100 thoughts on “Surprisingly Delicious Peanut Butter And Jelly Pizza | Mythical Kitchen

  1. i made pizza and added a weensy amount of peanut butter from my reused knife. then this vid comes out. the pattern of my experience preceding media persists.

  2. I like the idea that over the course of the channel, not only is Josh not going to need to even ask for stuff that he needs off camera before it's thrown to him, but that he catches it without looking and continues the episode like nothing happened.

  3. I think I could watch Josh cook all day…..minus a few bathroom breaks! I’d also like to try some of each item he’s created

  4. Not a pro but this is a tip: oven thermometer, helps with the whole “is this the temperature I set my oven to?” Hang one or two on a rack and let them live in the oven, removes a lot of temperature based error.

  5. I did a peanut butter desert pizza before and instead of cheese it had fluff and I used glazed peaches instead of grapes.

  6. Josh and Emily (just like Josh and Christine) make a great tag team. Josh, kudos my man. Kudos. Note, kudos is not a West African boss pee dish. It's just a saying. Come to think of it, I don't really know what it means. Let's just forget that part.

  7. Hola Josh! I loved the PB&J limits episode. No lie, PB&J was my consistent request for bagged lunches in my K – 8 days, even though my family could afford lunch meat and fixings. Cold cuts are just not my thing, never were.

  8. You know, I actually had a thought of something like this the other day. In my mind it would've been a kind of dessert pizza kind of thing.

  9. I love that Josh is a kitchen chef trying to do the TV chef persona. He pulls it off well, but you can just tell the way he rolls through the ingredients like hes teaching a stage

  10. Josh I my self am a chef. You have inspired me to think out side the box. Best believe I will be making some crazy food dishes and hope to get some responsess from you. Thank you for creating the Mythical kitchen. HOPE ONE DAY WE CAN MAKE A VIDEO TOGETHER. let me know if your ever in the east coast……

  11. Shout out to Grill 'Em All in Alhambra. They have a peanut butter, jam, and sriracha burger. Big Beef get at that burg

  12. I can't eat grape jelly cuz when I was in 5th grade we got a jar of generic brand jelly from the food bank and when we opened it, it had a mold circle larger than a quarter, right on top! / Also, Emily would have made vid even better, just sayin'! TEAM JOSHILY!!

  13. Josh you put your jelly in a saucepan, not a sauce pot. You seemed to have a good grip on the differences between pots and pans until some of your mythical kitchen crew started confusing you off screen. They should be embarrassed by their willful ignorance. The difference between a pot and a pan is actually the handle. One long handle makes a pan, two short handles make a pot. If you want to go even further you can point out that pots are mainly used for liquids (soups, stocks etc. and sauces are not liquids, they are sauces.) You were right in the last video and somebody off screen "corrected" you. Make them feel your wrath.

  14. People that say pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza are the same people that say, “He who smelt it dealt it”, when they are in fact the one who dealt it.

  15. This sounds like something I would create yay I'm not the only odd cook he even adds spice he is the best cook ever

  16. The closest I've had to that is peanut butter & jelly dessert pizza from East of Chicago Pizza. Making the peanut butter & jelly part of a standard pepperoni pizza seems odd, but I would try it.

  17. 1) Goofy's Kitchen on Disneyland anybody? No? They got pbj pizza over there. 2) There's also a filipino stew that is made with peanut butter. It's called Kare Kare. It's super good. My mom cooks it with ox tails.

  18. As I just figured out I have Celiac everytime you said gluten I died a little inside. I LOVE GLUTEN AND I CAN NO HAVE 😭😭

  19. My apartment is too small for me to toss pizza dough. 🙁
    The roof is about 7 ft high (compared to the standard 8-9 ft), and I'm 6'4".

  20. My favorite part about Josh is when he interacts with other humans. So if he could have anyone on screen with him most of the time, that would be ideal, thanks.

  21. This is so much better than the other side YouTube channels they tried to do with the other crew workers. Josh is amazing on camera. I love this.

  22. I love everything about this. It is true, though…you are your own best oven gauge. I found that out once when I cooked a recipe that I always cook at home in a hotel kitchen. Every oven is different. Anyway, that's my excuse as to why I burned the chicken and set off the fire alarm.

  23. My great aunt used to serve me just a bowl of pasta with Maggi on it when I would visit her as a kid. Best condiment imo.

  24. Protip for making dough: you don't want to knead it too much or itll be tough when you bake. I find that 30 strokes of a fork will get your pizza dough just right

  25. The pineapple pizza debate is hilarious, because you always get someone saying "fruit doesn't go on pizza!" But then you point out that tomatoes are fruit and their brain implodes. So you add the brain as a topping on your next fruit pie with pepperoni and everything is good.

  26. This looks fantastic! grabs a piece of bread, flattens it out, spreads peanut butter and jam on it, tops it with jalapenos, puts it in toaster oven for a few minutes yup, totally the same.

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