Swedish Airforce Fallkniven F1 Knife Destruction | Was Survival Lilly Right!?

ladies and gentlemen this is judge brisk of knifes me and I wanted only not either one our glorious this some of you might have seen survival Lily breaking the tape of her that’s one hell folk even as one hi guys my name is Riley and today I wants to make a follow-up video about the second even s one what happens at the next day that I bought it I was ripping off the tip here breaking your knife your tip of the knife which is very much survival at the very first day is really it’s a big promise you know a lot of you might think that knife is unbreakable them now so what are we going to do in this video margin Vicki we are going to try to break the egg one challenge accepted [Music] [Music] lizard listen we have baton hundreds of pieces of wood with the selves even eyes and none has ever broken or chipped or whatever I understand Jesus Margalo says it’s the CGT plan and will sit there broke for my night suggest we do a chest chest tip has broken is so hard [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] why [Music] today’s two very customized it’s like losing a towel it’s worse this was the response video to the breaking of the s1 pro from by the little well notes but so before we will review of thoughts about this knife let’s just give a big shout out and a big thank you to our sponsor marketing tools they have the best service they have the best views in Europe especially they have great copy at the shop what’s not to love about lessons over here we even bought our very first life advising tools of counsel which was their work this is not specifically author leaving this is this is just vg10 school let me tell you this guy’s and we’ve tried the same test on the pro series yeah actually do as what we do here look at this junk all right no problem at all for this one this is the absolute winner of the stiffness Oregon it was only $400 yeah and see us it is steel which we are really big fans oh yeah but waited yeah it is to expect if you have a really recommend it the call to a certain house hates you we personally never recommend as a low house takes it’s very soft stainless steel the knives we would recommend operations recognizes heating a free vehicle for clothes to go for constancy can really the touch b.o.b 154cm a night from the Enzo series median ailments the Maura Garber Wow of course the Lions to you oh my god in every 90 steel but slider is also ok as mr. nice so Michael is to Grandma Facebook a break [Music] hi I’m Lilly and I really like the spotlight yeah my favorite channel on YouTube and I really take that pinyin very seriously oh please subscribe to those two handsome notes they look so handsome especially Mickey because he is just a great dog thinking might be the son of God

100 thoughts on “Swedish Airforce Fallkniven F1 Knife Destruction | Was Survival Lilly Right!?

  1. People just to clear out a mistake:
    On 3:34 we make a mistake by saying Lilly used the 'S1 Pro' however it was of course the regular S1!!

  2. I never thought to test a knife like that, batoning it through a frying pan, now I have to test that with one of my busse knives, lol. I have broken bricks with one before though, just for the hell of it.

  3. just bought the TOPS B.O.B 154cm because of your fireknife video. I did however buy it at lamnia.com They are a bit cheaper than knivesandtools.

  4. "Challenge excepted!!!" …I get the feeling the word bitch was cut from that line 🙂 What knife is pictured at 3:50? That a custom Fallkniven or Bark River?

  5. some people think good knives didnt brake but…. NOOOO! hahahaha you both are awesome guys. greetings from Argentina keep it up the best bushcraft/knife channel on youtube

  6. Greetings from Spain, we are followers of your videos. We have a request to make, we would like very much, that when you can do a video test to a knife, specifically the EXTREME RATIO DOBERMAN 4, we will wait impatiently the video test, as some followers think it is as good or more than the FALLKNIVEN A1 PRO. Keep up the great videos, thank you.

  7. You want to protect the tip at all cost (KNIFE). Yeah yeah yeah "that is what my dad told me". hahaha I know what you dudes are thinking.

  8. Loads of people commenting like they're Billy Big-Balls, getting salty that someone doesn't like a knife. Perspective is important here team.

  9. The military version of the F1 was made out of ATS34 by the german company Linder. The moddern version of the F1 with VG10 wich didn't passed the military standart tests has nothing to do with the military version but just the chape of the knife. If you want to have a simular knife like the original F1 you have to by the Linder Super Edge 1 these days.

  10. Hey boys, I've enjoyed some of your vids but I can't take anymore of this nonsense. Lilly suggested Aus 8 because in her experience, it's a tough, durable steel and is much less likely to chip and break than that hard, brittle VG-10. If you want to put your trust in a laminated steel blade for your main survival tool then go right ahead. I'd rather worry about a little rust on my 1095 steel than worry about a broken tip and a chipped up useless blade. If you have to have to baby your knife in a survival situation then you made the wrong choice in knives. UNSUBSCRIBED,,, Bye

  11. Steel will fatigue with repeated stress put on the tip .  Any knife will fail if you want it too . Remember survival silly wants hits on her channel for marketing. What was the real world use of repeated stabbing and break out of the point , when do you use this type of tasking ?

  12. LOL, you guys batoned a brick and a frying pan … thank you for that. Question from a first time viewer though, can you recommend a knife which can properly baton a bowling ball and a steel drum?

  13. I can see you 2 guys are clueless.. It was the sand that did it. She was pretty much chopping quartz and coral reef the entire time with the edge of her blade. You guys aren't as smart as you think you are it seems. Yes it was ignorant on her part to have sand on everything she was chopping but in a survival situation I highly doubt you would take the time to remove every grain of sand off of every thing you used your knife on if it was the only cutting tool you had on you and you were starving, freezing, etc.. Sorry guys this video was just a pathetic attempt to bash another Youtuber and you failed to even realize the main factor in her knifes demise…

  14. The main culprit for the deteriorated edge is saltwater. Stainless steel is not and will never be impervious to rusting, and the most vulnerable area (especially on a laminated blade) is the edge itself.

  15. Sorry but Fallkniven knives never impressed me. All show and no go! Sweden has some of the best steel in the world so why do they charge $300+ for a knife??? I would take a Garberg any day…

  16. Looks to me like she was batoning into dirt . . . which is just bad technique. Not 100% avoidable but it should be limited because dirt is just rock and rock will fuck any steel up if it hits it hard enough.

  17. Dutch Bushcraft Knives- Guys, if Lilly starts a bushcraft school, I'm sure you could take it and she would show you how to be that tough on a knife. The point failure of the knife was her major focus. The condition of the rest of the edge was of little concern to her. She probably chewed on it while waiting to kill some animal for survival. I want to thank you for a great video and for confirming Lilly's opinion of the tip of that knife and for being nice to her. She is one tough girl, she shoots straight and probably kicks like a mule. It's good to be nice. Thanks, Guys.

  18. Noss4 did a 6 part Fallkniven A1 destruction test. It's unreal how much abuse these things can take. Here's a sample from part 4, it's worth watching all 6. You're welcome. 😉      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnDbyOQOyVQ

  19. Fallkniven as company just had the bad luck she got ahold of one of their Knives.
    You can mess up any knife of any brand with the wrong treatment and blame it on the knife afterwards.
    Nothing wrong with Fallknivens anyway.

  20. Properly tempered AUS 8 is still one of the best stainless steels for those on a budget and and more importantly it (again if properly tempered) is a tough stainless as well. It would be an excellent choice for a knife you want neither to break or rust under normal conditions. You are giving up only edge holding and if you understand how to test your edge and proper angle that edge to get the optimum from it you are not giving up much of that. You can also spend much less time restoring the edge on the AUS 8 knife so in the sense of how much work you have to put into maintaining your edge VS what you get out of it the AUS 8 may actually be a better deal. I think Lilly's choice is a wise one.

  21. I own both de fk s1 and the srk in aus8. If I had to choose between the two I would choose the s1 any day of the week. The srk is less brittle but looses its edge much quicker. It also performs less than the s1 in cutting and carving tasks. I rather take care of my knife and have a competent tool with me than to have a dull(er) fool proof blade.

    Keep up the good work!

  22. A knife is not a pry bar, but however… it makes by my opinion a big difference, whether the tip of a Schrade SCHF51 (ca. 70 Euros) or of a Fällkniven A1 breaks.

  23. disappointing. But after reprofiling it will be good. Have 2 A1s and both tips broke but just profil a new tip. It shouldn't be so thin and brittle from the get go. Still trust my life with the A1. had the A1 Pro as well but newer liked it.

  24. This is awesome, not sure how I missed this video. Did you ever find out how Lilly managed to get the edge like that? Gold mining?
    Interesting to see how brittle the VG10 seem to be (tip breaking). So far I really like that steel, but only a few of my kitchen knives use VG10. And I try to avoid hammering bricks and bending with them 😉

  25. She is right, i've owned the laminated F1, S1, A1. The heat treat is wrong on these knives or the steel is not good for an edge. They chip out quite easily. Hopefully CoS is a big improvement, pete at fallkniven, your VG10 knives suck and a serious waste of peoples money. I certainly would not recommend the F1 for the swedish air force survival knife, it's shit. Get the swedish airforce too start carrying the becker bk2 and call it a day.

  26. if DBK can't understand how in the seven Sins you get your knife's edge this fucked up then you know you are abusing the next level utter shit out of your knife……

  27. forget about all those fancy steels you mentioned!! nothing like the good and old 1075 carbon steel: LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwftp8i_-Nw

  28. A biased video specially made to harm Fallkniven .. the model tested is the F1 with VG-10 steel aimed at the public of camping and leisure … already the F1 with steel 3G is a military knife turned to extreme use . fake test

  29. Boys, no sweat, I agree with you, I have abused my S1 and S1 Pro for a many years now and i have never, NEVER seen any damage like the one she shows on her S1, my guess is that she might be "gearing up" to release her own knife designed and branded by her to compete directly with the S1, I have seen that tactic before from other youtubers. No disrespect to Lilly, she probably goes out way more than me this days , but i have been hunting and wood crafting for over 30 years now, and unless it was a cheap made in china, no brand knife, i have rarely seen a knife so beat up as the one she shows. And given that Fallkniven might not be the best knife in the world but it is a darned good, trust worthy knife always in the top 5 choices to bring out to the bush.
    Great job, keep it up.

  30. I grew up on a farm in the country and have made my own knives for years. I hold Lilly in very high regard I think she is very intelligent in survival.First of all she admitted a few of the issues were her fault. She is testing these knives for survival guys where you ARE going to need to baton with a stone or a piece of steel or whatever you can find. She was torture testing the knife she shouldn't have to say this isn't how you would normally treat a knife, its common sense FFS!! My experience with AUS 8 steel (made and tempered by a good steel company) has been excellent. You also need to sharpen it correctly at the correct angle.
    Check out the knife she just designed herself its totally bad ass. I have one and highly recommend it.

  31. Thanks guys. Just ordered an Esee 4 and was just about to swap it for an F1 as I prefer stainless steel. Can't afford the pro version so after seeing this I'll deal with the field maintenance than with a broken tip. You have to cut rocks to mess up the edge like that

  32. Am I seriously to be convinced by you dumb shits doing everything you should not do with a knife. Thanks fuck off. Falkniven F1 has been a faithful cutter for over 8 years

  33. LMAO like the hate. The muscle guy def has bigger breasts than Lilly but she is much cuter so i will subscribe and listen to her before you guys. BTW ALL knives can have flaws and ALL knives will fail if abused. Your humor is intoxicating and i laffed so hard. TY but show some love to the weaker sex.

  34. This is not Fallknives… this is one chinese clone…



  35. AUS8 is shit. aus8 with ridiculous 57 hrc…….why???? . its probably the one and only steel that is absolutely not made for a survivalknife. if breaking could happen…use fkn cheap fine C-steel and not something which consists mainly out of big chunks of chinese chromium. toolsteel is made for tools like survivalknives. aus8 is only made for the cheapest stainlesscrap available.

  36. Lilly wasn't right. We can make her syllogism with ANY knife : wrecked after bad misuse means bad knife ? She was just preparing her APO launching with bad reviews of similar shaped knives. Who would be fool enough to hit his knife on a coconut loaded with sand with rock in a survival situation ? But you know this is not a survival situation, this is a camping bikini chick on the shore. One of the worst lack of knowledge show on youtube.

  37. I have to say something about Lilly's opinions on knife steel. There are two equally valid ways to view the "ideal" knife steel: 1)You want something as hard and sharp as diamonds that will never need to be sharpened, but might be brittle; or 2) Something tougher than anything else, but you will have to sharpen it regularly. If your ideal is to allways have a knife sharp, you go with option 1. If your ideal is to always HAVE A KNIFE no matter what the situation and don't mind a little easy sharpening, you choose option 2. About the blade damage on Lilly's knife, she was obviously doing destructive testing just like she did with her AUS8 SRK. See her video on her long term review of that knife. The vg10 F1 broke and chipped to hell, and the tough/soft AUS8 SRK just dulled to hell and had a tiny rolled spot. Yes they were destructive tests, but that is the point of destructive testing: to find the limits of your knife. IF your knife is going to fail WHICH outcome would you rather have? Chipped and broken or dull and rolled? I think the tendency to make edge retention THE be all end all of blade quality is a little narrow minded.
    Also, as her name suggests, Lilly's brand of bushcraft is Survival/Emergency Prep based. That is why her knife design is called APO 1; meaning a one-knife option for an apocalyptic scenario. As DBK have pointed out themselves, there is a big difference between a fancy, super steel, bushcraft knife and a single tool option, end of the world survival knife. With that in mind, choosing a softer steel just makes sense.

  38. Notice that Fallkniven S1is a hunting knife. That's why tip is thin. My hunting/fishing knife Cold Steel Master Hunter 3v also has a thin tip and it's very efficient for what it is designed. Comparison with survival designed knives is absurd.

  39. The First Steel Commandment: Never buy a SS knife if you want to use it as a crowbar. (which is why crowbars are not made from SS)

  40. Buy a 3Glm F1 at Knivesandtools?

    You have to be crazy, they are able to put an Opinel in the box and as they are not recognized as official seller by Fällkniven, so no guarantee!

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