyway than the standard red. Thanks for watching. (rhythmic music)

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  1. I read where it had 32 tools (some pull out implements have multiple tools or functions) but I still couldn't find all of them until I saw this video.  Thanks!  Now I know where they're at, lol.  I also read some reviews and it seems this knife has been around for a quarter century!  I always wanted one with the Phillips screwdriver on the end and not on the back, plus scissors and saw.  Those along with the knives will be used more than the other implements.  Also, I only paid around $53 with free shipping and no tax. (brand-new) For that price I think I got a pretty good knife.

  2. Do you ever fine that the width of the swiss champ or the fact that not all the tools are not near the side of the knife means it is hard to use ? They do make belt pouches, have you thought about using one them to free-up space in your pocket ? 

  3. It's not a bushcraft use but I use the needle on my cybertool all the time for pushing reset switches on electronic equipment like phones and computers.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this, Bush Channel! I read the booklet that came with my Swiss Army Champ knife and was not aware of the pin that is under the corkscrew. Somehow, I must have missed it. I thought that an internal spring had come loose when I saw it caught up somehow in the corkscrew one day! Since watching your informative video, I have returned it to its proper place. Swiss Army knives in general are so useful and I use my Champ daily. Thank you again.

  5. Is there any use for that small flat-head driver on the back? I mean there is one on the can opener and for those tiny screws, you don't need such torque that it's position provides…

  6. I have had a number of Swiss Army Knives over the years from cadet onwards and I think they are genius. I am currently looking for a larger knife but think this may be a little too large for my pocket but could be great for the rucksack and people say why a magnifying glass and you said not sure how many fires have been started with it but I think it would be more useful to get into the detail on an OS map. Great review and I am sold on the features but not for my pocket but maybe for my rucksack. I will stick with the huntsman for everyday use.

  7. I heard of somebody using the multi-purpose hook to retrieve keys that fell down a drainage ditch they said they used fishing line to tie on to the little key ring and then used the parcel hook to latch their keys pretty nifty tool

  8. Just got one of these myself and couldn't be happier. I might do a video seeing if I can start a fire with that magnifying glass. Great review. It's what my decision on getting this.

  9. It's a shame the knife doesn't come with insect spray to take care of those blowflies I can hear buzzing.

  10. Great review! I often like the Leatherman Skeletools, but the Victorinox SwissChamps are simply indispensable masterpieces. Cheers!

  11. Very nice review on what is my favorite Swiss Army knife.
    By the way, that hook-shaped tool is a parcel hook. It's really very useful for carrying something bound with twine but it's also quite useful for tightening your lashings when building a shelter or setting up a hammock or whatever.

  12. mate I love your presentation the champ is my favourite swiss army knife goes with me everywhere. I love the blue scales ive got the red and black versions but I think the blue looks awesome. I do a lot of outback trips and this knife is totally useful always.

  13. Look at my sword video at the swiss champion  and also that is the coolest swiss army knife I will do a review on that very soon in 2016

  14. Great Presentation on the Champ….. I have the Huntsman right now and will be ordering the Champ for the usefulness of the extra tools.
    Thanks for taking the time

  15. Have had a little alox sd sak on my keychain for a while now and it's now indispensable to me. Now looking to complement it with a larger version although I think that the swiss champ is a little large and unwieldy for daily carry/use. Nice video ☺

  16. Would have been nice if it had a whistle, flashlight, compass, GPS, tent, spare tire, rifle, slingshot, and Jennifer Lopez.

  17. I was going to buy myself a 200 piece sidchrome set for $2000, before I watched this video. I'm just going to buy the knife instead!!

  18. I have thought about buying this Swiss army champ but I also been looking at a gerber mp400 which one should I buy?

  19. We have 2 minutes before that giant boulder comes tumbling down on us!

    Ok ok! Just let me find the tool…

    (1 minute later)

    Uhh…. I cant find the right tool… There are too many….

    (59 seconds later)

    Aha! Found the to…


  20. I have used hundreds of multi tools and knives but a Victorinox is the best friend who never fails you.

    I bought an older one, (pretty much a Spartan), from an old guy. It looks used but feels new. I still have it and use it. I even bought a mini version for my keychain.

    I cannot recommend this tool enough.

  21. When I first watched this, because of your accent I pictured you looking like Chris Hemsworth. Since then I've watched some of your other videos where you show your face, and now I'm watching this video again, but it's just not the same. The magic is gone..

  22. Wouldn't it have easier to say cutting wood as opposed processing wood? Don't take too much notice of supposed you tube experts. Other than that good vid, subscribed.

  23. great multi-tool, a little heavy, but soo handy. I like the blades for carving too. A lot of people don't realize what that hook is for on the Swiss Champ…I've found it handy for pulling tent stakes from the ground.

  24. Did you say you even swim with it? If so what precautions do you do before and after to keep it in the best condition possible?

  25. the tool at 5.30. no one knows but it's suitable for old types of cars in my country. i live in Poland. i've been opening such cars as: fiat125p, fiat126, tarpan, zuk, nysa, polonez(the fso model)and (cherry on the cake) vw beetle. i swear true. obviously after the permition of the owners.

  26. I just purchased this model in black, and it is indeed a fine example of the SAK. I have 4-5 other SAK's, but this one is now the Big Kahuna, if you will.

  27. for the people who Wonder if the Swiss Army champ is too large for a pocket knife… you can buy a belt holster for it. I wear mine everyday Everywhere I Go. attach a key ring of some sort to it which makes it easier to remove from The holster.

  28. Is there a tent and sleeping bag in that knife somewhere ? If there is imgood to go lol. those knives are great i have one.

  29. I "appropriated" one of these from my Uncle. Old and beaten, but still exceptionally functional. Great buy, lasts for fucking ever.

  30. I have the silver one and I must agree this is an awesome knife that is worth every penny that my wife paid (was a gift). I always keep it nearby

  31. And then Victorinox bought out Wenger and discontuied the world great wilderness survival knife, the Ranger Grip 90. It had a one hand opening main straight blade, saw, and a really good pair of pliers.
    Thanks for screwing that up Victorinox. Leatherman thanks you too.

  32. The hook also acts as a display kickstand. I've even heard people using them for a doorstop, as well as opening an oven, and open a drawer door that had the handle pop off.

  33. Absolute junk with a bunch of toys on it that are called tools, all made of cheap stainless steel that's even worse than Chinese made 440a. The funny thing is that the Swiss Army hates these knives with a passion. They know how junky that are, and can't stand the thought of being linked to them in any way.

  34. Contemplating this knife, a Huntsman, Fieldmaster or a Ranger. Currently rocking a Sportsman. Great tool, but looking for a saw, scissors and then the other tools will probably get used as needed.

  35. brilliant thing just a little bulky. My Huntsman goes everywhere with me. EDIT I pulled the trigger on one and look forward to getting it.

  36. It's nice having all these tools but this one seems a bit too thick for my liking. Unfortunately, I lost my Camper recently so I was looking to get a new pocket knife. I settled on the Huntsman. Seemed like a good compromise between size and number of tools.

  37. Anyone found the ruler scale on the inches side is slightly shorter than the standard like 1/32” short? The other side of cm scale is correct. Anyway its still good tool.

  38. Hi, re magnifier for lighting a fire, I've done it a few times and found it's easier if you rest the side of your hand on the ground or a log as your hand doesn't shake and depending on the strength of the sun, you can get s flame pretty quickly 😀, great video 👍

  39. Magnifying glass and tweezers are great for removing splinters. Small screwdriver is perfect for sunglasses and glasses when they come loose. This thing is a Champ.

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