39 thoughts on “Survivor After Show | IMDb LIVE

  1. She sent it to Sandra because she knew she would take the idol since she would be a target. Then she would be able to get her fire tokens to get an advantage back in the game.

  2. Actually I think you can be the first person to leave (shelter area) because you can change it and I dont think it will boomerang back to you on the first vote.

  3. Great after show! Good couch and for sure Love to see Jay. He and Adam were my favorites back in their season being rivals and friends. Rooting for Adam this season, in the 1st episode he was the only one who actually made a move. He brought up Natalie and Jeremy and the rest followed. By the way, next aftershow the 4 of you again ๐Ÿ‘

  4. This was an amazing after show. Jay and Dean were hilarious, Kelley was very insightful and Chelsea you did a great job hosing it and asking good questions. I wish you had this every single week.

  5. Yul ran his tribe for the first episode flawlessly 1st he established a majority while not even knowing anyone then he proposed some targets which none of he minded going home (the poker alliance) then as to not appear as the leader he took a step back on the final decision

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