Swax Lax Lacrosse Training Drill: The Loading Drill

The Loading Drill improves shooting technique
and focuses on correct follow through. The drill begins without sticks. Three players
will line up in front of the goal on one knee. Their partners stand behind them with a handful
of Swax Lax balls. We instruct the girls to make a muscle. Their partners will stand behind
them and load balls into each shooter’s hand. The shooters will throw the ball at
the goal, focusing on the overhand technique and follow through. The loaders will reload
the shooters as the coach critiques their form. The shooters will then do the drill
standing without sticks, concentrating on stepping into their shot.Finally we give the
shooters their sticks and repeat the drill both on one knee and standing. An important
point of emphasis is that the follow through should be across the body so that the shooter’s
bottom hand ends up in her back pocket.

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