Suspension Training Bodyweight Row Movement Prep – Stick Mobility Exercise

What’s up guys?
Dennis and Neal here. We know a lot of you guys, suspension trainers
are extremely popular with most people. They’re in gyms everywhere.
You can find them all over the place. We have a TRX here. There are
a lot of other different brands out there, but we’re just gonna use the TRX for today. So we’re gonna set Neal up and we’re going
to show you how we prime the movement, get all the muscles ready for the suspension trainer
and we’re gonna do it, execute a row, okay. So we’re gonna have Neal set up, we’re
gonna have him set up in a horse stance. So he’s gonna take a nice wide base.
He’s gonna stack the joints on top, okay. So in a suspension trainer,
you’re starting in that extended position. So we’re gonna have Neal bring his arms out, okay. So this is the starting position. His hands
are a little wider than shoulder-width apart. From this position he’s just going to
gently start to pull apart on the stick. So as he pulls apart on the stick he’s
getting all this posterior activation. So we’re gonna have him statically
hold that for six seconds Then he’s gonna relax. Then he’s gonna pull the arms in a little
bit, halfway, and we’re gonna prime this. And once again, he’s gonna engage, he’s gonna pull
apart on the stick he’s trying to lengthen the stick. Once again, he’s activating the whole
posterior chain. Upper-back, mid-back. Six seconds, good. Now he’s gonna bring it in to the finishing
position and then he’s gonna engage again, he’s gonna pull apart on the stick. and relax. Good. Now, the returning phase we’re
gonna have to push in on the stick. Activate the anterior aspect. Six seconds. Then he’s gonna extend back out to the halfway
position and he’s gonna engage again and push in. and then the full extended position to finish. Push in. So we can start at about 30 – 40%,
just to get everything acclimated. You can go a little bit harder and go upwards
of 50 – 60% once you get comfortable with it, but if it’s your first time doing this, just start at lower
irradiation level, just so you get used to it, okay. Now that we’ve primed that movement, now
we’re gonna have him pull apart on the stick. Have him pull at about about 50%. Now he’s gonna engage that and he’s gonna
go through the whole entire motion. As he pulls back, he’s retracting
the shoulder blades back together. Once he gets to the end spot he’s then going to
push in on the stick and he’s gonna extend out. And we’re gonna get one more rep. He’s gonna pull apart. He’s gonna bring it back in. You’re gonna push in and he’s gonna return. Perfect. You can execute about four or five reps on that. We’re gonna have Neal just do
a couple reps with the stick down. Now Neal is gonna set up to do the actual Row motion. So, wanna scoot the hips up
just a little bit, perfect, good. Legs are straight. He’s braced. He’s got a nice tight grip.
Get that arm-line activated. Now he’s going to Row. Pull his chest up, he’s retracting the shoulders together. He’s maintaining that extension,
he’s not going into flexion and now he’s returning back
to that bottom end of the position. He’s irradiating everything here,
so everything is locked down okay. So you’re not seeing any
segmentation through the movement. Give me four more reps. That’s one. Three more. Two more. So you can see how we just primed that
actual movement, that he’s now executing. So we just got the central nervous system excited. It understands the motion
that we’re now trying to accomplish. And relax. Good. That’s part of how we do our progressive
isometric patterning… our P.I.P’s So give it a try. Enjoy. Stick Mobility.
Movement made better.

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